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  1. Mr Toad

    What Is Pienaar's Value?

    Yeah exactly. Supply and demand.
  2. Mr Toad

    First Game 2009/10

    Villa away. Just a feeling
  3. Mr Toad

    Club V Country

    Its a tough one...a few of the lads at work bring this up every now and then. I think I would prefer England to win the wcup tho. Just so everyone can join in the buzz!
  4. Mr Toad

    David Bentley

    Heard from my Yid friend that Bentleys at done deal at white hart lane. 9.6mil
  5. Mr Toad


    Well with the signing of Santos: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...pur/7440216.stm And Modric I suppose there won't be space for all at Spurs.
  6. Mr Toad


    I have no idea why Spurs would let him go either, I think he has a lot of potential. Also I would say he was slightly lazy at the moment which is a hangover of the Jol style of management. He is certainly not the finished article but with the right manager/staff behind him he will do well.
  7. Mr Toad

    Rons Off

    I think its more to do with family ties rather than football ties. If he has a good euro champ. he will go. If not so good euro then Real might not be willing to spend the stupid amount money talked about. As I see it its more or less out of his hands.
  8. Mr Toad


    That's more like it. Would fit a gap left by Carsley well.
  9. Mr Toad

    Euro 2008

    I think Spain have a great team at the moment. And are my favs. to win it. However you can never rule out the German's they just have a knack of winning when its needed. Biggest flop will be France, on paper they just look weak. Henry IMO never plays well for his country and a lot of there players don't have the mentality to win. For an outside bet I would go for Czech or Croatia.
  10. Mr Toad

    Internet Packets

    Its fine too be high. Packets are very very small chucks of infomation your PC is sending and receiving. The reason its needed is to keep your PC connected to the internet. These packets will set up quickest routing points to websites, etc. and the type of infomation that is sent is your IP address (computers name to the rest of the internet world), etc. not your bank details or porn collections etc. And again this is so your speed over the internet is as best as it can be. My best advice I can give you is get a decent firewall (and always have it switched on!) and know what you are allowing through. Zone Alarms is good for this (and its free). And get some anti-virus software. AVG springs to mind because its easy to use, keeps itself up to date and again its free. Give us a shout if you need any more help or clarification.
  11. Mr Toad


    sorry...its been a slow day!!!!
  12. Mr Toad


    Moyes and Everton Part Ways David Moyes has sensationally parted ways with Everton Football Club. It is understood that Moyes has quit the club after they failed to agree terms on a new contract. This move is likely to have adverse affects on Evertons summer as they look now to strengthen the team minus their popular manager. More to follow... http://kineticnorth.com/BBCNews/?NewsGUID=...7d-1bfc8cfa02a5
  13. Mr Toad

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    Bah! Humbug to you all!! I love xmas..... Can't remeber who it was but a great man once said: "I wish it could be christmas every day....."
  14. Mr Toad


    Ah! yeah forgot! Would have been nice to see if he could play across the back four though.
  15. Haha! No im not serious. Funny i was also at that game (if its the same one! patchy memory) sitting with the saints. The dell was an absolute dump, still had stands! We won 4-3 that day which was also my 12ish b-day.......ah memories!