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  1. GMC

    Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    I haven't been around these parts for a while but I'm finally getting down for a game... at probably the worst time! I'd loved my first game to have been at Goodison but this one worked out as my mates living 10 mins from Selhurst so I'm down visiting him and off to the game today - albeit in the home end. Hoping for a win; expecting a drab 0-0!
  2. Yes, and any Everton fan who wanted rid is clearly bonkers.
  3. GMC

    If Moyes goes?

    Haven't posted on here in a good while but had to comment on Neil Lennon being odds on to get the job. Down South you probably know all about him but as someone who's living in Scotland, reading Scottish papers, and watching Scottish football I have to say it'd be an absolutely dreadful appointment. He's signed some decent players for Celtic like Hooper, Wanyama, Matthews and Ledley but he's also wasted several million pounds on dross like Daryl Murphy, Bangura, Juarez and Ambrose amongst others. He's had no competition (Rangers) this season yet the SPL was the last league in the country to be wrapped up. Putting actual managerial stuff aside, he's a deplorable human being who thinks the world is against him and not the type of character that is needed at EFC.
  4. GMC

    Everton Vs Manchester City

    Gibbo Are you guys aware of the mock Twitter account for him? I'm a fan of the guy, but it is really funny some times. https://twitter.com/#!/Darron28Gibson
  5. GMC

    Nikica Jelavic

    Hello. Haven't been on here in quite a bit, but just thought I'd comment on Jelavic given I've seen him play quite a bit up here. He has undoubtedly been very good for Rangers and they're likely out of the title race now that they've lost him. BUT there is a huge difference between scoring against the Aberdeen's and Dunfermline's of the world and scoring goals in the English Premier League. I do not think he'll be any worse than Stracqualursi, or in fact Saha who has been beyond terrible this season. However, I don't have great expectations for the guy playing in the EPL unfortunately. I seriously hope I'm wrong, but a 4.5 year contract for what I'd consider a huge gamble just seems absolutely insane to me.
  6. Berti Vogts in common sense shocker. EDIT Now I realise it may not be true. Dear God.
  7. GMC

    Boro Vs Everton Fc

    Credit to McFadden for dedicating his goal to Phil O'Donnell. Clearly a man who hasn't forgotten his roots and has his former team mates and Motherwell FC close to his heart. He really is a true professional. Just hope he doesn't sign for either of the Old Firm. RIP Phil.
  8. Tonight was exactly what England deserved to be honest. The management isn't the only problem either. Until the overpaid, overrated faggots on the field realise they're not as good as they think then England are really going nowhere.
  9. Scotland have restored their pride more than anything. Going into the final game and still being in a position to qualify was far beyond expectations. Think a draw would have been a fair result today in our game and God knows why Italy got that free kick (that lead to winning goal) in the first place. It's onwards and upwards for us.
  10. Mon the Russia! Do England fans not actually care much that the English media is what makes other people love to see England lose? Why are you playing in Austria (the venue of the Euro final to be precise) tonight by the way? Seems pretty pointless. Another point, I cannot believe McClaren has said in an interview that "All eyes in Europe will be on one match - Russia v Israel". Not being biased, but I think the big game across Europe WILL be Scotland v Italy.
  11. GMC

    The Derby

    Cahill OR Grav seems to be a recurring theme here. Having watched Gravesen play up here for Celtic and making no impact at all, I have to say there realy is no contest. Cahill every time for me.
  12. GMC

    The Derby

    Sorry, but after the first 10-15 mins, Moyes got it pretty much spot on. You can't seriously say Moyes cost us the game today. I wouldn't have disagreed with Hibbert's red card, but the fact that the ref was only going to book him until that twat Gerrard came over and offered him a gobble really annoys me. Neville's red card you can't disagree with either - I applaud what he done though, it was worth a try but unfortunately they scored from the pen. Carragher should become a wrestler and have the bearhug as his signature move. Definite penalty at the end. Who does Rafa think he is calling Lescott a diver? When it was clear as day to anyone with even a tenth of a brain that it was a stonewaller. How Kuyt stayed on the field as well is beyond me. Absolutely disgusting attempt at trying to injure someone. Lescott was clear MOTM. Only Everton player I thought was poor today was Jagielka - I hardly even realised he was playing. Didn't deserve to lose and the team deserve credit for the performance IMO.
  13. GMC


    Faddy is a legend. :D :D :wub: :wub: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:
  14. 184.53 miles. To be honest, I thought it was much more.
  15. I'm from Scotland as well. Greenock Morton #1 :D PS James McFadden - Scotland Legend in the making.