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  1. A very naive performance from him today. He needs someone with defensive qualities with him in central midfield to bail him out from such mistakes... something we’ve missed since Gana (and potentially Gbamin).
  2. Beyond Kenny, I don’t know who you could be thinking of?
  3. After a series of successful loans rather than playing in the u23 league. It seems Brands is wise to this with the Hornby and Kenny loans as 2 recent examples.
  4. Just look how they’ve done in the cup comp vs League 1 and 2 opposition whilst winning these leagues. Massive step-up to even lower league football. We are in the minority who keeps our ‘best’ youngsters to play regularly in the u23 league. Look how Chelsea are now reaping the benefits of using the loan market (and players playing at a higher level) rather than taking the u23 league so seriously.
  5. Top 4 get Champions League. 5th, FA Cup winner and League Cup winner gets Europa. This can change if a Champions League qualifying team wins one of the cups. The only 100% fool proof guaranteed ways of getting Europe are finishing top 5 or winning a cup. Finishing 6th or 7th means you’re relying on someone else’s success. Call me a moron but I’d prefer to actually win the first available trophy of the season and guarantee our own fate and enjoy watching Everton lift the first bit of silverware in almost 1/4 of a century. Maybe this WINNING will spur us on to win more and maybe even help us to finish higher up the league... let’s be honest us fans aren’t bothered about getting to finals and winning cups - it’s all about the league position prize money!!!
  6. Would Keogh have been sacked if he wasn’t injured? I guess only those involved will ever know but for me that’s the major difference between him and the other two.
  7. To be honest, Leicester are the team I’d least like to face over 2 legs (in the semis) or at their place so there were potentially much ‘easier’ ties but this could be the most favourable, at this stage, for us.
  8. You don’t want to see us lift a cup? As with many on here, I was too young to fully appreciate the 80s success so have only seen us win the FA Cup (and Charity Shield) and that was far too long ago!!! I’ve been lucky enough to see us at Wembley a few times in more recent years but I want to see us lift a trophy and don’t understand any fan who wouldn’t want this.
  9. Just read that he doesn’t even have a driving license anyway. On him getting sacked... maybe they’re coming down harder on the fact that he’s the club captain. Maybe the whole story hasn’t been reported to the public. Regardless, his Derby career was over, doesn’t make it okay, but with 18 months on his contract and likely 14 months out, plus his age - it’d be highly unlikely that he’d ever play for Derby (or possibly anyone else) again.
  10. ...and the one partnership we do have has been split up with Bernard’s injury! I think we need to keep playing Iwobi and centrally when possible - he’s the type of player who can link up with anyone... you can see he and Walcott seem to have a decent understanding of each other’s game.
  11. Grade 2 medial ligaments - 4-12weeks supposedly. Bad news but if this opens the door for Gordon to at least make the bench/get some game time then at least a slight positive may come from Bernard’s absence.
  12. Iwobi would have less defensive responsibility in a 4-3-3.
  13. I personally much prefer Richarlison as a ‘centre forward’ rather than a winger.
  14. Bernard, Richarlison and Iwobi. Kean coming on for any one of them depending on how the game’s going.
  15. The only change I’d entertain today would be Delph for Walcott and us setting up at a 4-3-3 rather than the usual set-up. This is the system I sense Silva wants to play and a midfield 3 of Delph, Gomes and Davies should dominate anything they’ve got but also give us plenty going forward. We’re awful away from home - tactically, something needs to change.
  16. If the rumours are to be believed then this isn’t too far from the truth.
  17. Mina was class... probably our best player this season in my opinion. Gomes showed how important he is and I loved Davies’ performance beside him. Together they really helped the tempo and having Iwobi in the middle made us so much more threatening from all areas. Special mention for Sidibe who deserves to keep his place. Bernard and Richarlison too... just a much better performance altogether and actually a pleasure to watch!
  18. Are you suggesting we play 3 at the back or 4 and no keeper?
  19. Arteta would be my choice. He would instantly have the fans onside. He has been working with the best coach in the game for the last few years having ‘turned down’ the chance to replace Wenger. It seems people in the game can see something a bit special in him. Every appointment is a gamble and this would be seen as a massive one on the basis that he’s not managed before. It’s a gamble I’d love us to take but sadly don’t think he’d leave City. His profile is only getting bigger there and he’s even been talked about as Pep’s successor eventually.
  20. No thanks. He was excellent with the resources available at the time but that time has long passed.
  21. I didn’t vote originally but think it’s time for him to go now. We have had such a kind start to the season on paper - to take so little in terms of points is awful. Not one performance this season has made me feel that we’ve got a real game plan that’s going to help us kick in and do something positive. We’re still toothless in attack, we’re shipping far too many goals. We only play one system. Subs are general reactive to an injury or goal conceded. We had the perfect opportunity to really make a positive start this season with a kind set of fixtures - we’ve blown it and I think Silva’s the one who deserves most of the criticism. I don’t actually like it when we sack managers (bar Big Sam) but I actually think now is the time. We need to be decisive.
  22. Didn’t Mendy tweet something about KDB throwing his kid in the pool and Mendy said the kid was Zinchenko? Don’t remember much fuss about that.
  23. Maybe the loss of his assistant has had a detrimental effect... not sure how much influence he had. More likely be the loss of Gueye and Zouma though. Zouma and Keane looked to have a real understanding - we need to do all we can to get that back. I see Zouma further down the pecking order when James and Rudiger are fully fit as I think Lampard will give James a chance and move Azpelecueta (however you spell it!) into a 3 man defence where he’s done well previously.
  24. It depends on how Gbamin settles when fit and maybe how quickly Davies can get up to standard but I’d have him 100% or John McGinn. We need more drive from midfield. I’d still happily get rid of Schneiderlin and fear that Sigurdsson doesn’t fit a preferred system (however good he is) long term.
  25. He certainly had the same underwhelmed reaction from many fans when signing. Could (will) prove to be a great bit of business.
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