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  1. Who do you NOT want

    I like it - very good!
  2. Who do you NOT want

    He’s stated 4 managers he doesn’t want - I hope he’s not joking!
  3. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    I think DCL has a lot to offer in the game. I personally see a bright future for him at EFC - next season, under the right management could be massive for him. Let’s not forget, he didn’t have a pre-season last year after winning the World Cup and was played as a lone striker for the most part in a toothless team. He’s already made rapid progress and I expect even more.
  4. Jack Wilshere

    No, people who rate him are saying he would have been talked of at a much higher level had it not been for the injuries that have halted his incredible potential early in his career. He went to Bornemouth on the back of hardly playing for over 2 years - I personally respect that decision as it would have been easier for him to sit on the bench for Arsenal. He’s obviously not going to attract the very top teams now but to think a fully fit Wilshere wouldn’t improve Everton suggests you haven’t seen us play much in the past couple of years.
  5. Jack Wilshere

    He played 27 last season and has played 31 in all comps so far this season. Yes he’s had a bad run with injuries in his short career so far but maybe that’s behind him and his best years are yet to come. £8m sign-on and say £100k a week seems ridiculous but sadly it’s a drop in the ocean with the billions you see in this league nowadays. Based on 3 seasons we’d be looking at a £24m outlay - 3 decent seasons and we’d recoup that easily. 3 shite seasons... well we’ve spent more on worse recently!
  6. Jack Wilshere

    Completely different players - Walcott is explosive. You’re right though - purely based on footballing ability e.g passing, control, vision, creativity, intelligence and what they do with the ball - they are miles apart. Wilshere is a much better footballer. If Wilshere didn’t have his injury problems then we wouldn’t even be mentioned - it’d be Man C, Barca, Real. Regardless, I think this is nothing more than his agent touting him about to force Arsenal’s hand.
  7. He’s a billionaire accountant so probably understands this side of it so I wouldn’t worry!
  8. Who do you NOT want

    Unless he’s assistant, then you’d hope he’s sat next to him so pretty near.
  9. Phil Jones

    I personally think he’s very good. I’d have him over any cb we have currently.
  10. Jack Wilshere

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-eyeing-jack-wilshere-free-12180795 Still think he’ll stay at Arsenal.
  11. Davy Klaassen

    If it’s Gana coming in for Siggy, I’d expect Davies to play the more advanced role of the 3.
  12. Kopite Thread

    I certainly didn’t see any examples. Maybe we’re just a classier bunch us Toffees!
  13. Davy Klaassen

    Gutted for Gylfi but this could be a massive opportunity for Klaassen to salvage something from what’s been a horror of a first season for him.
  14. Bernard

    Unless of course his current manager is on his way to us too. Then it would make perfect sense!
  15. Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday March 10th

    Davies was very poor though. He looked lost for the most part.