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  1. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    I was referring to the season he made his name with Palace in the Premiership before he joined us , scored something like 19 goals and 11 were from the spot so he was never a great goal scorer in fact he probably got more goals from open play with us than he did any other side
  2. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    Beattie wasn’t getting a game at Southampton because his form fell off the cliff . The vast majority of AJ’s goals at Palace were from the spot and once he signed for us we wouldn’t have got a pen if he had been decapitated in the penalty spot
  3. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    No but he was never fit
  4. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    The simple truth is that Jelavic couldn’t hack it in the Premiership , he didn’t exactly prove Moyes wrong when he left for Hull did he? Man Utd was a poisoned chalice , the entire squad needed rebuilding and he wasn’t given the time to do it. That is proven by the fact LVG and Mourinho have thrown a ton of money at them , something else Moyes was denied the opportunity of doing, and they haven’t faired much better
  5. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    He never had a decent striker to work with so not sure how you can say that. Sure the Yak looked the part for his first season but then he did exactly what he did at every club he played for and wrapped his tits in
  6. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Man of the Match v West Ham

    I thought Bernard was the only positive from today but he doesn’t appear to be an option
  7. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    Needless to say I totally disagree. If we had of had a Lukaku type player in the side that contained Baines, Piennar,Jags,Lescott, Cahill, Howard and Arteta all in their prime I have no doubt we would have won silverware and been contenders in the league
  8. duncanmckenzieismagic

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Toothless upfront , spineless in midfield and a shambles at the back. Even the keeper had a mare
  9. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

  10. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Cenk Tosun

  11. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Ha ha I should have carried on reading before posting!
  12. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Marco Silva (manager)

    The Sky 6 don’t play by the same rule book
  13. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Injury Crisis

  14. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Henry Onyekuru

  15. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Tom Davies