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  1. Completely different player.
  2. Why is it awful? That’s what a player of this quality is worth in the current market. He’s a very creative and will add more speed, power and flair to our attack. He’s not had too many chances at Arsenal but look at their attacking options ahead of him e.g Ozil and Mhykatarian (spelling). When he’s played, he’s looked very dangerous. Only 23 too - we should see his best years.
  3. A wise man once said... 👀
  4. Very good source - reassures me that £60m was a maximum bid for us.
  5. This could be a great signing in my opinion!
  6. My only concern is the lack of centre back cover. I’m not keen on the idea of Rojo but will trust that Brands/Silva know better if something happens here. I’d be massively optimistic about the season ahead if we had kept hold of Zouma or signed equivalent quality but, as it stands, I think we’ve left ourselves short.
  7. I’d have loved him here but the prices quoted were ridiculous... it’s not my money to worry about but still. If there was a deal to be done including Tosun and Bolasie then I wouldn’t have minded it being dressed up as ‘worth £80m’ or whatever but Palace clearly wanted silly amounts and fair play to them - he’s got a contract there and is worth far more to them than any other team. Palace fans must see this as priceless as, without Zaha, they’d be pretty toothless in attack.
  8. There’s a deluded part of me that thinks we’re signing Umtiti on-loan from Barcelona.
  9. I dread to think what price Zouma could command in this market, where Maguire costs £80m+ and Lewis ‘fucking’ Dunk is quoted as a £45m player!!! 🤯
  10. Zouma - I accept it’s not happening but he’s been great for us and I do feel he wanted to stay but it was beyond him to make it happen. Looks like he’ll be first choice at Chelsea with Luiz seemingly gone and Rudiger still out so good luck to him - he’s class and deserves all the luck that comes his way.
  11. I like Iwobi. Think he’d be a cracking signing personally. Don’t think it’ll happen though.
  12. What's going to be better for Kenny’s development, sitting on the bench for us or playing regularly in Germany for a year?
  13. What would a Liverpool fan be doing in Liverpool on a non-match day?
  14. He’s been posing with a fan at the Titanic Hotel tonight - and yes it is him this time!
  15. What constitutes van Dijk’s level? Price tag? Maybe we need to start a poll... Romey has always seemed a man to honour his word to me. 😬
  16. Wasn’t it on the back of USA 94’? I got so so excited!!!
  17. This is why Delph is such an astute signing. Delph being here allows us to ease Gbamin in as he’ll more than likely take time to adjust to his new life/surroundings.
  18. inept /ɪˈnɛpt/ Learn to pronounce adjective having or showing no skill; clumsy.
  19. Calm down - it’s hardly McCartney/Lennon!
  20. Buzzing about this - one of my local teams and loved going to see them when in league one (stopped going when in Championship) so will definitely get down to a few on none EFC weekends next season.
  21. The ghost of Bob Marley brought it to me late last night and demanded that I shared it!
  22. 🎼 Gbamin, Gbamin, Gbamin, Gbamin, When Gana was a thing of the past. Gbamin, Gbamin, Gbamin, Gbamin, I hope you like Gbamin too.
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