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  1. Voted by the players so the only logic is that the voting happened during his purple patch when Ole had just taken over. Hazard not being in is ridiculous and David Silva - 2 players there who show it every week over the whole season rather than Pogba’s few weeks when he could be arsed.
  2. Ditto - I’d written him off in the summer (after raving about him before) but so glad we stuck with him. It’d be great if we could get Zouma permanently as they’ve formed a very strong partnership.
  3. This youth argument is nonsense. Brands and Silva clearly have a long-term plan to reduce the age of the squad - they’ve already got rid of ‘older’ players with no future which is ongoing and not an easy task due to many factors. I feel Davies is peteO’s main qualm - I personally don’t think he’s good enough to start each week and certainly not better than Gana, Gomes or Gylfi - I’d have maybe picked him ahead of Schneiderlin but credit where it’s due, he’s done well when called upon and the choice was certainly justified on Sunday. Kenny isn’t great in my opinion - I like him as back-up but nothing more - I prefer Holgate and his loan at WBA is proving a great success. Who new should be getting a chance? I’m pretty sure if there was someone ready now, they’d get a chance.... u18 - u23 is a massive step-up - u23 - first team is a giant leap. We’ve got too many players as it is so seeing new talent making that leap this season was always going to be highly unlikely.
  4. I was all for cashing in on Gana in January - a time when actually his form had dropped off a bit - though the whole team looked lost. I’m so glad that Marco et al stuck to their guns and kept him because he has been sensational since. I would say he’s playing the best he ever has for us, not just for the tackles/interceptions but also for the part he’s been playing in setting up attacks. I don’t know what will happen in the summer but I’d be delighted if we could keep hold of him now as there aren’t many better.
  5. c1982


    Happy Birthday Mike - enjoy your break x (that’s a Pontus Jannson/ Alioski style kiss!)
  6. Could make himself an Everton hero again next weekend... please Oumar - you’re almost our last hope!!!
  7. Usual service resumed for Joey Barton... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/police-stop-joey-barton-from-leaving-ground-after-alleged-assault-11692884 This bloke has serious problems - surely can’t get away with this one - needs sacking at least.
  8. This incident doesn’t surprise at all - Pickford really needs some advice on his ‘public image’ as he comes a across as a bit of a cocky prick. He may or may not have deserved whatever happened on that night out but he doesn’t help himself. On what the club do... I personally think they need to give him a wake up call - his hands are quite important (to put it lightly) as a keeper - what if he’d have connected and broke a bone in his hand? Irresponsible regardless of the situation - he needs to learn!
  9. Looks his old self with a decent winger in front of him. Will be interesting to see what we do in the summer with the right back situation.
  10. He was brilliant yesterday - his and Gomes’ skills complemented each other - it helped that Digne and Coleman were able to bomb on so much so there was always an option.
  11. This how VAR should be done with a mic’ed up ref...
  12. May get me a bite too!!! Surely you must dread the moment peteO posts in the same thread as you as 50 posts later - Lukaku, Kane, straw man, Gueye, fast car analogy, use to play a bit, Jagielka - it’s the same old arguments and same insults thrown... it must be time consuming! It’s a fact - whenever I see that you and peteO have had an exchange, I scroll past it and in this case I repeated a good point you had made. I’m sure many enjoy your exchanges - I don’t.
  13. Just seen he’s been mentioned - only scanned through the thread and scan quicker past posts when I see Haf/peteO in the same thread so missed this.
  14. That tag surely goes to Nigel Martyn - brilliant keeper. If only we’d signed him earlier (like we nearly did).
  15. Pickford needs a commanding centre back to keep him focused and give him a bollocking when he needs one. We obviously need a striker this summer but that leader at the back is just as important in my opinion.
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