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  1. Yes very touching. He was Mr Everton and I was devastated when he left to join Arsenal. Although he did his very best for them he was never the same player that he was for Everton.
  2. Mr Alan(Ball of fire)Ball. My Favourite player of all time. For me he was better than George Best. I had the pleasure of being amongst the Everton fans on the old South Bank at Wolverhampton Wanderers. When he tripped over the ball and got a penalty. He took penalty and scored beating Wolves 2-1 So R.I.P. Alan my HERO.
  3. Leon Osman was awarded sky M.O.M. I thought VDM had a very good game he showed what he is capable of. But for me Joleon was my MAN OF THE MATCH VERY SOLID.
  4. Can u stop dreaming please as they say some dreams come true. Once again playing against twelve men.Should have had at least one penalty maybe two all over them especially in the second half till Viduka stung us with a good goal. But Timmy's goal was better. I thought Arteta had a good game. But Timmy Cahill my MOTM what a Diamond he is
  5. I would like to know your favourite player past,present, and all time. Also you think was the worst player. Mine Present Tim Cahill All time Duncan Ferguson Past Alan Ball Joe Royle Bob Latchford Gordon West Worst Richard Wright
  6. Yeah you are right my ole dad(god rest his soul)use to say the best form of defence is to ATTACK.
  7. Well done AJ lets hope you get next month aswell.
  8. I'm going to be brave and say 2-0 to us.Arteta AJ.
  9. I was surprised that the old cronies of the F.A. selected him personly I thought they should have gone for Martin O'neil you've only got to look at what he has done at Aston Villa.
  10. I think Robinson's blunder against Croatia got to be added now.
  11. Obviously he has I don't mind Henry. Providing he does'nt score against us.
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