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  1. Surely we want to improve the squad and increase the competition? I’m fine with Stek as number 2 and Virginia as the young potential. I’d definitely sell Niasse though because he isn’t good enough. It’s becoming clear who’s in Brands and Marco’s plans and who isn’t. Niasse, Schneiderlin and Tosun will be the next three to leave. We desperately need a striker who can hold the ball and score goals. Richarlison is a stop gap there I feel. There has to be pressure on Walcott now as well. Performances haven’t been up to scratch lately. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us sign a right sided winger next summer either to add a bit more quality.
  2. Going forward, lets say for argument sake we make Zouma and Gomes permanent signings. I’ll try and pinpoint where we need to invest to improve our squad for next season. GK - Pickford, Virginia, Stekelenburg (No need to buy here) RB - Coleman, Kenny (I’d loan Kenny out and buy another RB to push Coleman) CB - Zouma, Mina, Keane, Holgate, Jagielka, Browning, Galloway(Browning and Galloway will be sold. Think this will be Jags’ last season but we should be fine with 4 CBs - No need to buy here) LB - Digne, Baines (Happy with Baines as cover for a few more seasons - No need to buy here) DM - Gana, Schneiderlin, McCarthy, Baningime (Loan Baningime out. I think Schneiderlin and McCarthy will be sold. Gana is great. I think we need to buy competition for him) CM - Gomes, Davies (I’d loan Davies and buy competition for Gomes) RW - Walcott, Lookman (Fine here) LW - Richarlison, Bernard (Fine here) AM - Sigurdsson, Dowell (Loan Dowell out, buy another AM) CF - Tosun, Niasse, DCL (Think we’ll sell Niasse and possibly Tosun which means investing in two CFs... maybe one pacy who can play wide as well to offer competition on both flanks. DCL is fine) So out of the current squad I think we’ll sell: Jagielka (retire), Schneiderlin, McCarthy, Niasse, Tosun, Browning, Galloway. Sell current loaned out players: Williams, Mirallas, Garbutt, Pennington, Martina, Tarashaj, Bolasie, Besic, Sandro, Connolly. Loan: Kenny, Baningime, Dowell, Davies, Vlasic, Onyekuru, Robinson. Buy: 1 RB, 1 DM, 1 CM/Box to box, 1 AM, 2 CF (1 Pacy who can play wide and 1 proper CF). That would mean 6 in over the following year. Don’t think that’s too bad if we move players on as well.
  3. As I said above, the role he plays, there’s not much better out there. For me it was always a case of finding Gana a better footballer next to him rather than finding one to replace him. Hopefully Gomes will be the one. Gana offers so much to the team. Great player.
  4. What a player he is. Was immense today I thought. Learned his lesson from Leicester and took one for the team in bringing Zaha down and getting his booking. Yes, he has weaknesses to his game but his strenghts are things he does brilliantly. Playing Gomes today meant for the first time in his Everton career he had someone next to him who is technically very good. Meant he could actually focus on his strengths which are his pressing and tackling and then giving it simply. He’s not the best passer at the club by a long way, but with Gomes next to him it took some pressure off his passing game and meant he was able to give it simply. Doing what he does for the team, there’s not much better.
  5. I don’t like losing but losing to them really hurts. Hate them with a passion. Devil’s club I tell you. Never seen such a lucky team in my life. Everything goes their way. Horrible lot! Fans, players, coaches, past players.... they’re all disgusting. Bottle of wine it is drowning my sorrows for the 16th time in a row after failing to beat them! Fuck sakes Everton, all I ask for is one win! Grow a back bone and do it.
  6. Embarrassed right now. Big Sam, Craig Shakespeare and fucking Sammy Lee. Fuck off Everton! Disgusting appointment!
  7. Sat in 33 degrees heat at the apartment bar in Tenerife with a cold pint in hand. Planning a proper football day tomorrow. Pub by 12:30, bite to eat, Everton vs Chelsea and then Arsenal vs Liverpool washed down with pints of San Miguel for €1.50. Life's good. My 6 week of summer is closely coming to an end unfortunately!!
  8. This. He was unbelievable last night. Off the ball he was everywhere. Any counter attack he seemed to be there and get a tackle in. His range of passing was good as well plus he chipped in with a goal. Can't ask much more from your defensive midfielder. He is quality.
  9. I still think we need at least another 3. A striker, a centre half and a left back. Giroud/Benteke, Van Dijk and Tierney please. Oohh and Demari Gray if we're really greedy.
  10. New challenge? Do me a favour. To warrant a new challenge you need to achieve all you can at that club when in reality he'a done bugger all. 23 and still the same player as he was when he broke through at 17. He'll 100% regret this decision as his career is only going down from now on. Shame.
  11. Well said. Not bothered in the slightest he's leaving. We'll replace him with another quality player. I'm loving this new Everton.
  12. A young and hungry striker who can score goals. Definitely a yes from me. If we could sell Rom for 70m and sign Sandro for 6m, Dembele 35m (I expect Celtic to demand this much) and Iheanacho 25m then we've 3 quality young strikers who can all score goals for 66m. I'd be very happy with something like that if Rom was to leave.
  13. I really like Dan Meis. He actually listens to the fans and atmosphere is at the top of his list when designing the new stadium. He's also values the history and traditions of the club and I have no doubt he will design an unbelievable stadium for us.
  14. Bloody hell 2 players in one day! Get in!
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