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  1. Remember a couple of seasons ago before he got injured he was immense, lets hope this is a sign of things to come
  2. I beleive Bob the pole was the first foreigner to score in the prem fact fans
  3. I can believe this thread of nonsense is still going haha
  4. P.s suarez new exactly what he was doing, and an independant tribunal found him guilty, end of, justice as the rs like so much got served
  5. Not read all of this thread bit it reminds me of the houllier/benitez out pics that pat posted about the rs. He knew his stuff that fella lol
  6. Andy Townsend, absolute shite, never shuts up and thinks he fucking knows everything
  7. Now that is positive and I agree, sadly you'll get the usual doom and gloomers who are all so desperate for everything at Everton to fail COYB's
  8. Very true, everyones looking for conspiracy theories and blameing this and that, I'll miss arteta, but I really think weve had the best of him and I trust Moyes to find the next Arteta (with a bit of luck)
  9. Dont we all, however its a bit different than posting your opinion on a forum, everything looks easy from the outside
  10. I can only say that the deal probably suited both parties, Arteta knows he has not been at his best and a change is as good as a rest, so good luck to him, hes given me plenty to cheer over the last few seasons, One of the more intelligent footballers we've had
  11. Are you yoda, glad to see the yak go, hes past it and as I said before beckford is hit n miss. trust in moyes we do, fear and anger leads to the dark side
  12. Are people really that bothered or just want to moan no matter what happens, he seemed to miss more than he hit for me last year and although I thought he would 'come on' this year, I wasnt that convinced
  13. Haaaaaaaaa, fek me yes, but still may end up meaning roy
  14. Made up with this, something out of the blue and unexpected. Someone who wants to make a name for himself, a v cheap Roy Carroll
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