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  1. Napoli vs Barca tonight. I expect, if Barca beat them, his future will be sorted quickly. I think he’ll be coming here.
  2. He’s played in a 4-4-2 under Howe as a left mid or centre forward for the past however many years.
  3. Put in simple terms - we don’t really NEED a striker currently as we have 3 potentially top, top young strikers in Dom, Richarlison and Kean but if a more experienced striker who already knows the league and is better than what we have currently in other positions (left mid) at a relatively low fee then it’s a no brainier to me.
  4. His versatility would probably mean that he’d start most games (with this current squad) - just not necessarily as a striker. Say we had signed him In January - he’d have started every game from left mid as he’s better suited to that position than Bernard and Iwobi in a 4-4-2.
  5. This deal actually makes a lot of sense to me. DCL, Richarlison, Kean and King as 4 striking options but Richarlison and King would have the versatility to play as wingers. It would give us very good options and at a reasonable price so we can focus on more pressing issues e.g. central midfield and right back.
  6. I actually think he’s decent - bit of a late developer. I think he’s come on a lot over the past few seasons. More suited to the left mid role that anyone we currently have. He wouldn’t be my first choice but is better than many of the wingers we currently have.
  7. First choice left mid. That’s where he’s been playing in a Bournemouth 4-4-2. Constant threat to us on the final day but that’s not saying much.
  8. On potential Pickford replacements - Martinez at Arsenal has looked excellent since coming in the past few games. Will be interesting to see what happens next season when Leno is fit.
  9. Very good player. I can see him staying there for another season having not long been back from a serious injury - it would take someone paying over the odds to tempt Bournemouth as I doubt he’ll be one they need to get off the books due to wages like Ake/Wilson/King - hopefully we’ve learnt our lesson about paying over the odds and revisit next summer (when he’ll be in the final year of a 4 year contract).
  10. Suggests Digne isn’t signing the 5 year contract that was mentioned a while ago (am I imagining this or was it mentioned a few months ago around when Richarlison signed his?) May not mean Digne is off this summer but certainly would look like a contingency plan.
  11. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11671/12040179/sergio-reguilon-everton-bid-18m-for-real-madrid-left-back
  12. Most wingers are inconsistent bar the top, top wingers.
  13. That’s not been out of choice though. With Gbamin, Schneiderlin and Delph (and Gomes) missing most of the season, we’ve had very few options beyond those 3. It’s obviously been our achilles heel as we’ve not been able to control many games due to being out played in midfield.
  14. I’m asking Brentford how much for Benrahma or Watford how much for Sarr.
  15. But he’s 30 Bill... I thought all players needed a zimmer frame when they hit 30?!
  16. Far too obvious so probably not true...
  17. I wouldn’t necessarily call Norwich high tempo or high pressing. The full-backs ‘bomb on‘ providing overlaps when their wingers come inside but I’d say they are a much more possession based side and Dowell is someone who is good with the ball at his feet in space so isn’t overly reliant on pace - his vision will be an asset if there are pacy/smart runners around him.
  18. Decent move for him. Norwich will play in a way that suits his style and probably be amongst the top teams in the Championship. Hopefully we’ve put a sell-on fee in place as I can see him doing well there.
  19. Early front runner for the weirdest rumour of the window...
  20. Swap for a load of deadweight and I’d take him - take your pick Palace!!!
  21. We should at least ask if that’s the price. He’d be first choice here for many years. I’d sell Kenny in a heartbeat to get someone of Aaron’s quality in - I really rate him.
  22. Correct decision in my opinion. Decent at times but not good enough to warrant spending to keep him.
  23. Bournemouth did the double over us in a season where they won only 9 league games... 18% of their total league points came against us. Happy Monday all!!!
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