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  1. Wasn’t there a stat either 17/18 or 18/19 that Palace lost every game Zaha didn’t play? A class player who is on a completely different level to the Palace Bolasie but, due to his importance to them, he’d cost far more than he’s worth. He’s priceless to them hence they’ll ask for near on £100m - surely no team will pay near that so I expect he’ll stay for at least another season.
  2. @FourthOfficial_ is the decent account. Always been consistent but posts much less frequently nowadays.
  3. Look at his photo and background - it’s clearly someone pretending to be a connected person. I always block when I’m certain that it’s a jarg account- pretty sure it was sometime last summer although may have been even before that. Accounts like this put their neck out on popular rumours and add what’s rumoured as fact and many believe them... pretty sure this one had me going for a while.
  4. The Charles Stevenson account is a blag account. I’ve had it on block.
  5. This may be one to look out for then... https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/06/09/report-everton-to-offer-lewis-dobbin-new-deal-amid-serious-inter/
  6. I had never heard of him so read a couple of articles - sounds an absolute liability. Yellow or red card most games... 5”10 is very short for a centre back in a back 2.
  7. Pete - why do you call Calvert-Lewin a youngster but not Richarlison, who is younger than Calvert-Lewin?
  8. Been a great signing - top player!
  9. I can see Adidas and the one on the sleeve that I can’t quite make out... I wouldn’t say Brands written all over it though!
  10. We could and that’s fine if the player’s preference is us and this would be a compromise but that’s unlikely in this case.
  11. I’d prefer a young right back to come in and put pressure on Coleman... are Kenny or Holgate up to it? I’m not sure. Wan Bassaka is class but being touted at £50m+, I like Aarons at Norwich, James at Chelsea and Bogle at Derby are getting a lot of praise - there’s plenty out there - upgrades on Holgate/Kenny? Good enough to take Coleman on for his spot? I don’t know.
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