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  1. If anything, he’s doing the players a favour. Despite our recent turn around we’ve still massively under achieved after a huge summer spend. Everton players celebrating on a night out after this would be a tabloid pap’s dream shot/story. I imagine the players will recognise that actually their manager is protecting them from the unnecessary added attention.
  2. Klopp for being an arrogant prick and taking Salah off.
  3. Jonjoe Kenny

  4. Danny Rose

    We’d all like it but it’s completely unrealistic.
  5. Richarlison

    Great find by Watford - he seems to have the lot. Great work rate and attitude for this league too. Think he’ll leave them in the summer for a massive profit for Watford and I’m sure teams like Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool will look at him. I’d love him here but don’t think it will happen.
  6. FA Cup 3rd round.

    No, we’ll win then lose at home to Fleetwood in the 4th round!
  7. Danny Rose

    He does supposedly want to move back up north.... but it will be to a Manchester club.
  8. Jonjoe Kenny

    Has looked great the last 2 matches - I did worry previously. I love his passion. It’ll be great to have the headache of Kenny and a returning Coleman in a few weeks.
  9. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    He looked more relaxed today... he mentioned that he could focus more without that lad shouting at him from his top balcony aisle seat.
  10. Something changed - we did something about it. We’re not out of the woods yet but it all looks a hell of a lot rosier now.
  11. Williams. I don’t know what’s happened in the past week but he seems to have found his mojo after most, if not all of us, thinking he was finished. Fair play to him.
  12. Sammy Lee

    So you’re going again now?
  13. Sammy Lee

    Please educate us... We’re talking about a professional who happens to be a Liverpool legend - we’re not talking about a rapist or murderer. If people want to boycott then go for it. I support Everton and if Sammy Lee helps make us better I will have no problems dealing with that.
  14. Sammy Lee

    One of the most highly rated coaches in England who, as a legend at our fiercest rivals, hated and taunted us for many years. We hate him, he hated us. If he’s man enough to come in and take the stick (as he probably doesn’t need this) and do a good job for Everton FC then I’m man enough to support him as part of our team. All I want is success for our club - if Kenny Dalgliesh and Steve Gerrard came and won us the league I would be delighted because I LOVE EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB.