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  1. If he wants to play in the Premier League so much - go to Leeds or Forest (who are the rumoured clubs interested) and actually earn a right to play there by helping them to get promotion. He’d no doubt earn himself a contract if his goals helped them achieve promotion.
  2. Holgate - he’s looking like Carlo’s first choice CB and deservingly so.
  3. If he’s the best finisher we have in the box then why put him on the wing where he’ll get in the box less?! Bonkers! He tracks back well as the 2nd striker regardless. What we need is a better wing option so Richarlison doesn’t need to cover that position and he can stay where he’s most dangerous - in the box.
  4. https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2020/january/transfer-young-defender-joins-everton/
  5. I personally think Richarlison is much better as a striker when he’s got a partner. If we’re after another striker, I’d like it to be a partner for him. I’d prefer we get a winger to replace Walcott.
  6. We need more players with a first touch like Bernard. So many attacks die and end up back at the feet of Pickford due to our players needing too many touches or passes behind rather than into their path. Gomes fits the bill and hopefully Gbamin will too but more quality is needed.
  7. A bloke near where I sit called another bloke out on giving Davies stick - he’s constantly doing it but it almost came to blows today. Richarlison for me for his overall effort and class. His attitude and work rate is spot on - yes, he annoys me when he flings himself, but the fact he plays every game and gets stuck in all the time - we need more like him. Bernard as a close second - the ball was like a magnet to him today - his decision making seemed much better and was a constant threat.
  8. Easy to say now but surely Davies and Delph would have offered more ‘bite’ and Sidibe as a right winger?! Wing-back yes but he stunk the place out against rookie opposition in a position where we had many other options!
  9. That midfield today... Yuck!
  10. He’s been woeful since I posted this. He, like so many of our players, is mentally weak. A player of his ability should have played at the very top. Look at him for Swansea and Iceland - incredible player at times when he single handedly took them beyond reasonable expectations but completely different player at Spurs and now looking the same at us - despite the odd decent performance. I put this down to mentality in some parts. Henderson at that lot is a good example - limited footballer but his drive and determination makes him an important part of winning teams. I don’t see this in many of our ‘nice guys’.
  11. That was the lowest of the low. On the upside (hopefully) - the only way is up!
  12. This. He said he won’t talk transfers until after today’s game - straight from the horse’s mouth.
  13. Will be much better than Cantwell, in my opinion. I think Buendia’s going to be at a massive club before too long.
  14. He’s settled in England - opportunity to move to a London club who will play to his strengths in the richest league in world football... pretty damn perfect move for him, in my opinion.
  15. No he turned us down to join Juventus on a free in the summer and has sat on their bench since. Potentially a brilliant player.
  16. This is where Sigurdsson doesn’t get the respect he deserves. His closing down, ground covered and interceptions are a massive part of his game add to that his crossing from deep and set pieces then he offers loads. I like Iwobi but only as a number 10 - where I prefer him to Gylfi but in a deeper role, Iwobi doesn’t have the skills I’ve mentioned here.
  17. I think he’s played really well in the deeper role under Ancelotti.
  18. Richarlison for his work rate - he’s started every game in every competition this season (I think) - didn’t get his goal today but put an excellent shift in.
  19. Sidibe - very impressed with him overall. When he’s good, he’s very good but when he’s bad, he’s woeful. Very good today, thankfully.
  20. I didn’t notice his tan lines but fair play for the eagle eye.
  21. DCL for channeling his inner Dunc!!!
  22. A very naive performance from him today. He needs someone with defensive qualities with him in central midfield to bail him out from such mistakes... something we’ve missed since Gana (and potentially Gbamin).
  23. Beyond Kenny, I don’t know who you could be thinking of?
  24. After a series of successful loans rather than playing in the u23 league. It seems Brands is wise to this with the Hornby and Kenny loans as 2 recent examples.
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