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  1. You smell like a horse's ass lad.

  2. you going to come on here anytime soon, you should post you football rants coz there funny tbh.

  3. no, because playstation is made by sony and wii by nintendo
  4. ive not heard of him before we was linked with him but hopefully he will be goood
  5. Kieran

    Sup Everyone

    yer it is, he thinks hes funny. btw if anyones wondering why we cant get online same time coz he broke his laptop and we have to share this computer, hes a lazy fuck and wont phone up for it to be fixed, anyway back to the Everton topics
  6. Kieran

    Sup Everyone

    Everton supporter, but i did like liverpool when they won the champ league. but back to a blue. aaron watch me stick around i'll just go on here when your not on here haha
  7. fat kid i havent got your psp, try looking in the fridge you always seem to be in there

  8. thought id say hi hope everyones sound btw my brother is a gimp
  9. ya lil bitch wheres me psp gone?

  10. haha ya gimp haha

    this website any good?

    get on ya new hair haha, looks alright tho haha

    inbit bro haha

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