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  1. I know, we sure did miss Gueye on Saturday 😉
  2. Gylfi could have easily had 2 assists yesterday too. Richarlison should have finished both free headers. I agree, his performance was poor, but I doubt we’d be talking about it had Richarlison done his job and we’d won 3-0.
  3. There were certainly flashes of a good player but I agree with this. Ideally, Gbamin probably wouldn’t have played until Lincoln in the cup but Schneiderlin’s suspension and Delph’s injury has denied us that luxury. I think he’ll be just fine though.
  4. Mina + Keane just ahead of Bernard. ‘Keana’ wasn’t an option so went for Mina again.
  5. Gbamin was Gana’s replacement so that’s an unlikely scenario. Gana would have done a better job than Gbamin today but that’s not to say that Gbamin won’t develop into a player of Gana’s quality.
  6. Just finished it too - 4 days for me. It was excellent and I’m not a superhero fan - another series coming in 2020 👍🏼
  7. ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime is brilliant - 4 episodes in and I highly recommend it.
  8. I think it was more Stoke were dire. I know a few Stoke STHs who had him as their best player - wasn’t hard!
  9. His brother is playing CB for Bolton too - he was probably pretty settled up here and I believe the rumours that his preference was to stay with us.
  10. Azp... (I can’t spell his name either!) won’t be played as 1 of 2 centre backs. He played centre back when Conte was playing 3 centre backs - completely different role. Reece James looks a real prospect though.
  11. Amen! Young man, new league, new culture, new teammates, hardly had a preseason after ACON, not 100% fit (which he said so himself)... I’m sure the plan would have been to start playing him around September time - much like Digne last season but we don’t have that luxury now with injuries and suspensions so we’ll need to be supportive and patient.
  12. Yep - no luxury of giving Gbamin time to bed in. May force a change in system.
  13. All of a sudden we’re looking short of options in central midfield with Delph and Gomes injured and Schneiderlin suspended - maybe we did need Doucoure or another.
  14. Well our squad’s certainly deeper and better balanced than I can remember in a long, long time. We have at least 2 quality players for every position - I’m not writing Gibson off but that’s clearly where we’ve missed out. Add Zouma to this squad and we’d be laughing! Pickford/Lossl Coleman/Sidibé Digne/Baines Keane/Holgate Mina/Gibson Gbamin/Schneiderlin Gomes/Delph Gylfi/Davies Richarlison/Walcott Bernard/Iwobi Kean/DCL/Tosun There aren’t many squads better than that. We just need to shift Mirallas, Martina, Bolasie and Niasse (and Onyekuru) but it really does look like we have a plan at last... a lot of credit to Brands for this and Moshiri of course. It actually looks like future windows will be tweaks rather than 6/7 signings now with this young squad.
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