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  1. Shane Duffy

    He was fucking awesome, and he is a big lad too.
  2. Thinking out of the box - your line up

    You could look at it that way I guess. He is not a flair wing back, just a solid (dependable?) old fashioned right back so will never win over the majority of fans...but yeah it does show how bad we are playing.
  3. Pre-match Questions for Kenwright Today

    It is kind of good to see in a way, because they genuinely believe those kind of actions do any good. This is a great because no one needs to point out to them what a complete f**k up they are as an outfit, it is all publicly evident for everyone to see.
  4. Thinking out of the box - your line up

    Agree with this. Out of a badly performing team, Hibbert is one of the only players to remain playing well.
  5. Pre-match Questions for Kenwright Today

    So my only point on this topic ... I f**king hate BU. They are everything I hate about pressure groups. Other thing, and I hate to get personal, I loathe the high horse that people like Hafnia (feel free to complain to the mods) jump on when stupid stunts like this are performed by this extremely badly run group. That is all. (Romey's last sentence above sums it up nicely for me.)
  6. Jags Injury

    He isn't fit now, but there was no reports of an injury for the game against Bolton.
  7. Jags Injury

    Nope, Barkley didn't make the bench, but McFadden did. *Sigh*
  8. Tamworth

    Barkley and Osman are injured.
  9. Jags Injury

    6 weeks out http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2012/01/06/jags-faces-injury-lay-off
  10. Yak scores 4 but we got Saha.

    This. Like. +1. Digg. ...
  11. duffy called back to everton squad!

  12. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Flat tyres. Why do they always appear when you are in a hurry.
  13. duffy called back to everton squad!

    Hope he does get a game. Never seen Shane play so will be good to see how he plays on Saturday. I think from all accounts Shane is on the books for the long term, otherwise we wouldn't have let Mustafi go.
  14. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Wow, sounds like a bad back you've got there. Hopefully it doesn't get to the point I need morphine, but I do have a scan in a couple of weeks. I did mine weightlifting (deadlifts) about 2 years ago, but recently it seems to go with the slightest thing, like picking up my sons toys off the floor. Weird thing is I can run all day long on it, just not sit down comfortably. On a thread related note, postman gave me a parcel this afternoon and said "there ya go chief" lol
  15. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Glass backs - felt mine shatter a little this morning in the gym. Now on strong painkillers the day before excessive drinking and partying.