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  1. c1982


    Top, top player. A young Anelka in this team would be perfect.
  2. We should have paid £50m for Keita or Fred because Gueye is clearly shite!
  3. c1982

    Jordan Pickford

    I can’t see him going any time soon but it would have to be a world record fee for a keeper to even begin any negotiations. I’m not saying he’s the best keeper in the world but the hype around him and the lack of need to sell on our behalf and United’s need to replace de Gea (should he go) would all stack in our favour.
  4. c1982


    Just come on for Brazil - it’s on itv4 if anyone’s interested.
  5. Go on the Premier League App and look at the player stats comparison tool and select Gana vs Kante - there’s actually not a lot in it in any department. I’m sure Gana doesn’t play forward passes is another ToffeeTalk myth.
  6. c1982

    Man of the Match at Chelsea

    Pickford for the key moments but Gylfi’s, Gana’s and Gomes’ work shouldn’t go unnoticed against Chelsea’s midfield which, in my opinion, is only bettered by Man City’s.
  7. Excellent again today. Head to head with the best in the world at that role - not much between them today.
  8. c1982

    Theo Walcott

    Spot on. He’s experienced enough to have seen Martial there (regardless of who’s job it should have been - it’s a team game!) and will know that he could have prevented that goal had he not switched off/ been lazy/ whatever. Overall he’s done well for us and been a good signing up to now.
  9. c1982

    January Plans

    I hope Wan Bissaka is someone we look at to eventually replace Seamus - he looks the real deal. I can see Man U being in for him. Really impressed with him again today.
  10. c1982

    Tom Davies

    Think it was more a case of give a few other players a chance against a very average Scotland team.
  11. c1982

    Theo Walcott

    Thought he was decent yesterday, personally. Him and Kenny had the beating of Chilwell every time. He should have released Richarlison in the 1st half and should have played Tosun in with a better ball at the end but thought he did play overall and feel he’s been one of our most consistent players this season. As a front four, yesterday’s is our strongest in my opinion.
  12. c1982

    Man of the Match v Fulham

    Gueye - he was excellent.
  13. c1982

    Mason Holgate

    He was very poor today - many others were but he’s my biggest concern.
  14. c1982

    Cenk Tosun

    I like him but can see Richarlison taking the striking spot and Bernard on the left.