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  1. This how VAR should be done with a mic’ed up ref...
  2. May get me a bite too!!! Surely you must dread the moment peteO posts in the same thread as you as 50 posts later - Lukaku, Kane, straw man, Gueye, fast car analogy, use to play a bit, Jagielka - it’s the same old arguments and same insults thrown... it must be time consuming! It’s a fact - whenever I see that you and peteO have had an exchange, I scroll past it and in this case I repeated a good point you had made. I’m sure many enjoy your exchanges - I don’t.
  3. Just seen he’s been mentioned - only scanned through the thread and scan quicker past posts when I see Haf/peteO in the same thread so missed this.
  4. That tag surely goes to Nigel Martyn - brilliant keeper. If only we’d signed him earlier (like we nearly did).
  5. Pickford needs a commanding centre back to keep him focused and give him a bollocking when he needs one. We obviously need a striker this summer but that leader at the back is just as important in my opinion.
  6. Aren’t adds usually personalised these days? 🧐
  7. It may be worth getting someone like Gary Cahill - many will disagree but defending set-pieces is a glaring weakness - we lack leadership. Jags came in tonight and we were much more organised but he’s 37 in August and probably going to be elsewhere next season. Keane and Mina would both benefit from at least a season alongside a senior figure and hopefully Keane will emerge as the senior figure I think he could be with more experience/confidence and learning off someone who has played at the very top.
  8. I like Under Armour personally - do some nice stuff. Would do decent training gear.
  9. The appeal should allow them to sign this summer while still pending. I don’t think Chelsea will sell regardless - with Cahill going and Christiansen wanting away - Luiz probably only has another 2 years at this level... I see Zouma getting a chance there.
  10. Dowell plays in a position where, although pace helps, vision, positioning and decision making are just as important. I wouldn't necessarily write him off because it’s a tough position to learn (number 10) and actually getting his chance when he is ‘wiser’ may actually be of benefit to him and us. The best case scenario would be that he plays a significant part in getting Sheff Utd up then gets another year with them playing consistently in the Premier League. Didn’t Osman break into our first team as a 23/24 year old? If Dowell’s good enough, I’m sure Brands will have a plan for him.
  11. There’s not a single player at this club who I’d be gutted about selling. There’s obviously ones I’d prefer to sell but even if Digne and Richarlison (who I see as our best assets) were sold - I don’t think I’d be bothered in the slightest. I was gutted when players like Speed, Ferguson, Jeffers, Arteta, Barmby, Pienaar, etc. left us in the past - now... meh! It’s probably as much an age thing but I don’t fell ‘connected’ with any of this current lot - not even the likes of Baines, Jags and Seamus who have been some of my favourites in recent years.
  12. Brands should be looking for a captain (and leaders in general) - a centre back and centre mid at least. Players who can get us organised on the pitch - players who are respected and actually listened to by their peers.
  13. It’s actually Mark van Bommel. Cocu went to Fenerbahçe in the summer but it obviously didn’t work out as he’s jobless now.
  14. We’ll be fine, just as long as we don’t give away any corners, penalties or free-kicks in our half.
  15. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ‘not arsed’ about Everton. After the stupid money being pissed away, having Big Sam and the build up/ chink of light at the beginning of this season to the collapse since the 94th minute at Anfield - my obsession will always be there but, for this season at least, I’m not that bothered - win, lose or draw!
  16. He doesn’t but he’s sure to be doing everything to get the move - must be a dream move. Obviously he signed the long-term contract here and people will say he shouldn’t have/ serves him right but in reality, this could be his only opportunity to get this move with their current injuries in the position and needing a player who’s not cup tied in the Champions League. It’s a no brainer really but we hold all the cards on this one so PSG will have to pay an inflated price and Gueye will have to forfeit his loyalty bonus to make it happen.
  17. I think he will go when PSG hit the magic number. Every player has his price - Brands (I think) alluded to this when talking about how to ‘grow’ here.
  18. With no Schneiderlin or Gueye in the squad tonight maybe both are off. I know Schneiderlin has missed many squads but with Gueye out, you’d expect he’d at least make the bench. I’m happy for both to go in the hope/expectancy that Brands has got something lined up. Of course, Gueye could just be out as his head’s not right and Schneiderlin as he’s as mobile as a lamppost but it’s good to speculate!
  19. They’re a different team without Mooy who’s been missing for the past 7 weeks (at the Asian Cup), coinciding with their dismal form... oh - he’s back for this one!
  20. The best thing about us Evertonians is that we have a sense of humour...
  21. Would be an excellent replacement for Coleman but we’d then need to replace Gueye. I’d actually be happy with this - we’ve got as good as nothing to play for now so I wouldn’t even mind if Gueye wasn’t replaced until the summer because Meunier is top class.
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