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  1. Ashley Williams

    He has just gone back to basics and is no longer being asked to do things he is just not comfortable with
  2. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    IMHO no we are not
  3. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    How about exactly when Allardyce said, when we are out of the shit and the fixtures aren’t piling up?
  4. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Sorry that must have gone over my head ???
  5. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Earning it - yes definitely, they’ve shown a lot of fight and it doses well Earned - definitely not
  6. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    First point is he hasn’t cancelled anything , he’s told them they can have it at a later date when we are out of trouble and the fixtures aren’t piling up The Christmas period is crucial to our season , we can’t afford to screw thus up Putting it into my line of work , it’s like taking an underperforming ships company to war in the Falklands and the lads had a piss up planned in Rio on the way down . If you were skipper would you say yeah crack on lads Fill your boots .Or would you say sorry lads leave is cancelled for now , let’s get out shit in one sock, win the war then hit Rio on the way home , and I will even throw some money behind the bar ? I do agree it’s basic man management though , and Big SAM got it spot on
  7. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Realising we are shite and in a relegation scrap does not make anyone a doom monger We’ve beaten two equally bad sides then managed to somehow get 2 points from the last 2 games in which in all honesty we’ve not deserved We’ve tightened up at the back and the signs are there that we are turning a corner but it’s far too early to say we are safe or that we can challenge for top 6 I honestly still believe that if we don’t have a good January transfer window we can still easily be sucked straight back into the mire
  8. Philipp Max

  9. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Man management at its best for me, lets them know they’ve not been good enough and that there is a new sheriff in town now who won’t accept it. They can have their party once they’ve earned it
  10. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

  11. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

  12. Joel Robles

    No problem with he staying as a number 2 at all
  13. Man of the Match at Apollon Limassol

    As soon as he learns when to take a man on and when to lay it off , and I’m sure he will, he is going to be a top top player
  14. Aubameyang