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  1. Hi, I'm looking to start a website that would include short videos that were on twitter. It would only be about 1 vid a month added at a length of less than a minute. It's just a casual one not business so would want it free. Any advice were to get one from? I'm not great on computers so try not be be too technical! Thank you!
  2. You actually don't need that many rowdy fans. 30-50 will do to generate a noise, perhaps even less. You then have fans who like to join in with noise, followed by others who get caught up in the moment. Ticketing, and not just pricing structures, can ensure that the rowdy fans can congregate. Also the numbers of rowdy fans can fluctuate through time. Plus rowdy fans can be encouraged or discouraged by where they are, and the behaviour of those around them.. Now, even if one end does have all the ones who generate a regular noise, you can still have atmosphere generated in the other end that is generated when the team attacks them. The Park End has it's best atmospheres when the team attacks that end second half. it gets fans on their feet which leads to a better atmosphere. If that stand was shallower meaning fans stood more often, then it would generate more noise more often. One end may produce more great atmospheres, but you still want to get the most out of the other end to produce great atmospheres. The right design and ticketing encourages greater atmospheres, flaws in designs means it's harder to get atmospheres.
  3. There will be one stand more consistently noisier than the other, that will house the younger rowdier lads at it's heart (price structure can sort that out), but it's more about maximising the potential noise from the other stand. Teams attacking an End lifts that stands atmosphere, it makes a huge difference. You get fans on their feet from an attack for prolonged moments, that gets them more riled up, good atmospheres inspire more good atmospheres. A good quality design there will maximise the noise potential from them too. If a second half in a big match we're attacking the other end we want the best possible noise from them to inspire a team, we don't want to give the other team any respite. The more good atmospheres there are the more it encourages fans to be rowdier. Quiet grounds breed quiet behaviour.
  4. I disagree. The fact there are no famous clubs with two home ends is even more of a reason to do it. I cannot see how it will dilute one end neither? A good stand is as such does everything to encourage and maximise noise from fans in there. You will have one stand with more younger fans in one end so one will be better than another but you still want the other end to be designed to get the best out of fans there too. About the footprint, the place as a whole is big, but the section given for a stadium very well may not be. I expect it is because there is sense is us being at the back of the dock so you pass all the retail outlets to get to the stadium.
  5. I like the idea of the large single tier home end in between two stands with two or three tiers, but we're missing a huge opportunity by not having both home ends as massive single tiers. Elstone made reference to there being a small footprint? Is it a small footprint or is area of the footprint given for our stadium too small? Are we shoved at the back to make way for retail space?
  6. Yes it's been hacked, it's been printing stories that we've been signing loads of talented players for millions. As if we'd fall for that.
  7. Cameron's been rebuffed at the EU meeting over asking about trying to control numbers coming into the country. I agree with Cameron on this one but he's far too late on it. By us they're taking away green belt land to fit in a load high priced shoe boxes for people to live in and house prices are strangling families, and schools are building prefabs to cope with the extra demand. Also pay has been stagnant for a good few years in my job and working conditions deteriorated in other jobs because people are easily replaced. That may be great for the capitalist economy but it's not great for many of us workers on the lower end of the pay scale. But were told hey you've got a job haven't you. You wonder what's the point though when after all your costs you're left with £15 a week to spend on yourself. Hopefully the EU can spend money now on improving the infrastructure of the Eastern European countries people that many are moving from. If they could have sorted that out before hand with the warning signs there for all to see then the remain vote would have been far higher.
  8. Looks like Cameron paid the price for not looking at the concerns of 17m people. His only argument was the economic growth the idea that look after the rich and their investments will look after the poor. Well that's not the full reality. All many have seen recently is the rise in population causing house prices to rise to levels were disposable income is akin to a paper round. With extortionately priced tiny new builds on green belt land to cram everyone in one vision of the future if we remained.
  9. I'd sign it. I've learnt a fair bit from him and there's not many people around on Everton forums that do that. Bring John back!
  10. Here's an idea for a protest. If you want Martinez to go immediately, boycott the Semi Final.
  11. They need to open that Canada train line that runs by the ground. We're so far behind the likes of London with transport. It will also encourage more businesses to the area making it more viable for Everton to go for concepts like the Goodison Hotel.
  12. Do you mean you remember Evertonians singing the song? If so, I wonder if it had quite different words to Chelsea's then, ending something like "bring the Cup back home" perhaps?
  13. I've known people in the past who went from the 1920s and there were chants then, Give it to Dixie being the main one I believe. I guess in a crowd of 50000 plus roaring the team if a part of the ground 500-1000 are doing the odd chant it may not get picked up in other parts of the ground. I believe the Boys Pen done the after the ball was centred song up to the early 50s.
  14. I'll be quite interested to hear that Aussie one, I didn't know about that, thanks. I'm in work so can't put it on just now, I'll get a funny looks I think if I did. A few teams done a version of Blue is the Colour. Rangers, and I think Portsmouth and Blackburn? I think it was quite common to take other teams songs and either parody them or just do your own version. Blaydon Races is another that springs to mind that we also sung, not too sure on how that went though.
  15. At the weekend it reminded me that Everton had a couple of versions of the song Blue is the Colour football is the game. I think it was from our 1980 FA Cup run but I may be wrong. Does anybody else remember of it?
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