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  1. I was wondering if the sun played a role - I sat behind that goal for years and it was always a killer on days like today. I’m surprised he doesn’t wear a cap more often as it must be a factor.
  2. This signing gets better by the day...
  3. Gordon for me - loved his direct play and always looked dangerous. Nkounkou looked very bright too - they linked up really well. It’s clear many on display don’t have a future here but I’d confidently say that this pair do.
  4. James - genuine world class player. He wasn’t always involved but every single touch was top, top quality - we’ve lacked this for so long - SO GOOD! Same can be said for Allan and Doucoure and low and behold Gomes suddenly looks quality, Coleman shines, Gylfi comes on and does well... even Pickford - I’ve criticised him in the past but under less pressure, he did what he needed to do very well. I haven’t felt this good/relaxed watching us for a long time. COYB!!!
  5. Refused to celebrate... maybe not for us but possibly pushing for a move or maybe promises were made last summer e.g. ‘Give us one more season Wilf...’
  6. 1) Richarlison 2) Gordon 3) Richarlison 4) James 5) Gbamin 6) 5th
  7. He’s already signed for Villareal... next!
  8. I see it as Keane, Mina, Holgate and Tomori being our 4 cbs. I would prefer Tomori be a bit part player here and Gibson/Branthwaite be playing every week at Championship level for a year. In an odd way, this signing gives Gibson/Branthwaite more opportunities long term. Chances of us signing Tomori long-term are slim but maybe we don’t actually need him beyond this season as one of our youngsters could come back ‘ready’ next season. Could prove a smart move.
  9. I expect Noble wants a reaction... I’d guess he’s more popular with fans than Gold, Sullivan and Brady. It could be a way for Noble to get out of the club as a hero/‘legend’ and could help build momentum with the fan vendetta against the ownership.
  10. On Watford’s owner... Pozzo runs an international scouting team of 25 to 30 people who seek players through attending every significant competition around the world, especially in developing markets like South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.[6][7] Pozzo is reported to have a pattern of investing small sums of money into high-risk players. His larger clubs’ network has helped his business to minimize player acquisition costs while maximizing the profit from surging transfer fees as players are transferred and loaned among ‘sister clubs’ and later sold at a premium achieving high retur
  11. Despite this, they’ve just had one of the best periods in the clubs history - 5 years (not certain of this?) in the top division and a FA Cup runners-up in that time. It seems ridiculous what they do but, up until the Pearson sacking, it kind of worked for them. As for players, despite the huge turnover of managers, the team always seems pretty settled (bar post lockdown/ Pearson) so I’d feel pretty confident should we send players there. The big advantage they seem to have is with their links with Udinese and Granada (I think?) - they seem to get decent players in and I think this will see th
  12. I’m sure he was linked last time Thiago was linked to Man U when Moyes took over. Could make sense that if Thiago’s going to Liverpool, his brother/agent may explore the option of getting a move over too - it’s whether we want/need him.
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