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  1. c1982

    Mason Holgate

    He was very poor today - many others were but he’s my biggest concern.
  2. c1982

    Cenk Tosun

    I like him but can see Richarlison taking the striking spot and Bernard on the left.
  3. First band I ever went to see live in the mid nineties - Paul Weller even came on to play the piano... not a bad start!
  4. Great story 👍🏼 I was too young to really enjoy The Stone Roses in their ‘pomp’ so was delighted that I finally got to see them in 2012 in Heaton Park - it was great!!! Used to follow The Complete Stone Roses around a lot - Manchester, Leeds, etc... always a great gig! Weller/The Jam are just ace!
  5. Albums The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Oasis - Definitely Maybe Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am... Pulp - Different Class The Jam - Sound Affects Films The Departed Gangs of New York True Romance Goodfellas American History X TV Breakng Bad Sopranos Ray Donovan The Tunnel Get Shorty - only been one season so far but it was excellent. Books - something I only find time to do on holiday - maybe it will become something I prioritise in the future.
  6. c1982

    Kurt Zouma

    He was coming back from an awful injury last season in a very poor team which could have attributed. I’ve got a feeling that he could be in Chelsea’s long term plans with Cahill on his last legs, Luiz getting on a bit (and looking dodgy!) only leaving Rüdiger and Christensen as ‘senior’ centre backs unless Sarri eventually sees Azpilacueta as a centre back option too. Zouma certainly looked good enough before his injury.
  7. c1982

    Huddersfield Town (Home) Saturday September 1st

    Very disappointing today - Zouma was a massive positive and Digne looked good too. I think we really missed Richarlison’s flair today - aside from the goal, I thought DCL was poor - he’s just not a winger. I think we missed Gueye too - makes you appreciate how good he really is when he’s not there - I’d go as far to say that having him there makes us more attacking with the higher press. Davies started okay but seemed to get worse as the game went on - he should have come off for Dowell in my opinion. Had we got the first goal then it could have been a different story but as it played out it was probably just as Huddersfield planned today - move onto the next one with hopefully a much fitter squad to pick from.
  8. I said last season but meant 16/17 with Bailly when he was quality - injured most of last season. I actually think Phil Jones is decent - would much prefer him over Smalling who I don’t rate at all.
  9. That Bailly had a shocker vs Brighton but for him not to be in the squad today is mad. He looked top quality last season and as pointed out, they’re not exactly blessed in that position - what’s happened there? I think Mourinho’s losing the plot again - oh didums!!!
  10. Man U could have saved themselves many millions by signing Dembélé when they wanted him (just before he joined Spurs) - class player. To think Fellaini cost double, Fred more than treble and Pogba six times more is ridiculous!
  11. The same ref that sent Jagielka off vs Wolves deemed Kane’s almost carbon copy challenge a yellow card... For the record, I don’t think either challenge should have been red carded.
  12. c1982

    Ademola Lookman

    We hold all the cards here - if we get £28-£30m then that’s great money for a prospect who we already have better players playing in his position. If we don’t then we’ve got a decent prospect who could be handy off the bench and in cup games. If Lookman doesn’t get his move and decides to sulk, it will affect his career more than it will affect Everton Football Club - he only needs to look at Berahino’s spiral from top prospect on the cusp of the England/ wanted by Spurs to striker who is a bit part player for Stoke in the Championship. Demari Gray is a good example at Leicester - similar ability/situation - been on the periphery of Leicester’s team but kept his head down and seems pretty much first choice now.
  13. c1982

    Yannick Bolasie

    At Villa Park tonight - Sky have just zoomed in on him interacting with the Villa fans.
  14. c1982

    James Maddison

    Sounds an absolute dick! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/22/premier-league-footballer-boasted-7k-a-week-salary-friend-attacked/
  15. c1982

    Tom Davies

    I wouldn’t rule out Joe Williams getting a chance under Silva when fit - did really well in the Championship last season.