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  1. Well we are in the market for a left footed winger and Barca are our feeder club.
  2. On the basis that, when fit, he’s much better than Tosun, Niasse, Sandro and DCL, I’d have him in a heartbeat... fitness is the huge issue though! In my opinion, it’s a risk worth taking if we sell Tosun and Niasse (hopefully Sandro too) but we’d need a 3rd striker too. DCL, Welbeck and a first choice striker would be fine by me.
  3. I think we’ll let Lookman leave and try to get Bowen from Hull. Left footed, young, had a very good season and someone Silva will know already from their time together.
  4. Should be unrealistic (stranger things have happened though!) but would be the dream signing ala Aguero for City - would instantly propel us. I don’t think, even with all the money, that we stand a cat in hells chance of getting him though.
  5. I don’t usually stray too far from the Rumourama and EFC sections but glad I did to read this - great news Mike! Top bloke 💙
  6. Age wise, he doesn’t fit the ‘Brands model’... sure he said we’d be looking to sign players under 26years old - yes we may sign a couple who aren’t but can’t see us investing however much it would cost to get this 27 year old with potentially a short shelf life due to his previous injuries.
  7. Big Dunc is who he reminds me most of. A nightmare for defenders, great in the air, physical, hot headed - often takes it too far but has the ability to do something magical with the ball at his feet. As I said previously, he’ll be a good signing for someone, and I’d be happy if it’s us, but maybe not the type of striker that would compliment our system best.
  8. Stek will be off to Barca with Koeman! Pretty sure Cuco Martina will be high up on Koeman’s list too!
  9. He does - he (Silva) said he didn’t this season (in the FA Cup) as we were on such a bad run and didn’t feel it would have been the correct choice.
  10. Being reported by more creditable sources now... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11723677/everton-in-jonas-lossl-talks-following-huddersfield-release
  11. Competition was probably the wrong word to use but I’d sooner have Lossl who has been decent (imo) and playing consistently at this level over the past 2 seasons to deputise should Pickford be injured/suspended than Stekelenburg, who I don’t rate, or Virginia, who needs a year or 2 on-loan playing competitively every week. Realistically, we’re not going to sign another top class keeper so we can hopefully develop Virginia - he’d be better off playing every week in a competitive Championship setting rather than for our u23s and sitting on our bench in my opinion.
  12. I really like him and think he’d thrive off the service from Digne, Sigurdsson, etc. BUT a lot of our recent success has come from Calvert-Lewin’s work rate and ability to press - can Mitrovic do this? Not sure he’s what our team need but he’s certainly a very good striker and, at his age, around £25m he’d be a decent signing.
  13. He’s been pretty consistent for an awful Huddersfield team over the past 2 seasons - although he made that high profile blunder a few weeks ago. I think he’s an upgrade on Stek and will be decent competition.
  14. He may need a new number 2... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/05/17/marco-silvas-everton-assistant-joao-pedro-sousa-poised-leave/
  15. I’ve seen this in a few places now. Decent keeper to support/challenge Pickford. Means Stek will go - who I don’t rate. I’d prefer Virginia go on loan in the Championship and play every week rather than play 2nd fiddle to Pickford.
  16. The last three times a PL team has been top on Christmas Day and not won the league: Liverpool 08-09 Liverpool 13-14 Liverpool 18-19
  17. We’ve already sold Keane, Digne, Gueye and Richarlison and lost Zouma and Gomes according to some rags!!!
  18. Well this went well! I can’t take much more!!!
  19. Couple of own goals, maybe throw in a penalty - maybe organise a team building night out for the Brighton boys on the Saturday...
  20. Daniel James looks brilliant - he’s absolutely rapid! Sure he gave Man City a few scares when they met in the cup. I’ve not noticed Grimes as much but must be decent to have won their player of the year at his age, in what’s been a good season for them.
  21. When? I thought he went from Bournemouth to Rangers...
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