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  1. Lingard’s cousin plays for our ladies’ team. Still don’t want him though. I did however rally rate him as a youngster - I remember him at an u21 England tournament - can’t remember exactly when but he looked a top prospect. Think it was before he’d broken into Man U’s first team and had been on-loan (Derby maybe).

  2. 5 hours ago, Palfy said:

    The last couple of games I’ve seen Fred play he has looked a hell of a lot better than average, just thought I would mention that don’t know why but it needed to be said 😄

    I agree - he was very poor and looked massively overpriced in his first season but had been excellent recently. Obviously took him a bit of time to settle and adjust but I’d have him (Fred not Lingard) in a heartbeat here.

  3. 2 hours ago, duncanmckenzieismagic said:

    If he was half the player Gana was I would sign him tomorrow, sadly he isn’t fit to lace his boots so I would pass on the option of signing him and take a chance on Jonjoe 

    I think we need a top quality first choice right back signing and have Seamus as a more than capable back-up/ competition. I don’t see Kenny as being good enough and think we’d be wise to sell while his stock is ‘high’. We’d probably get £15-20m for him. Don’t sign Sidibe saving £14m and move early for Max Aarons at Norwich (maybe £30m), who has really impressed me and has a quality that our back line is desperately short of - PACE!

  4. 2 hours ago, Bill said:

    C1982, the result of var at the match came up on the giant screen as no goal - offside.  In an interview 15 minutes after the game the reason had changed to - in line of the goalies vision.  Both explanations where wrong. I say again.... We got stuffed by VAR.

    Offside/ in goalie’s vision are exactly the same explanation of why it was disallowed. I haven’t disagreed about us being stuffed by VAR - we were as I don’t think Gylfi affected the play - as rightly said de Gea was already wrong footed.

    Your original post said, ‘They're still saying it was disallowed because of offside but surely it can't be offside if a defender got the last touch.’

    I merely pointed out that, it was a deflection and if the ref/VAR (wrongly) saw Gylfi as offside and interfering in play then it CAN be offside if the defender got the last touch with it being a deflection.

  5. 21 hours ago, Bill said:

    No your wrong, how many times have we seen players walking back from an offside position while on of their own men run past and play the ball. Your not offside until you play the ball and Siggy didn't.

    Or interfere with play as Palfy points out. I don’t think he was interfering with play but that’s the reason the ref/VAR has disallowed it.

    The example you’re giving is when players ahead of the game are not interfering with play.

    18 hours ago, Palfy said:

    Or interfere with play by obstructing the keepers view and he clearly never did that, as the keeper moves to his right to save the shot indicating he had a clear view of DCL and the ball at all times. 


  6. 2 minutes ago, Bill said:

    They're still saying it was disallowed because of offside but surely it can't be offside if a defender got the last touch.

    The moment the ball is played forward, Sigurdsson is offside so it doesn’t matter that it hit the defender. If the defender had control of the ball and passed it back then there wouldn’t be any offside.

  7. The left winger coming inside a lot has been a clear tactic since we’ve had Ancelotti. He likes his right winger wide and direct (that’s why Walcott has been important) and the left winger to come in field more - something Iwobi and Bernard can do (I think this role would suit Gordon too). Walcott may still have a role next season but I can certainly see a rapid and direct right winger being a priority signing.

  8. I think it was more that Kroenke held the majority vote so Usmanov’s ideas/vision weren’t ever going to be ‘passed’. My impression is that many Arsenal fans wanted Usmanov to have more control as he wanted to really go for it whereas Kroenke was maybe just keeping things steady and sitting on his investment.

    I have no doubt that Usmanov is and will continue being an influence here. The big thing we need is getting our commercial income much much higher (and above board) as without the evidence of income, we’re hamstrung with our spending on wages and transfer fees and having a multi-billionaire is almost pointless. Seeing what happens to Man City will be very interesting as there’s a chance that FFP will be abolished as all it’s doing is protecting the already top teams e.g. Man U and Liverpool as they are commercially miles ahead of all others - they can spend hundreds of millions more than other teams legitimately under the current rules... how can a team like us or say Villa or Newcastle catch them? Man City and Chelsea have got there through money when there were different rules but obviously now have the ‘comparable’ worldwide fan bases and sponsorship deals.

  9. 17 hours ago, Finn balor said:

    I like the lad I want him to be here for a very long time and I’m happy he’s England’s number one but his game needs to move up a gear now. He’s reached a plateau for me and it’s up to him to see where he goes 

    This is my stance. I’d like him to kick on here despite not being his biggest fan. I don’t think his England slot is as nailed on as it’s been as I think Southgate will have a look at Henderson in some of the upcoming games - that may actually be good news if Pickford’s got a bit of real competition for his spot.

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