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  1. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    If by ‘World Heritage Site’ they mean run down derelict area then I would be more than happy for UNESCO to shove their status up their arse The area at present is a dump waistland so I really can’t understand the benefit of keeping this status over having a vibrant new area that brings in millions of pounds of revenue and lots of jobs to the area
  2. duncanmckenzieismagic

    The All Kenwright/The Board Related Stuff Thread

    Scroll down to the bottom of the article and there is a bit about Moshiri looking to buy out Jon Wodds’ Shares https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/chelsea-have-50m-up-their-sleeve-in-new-deal-q7ddk3c28
  3. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Jamaal Lascelles

  4. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Wayne Rooney

  5. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Wayne Rooney

  6. duncanmckenzieismagic

    David Henen

    Gone then
  7. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Wayne Rooney

  8. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

  9. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Funny that all the Villa fans I know rated him highly and were gutted he was going 😏
  10. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Home Kit - 2018/19

    It’s good to see they have got the marketing side of it right this time by making it available from Saturday, just in time for all the kids to buy for their holidays i also notice all the players have been tweeting about it with links to buy personalised shirts, think the Tosun one will go down well in Turkey
  11. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    That’s my point though, Gana is a defensive midfielder his job is to break up play and the stats prove he does it well. He isn’t there to be a creative force Lukaku is a striker, his job is to score goals ,and again the stats prove he does it well. To be fair to Allardyce we were in the shit and in serious danger of being relegated , people can bury their heads in the sand all they want but facts are facts , when the decision was made to appoint him we were languishing down in 16th place . We were 2 points above the relegation zone and only 4 points above the bottom placed side. So yes he has achieved what he was brought in to do, but we’ve been safe for a long time now So now his job isn’t merely to grind out results , it’s to play attractive football, he has stated that himself So while the stats that say Gana hasn’t scored 20 goals a season or that Lukaku hasn’t won 8 tackles per game are totally irrelevant , the stats that show we have been 19th in dribbles, 19th in shots on target, 19th in shots at all are very relevant to Allardyces job
  12. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    I disagree Gueye is there to break up play, that is his role in the side and the stats prove he does it well In Allardyce’s own words his job is to win AND ENTERTAIN and the stats prove quite categorically that he is failing disastrously in the second part
  13. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    An Allardyce Chearleader 👀
  14. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    It’s not even remotely the same. The media are cherry picking stats to suit their argument. They are looking at the points won in isolation whilst ignoring all the damning stats such as 19th in amount of shots etc Whereas all of the stats point to Gana being a good player
  15. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler