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  1. Maybe he wants to play again with one of the best managers in the world. Maybe he thinks if Ancelotti has bought into this project then he could help and be part of bringing the glory years back to a sleeping giant.
  2. Last time I’ll be able to... so Baines.
  3. On loan with option to buy then perfect. He was class before his injury troubles. He’d be high risk as a permanent signing but on-loan with the options we already have, I’d be keen on adding a player who, if he can regain his pre-injury form, is much better than all of our other centre backs. I’d happily sell Keane or Mina and have Holgate with Umtiti as first choice with whoever we didn’t sell and Gibson or Branthwaite (loan one and keep one) as rotation. Smart move in my opinion - if the loan didn’t work out - don’t sign and Gibson/Branthwaite will be another year older and hopefully ready t
  4. Reading above, I was about to post the same thing... he was so dedicated over lockdown and has reaped the reward since with much more game time. Well deserved and to be fair, he looks as good, if not better, than any other midfielder we have currently.
  5. The nearly men every year under him... nearly top 4 in his first season playing some phenomenal football, looked like we could have gone all the way in Europe the next, then 2 domestic semis in this final season... he just didn’t have that little bit of whatever was needed to turn his ‘encouraging’ era into a legacy. So frustrating on reflection but watching us, especially towards the end of his time, was painful... and sadly a sign of things to come!!!
  6. Haf's just saying his arse is bigger than Dom’s and Grealish’s.
  7. I’d like us to sign a left footed centre back but not Mings. He’s a decent player but for what you’d have to pay... massively overpriced English premium.
  8. There’s a lot of narratives in transfers like this... some may be in Tottenham’s interest, some in Southampton’s, some in the player’s/agent’s and maybe some may suit our interests. Most is nonsense - most is driven by an agenda e.g. spark more interest, make someone show their hand, create a bidding war, get more money... relax - what will be, will be.
  9. He often plays left centre back but am pretty certain he’s right footed.
  10. Pretty certain he’s predominantly right footed.
  11. I do wonder if Keane or Mina may be moved on in the summer to bring in a naturally left footed senior cb.
  12. I’m not sure - he’s definitely leaving (as every decent prospect at WBA tends to do). Like I said, he looked really good initially but seems to have disappeared since the breakdown of the Palace move in Jan.
  13. I thought DCL should have finished that personally. Been frustrating since the restart in my opinion.
  14. I’ll throw Matty Cash in as a rb option - been top quality for Forest this season. Nathan Ferguson will be a free agent from WBA this summer too - we’d need to pay compensation but looked very good early season before injuries and contract wrangles and a failed move to Palace took over.
  15. Sarr at Watford is a great shout - looks class. Think they’ll just about survive but fully expect him to move on. Think they paid £40m so wouldn’t be cheap. Man C in for Ake it seems - I’m not surprised as I think he’s top quality. Aarons is another player I like a lot but think he could be too pricey with Norwich seeking £40m for Godfrey - they’ll probably want a Wan Basaka type fee for Aarons. Douglas Luiz has impressed me too. Pretty sure I read that Man C have a buy back clause. Not sure he’s done enough to justify that but they may see the benefit in exercising it (as it wi
  16. He looked good in parts and his effort can’t be faulted but he is just far too sloppy. I do hope Carlo sees enough that he can work with and improve but Davies needs to cut out the 3/4 (at least) stupid errors most games if he wants to stick around long term.
  17. Credit where it’s due tonight - looked decent.
  18. Gomes - looked so much better in that formation.
  19. Excellent again today - a few misplaced passes early on but he just got better and better. Many crumble against Sharp/McGoldrick/McBurnie but him and Keane were excellent.
  20. Who knows how we play at the moment? I certainly don’t! Ancelotti hasn’t been able to implement his style fully and has been hamstrung by injuries and not having players who fit what he sees as a winning system. What I do know is we lack energy, leadership and aggression so someone in the Hojbjerg mould sounds like just what we need and probably another central midfielder too. This is clearly our weak point and I trust Ancelotti/Brands will get the right blend. We may have had that this year had it not been for injuries but, that, we will never know.
  21. Add leadership and tenacity and he’s the blueprint of what we need.
  22. Let’s not compare him to the midfielders we’ve got - it’s an insult to him!
  23. Turns out he was sold just as Ancelotti started at Bayern.
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