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  1. Yorkie


  2. Yorkie

    I'm Back!

    As the title suggests I'm back. I've got my interwebs fixed and I'm looking forward to posting again!
  3. 'Reading reject £3.5mil bid from Everton for Stephen Hunt' - SSN EDIT: Didn't see earlier post. Sorry.
  4. Why not Spain? Because of Alonso and Torres? I'm backing Spain. I thought if anyone us Brits wouldn't want Portugal to win....
  5. Yorkie


    Got a PS3 last week, and am getting this at the weekend. Looks awesome!
  6. Yorkie

    Hi All!

    Well not hard anyway, lol.
  7. Yorkie


    Hehe Any more funny ones like this?
  8. God knows what goes in your head. Why would I not do anything if I was online?
  9. I was voicing my anger at someone older than me who has a much younger mental age. It is all a bit of fun, but not when some goon takes it all to seriously and thinks that it is a matter of life or death... P.S And you didn't see my name on twice so stop BSing, I don't think that I have ever been online without posting before.
  10. Believe what you want mate, but to be honest I think that you are a nobhead and I don't think that I am the only one on here with that opinion. And I hadn't been on twice because I spilt gravy on my laptop and had to get it replaced, I wouldn't lie about it as there isn't much point in lying to forum members wjo I will never meet in my life I may as well tell the truth. And I got an email at 11:39 on the 30th of January saying I had a PM from you asking why I hadn't played the games. I feel that you need to grow up mate, then get some patience, and then locate your brain and figure out that the world doesn't revolve around you winning a tournament on a forum. It's a bit of fun pal. Hugs and kisses. Yorkie
  11. He didn't finish them all within 7 seconds of the next round starting so Jacko wants him banned from the site!
  12. Wow, spill gravy on ym alptop so have to wait and get a new one and someone starts crying because I haven't played my games. Next time my laptop breaks you can raise the £750 for a new one Jacko? P.S why send me a pm yesterday morning? tournament had only just started, had to give me some time to play my games...
  13. For a club thats meant to be the people's club we aren't that much liked are we? lmao.
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