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  1. Let’s see how Kean copes then... I expect he’ll create more chances for himself.
  2. Exactly - he doesn’t take enough shots. See the stats I’ve just posted - he needs to back himself more... if you don’t buy a ticket blah, blah, blah!
  3. Not entirely true... Here’s some random goals/shots conversion percentages from last season: Kane 17/102 17% DCL 6/52 12% Salah 22/137 16% Aguero 21/118 18% Lukaku 12/55 22% Vardy 17/79 22% Kane missed 11 ‘big chances’ and Calvert-Lewin missed 7.
  4. I’ve previously had the opinion that Calvert-Lewin is getting enough game time and opportunities here but watching Abraham (someone who Dom has been ahead of or at least equal to at England youth level) it shows what a loan at a decent club in the Championship could have done for him. I still don’t feel we had the luxury of being in the position to loan him out and don’t feel we could have this summer but looking at the bigger picture, we should have made sure we had the players to accommodate this. He would get in the Leeds team who will probably run away with the Championship this season - he’d have probably bagged 20+ too... it’s all hypothetical but good loans at a lower level can be as important as first team opportunities here. Still having Niasse, Sandro, Bolasie, Mirallas and Tosun probably prevented the chance of strengthening the forward line any further to allow the luxury of loaning out Dom.
  5. This hasn’t gone down well with our fans on Twitter... Hopefully no one oversteps the mark but it’s clear he’s got no connection with EFC anymore (apart from the £80k a week or whatever)!
  6. I know, we sure did miss Gueye on Saturday 😉
  7. Gylfi could have easily had 2 assists yesterday too. Richarlison should have finished both free headers. I agree, his performance was poor, but I doubt we’d be talking about it had Richarlison done his job and we’d won 3-0.
  8. There were certainly flashes of a good player but I agree with this. Ideally, Gbamin probably wouldn’t have played until Lincoln in the cup but Schneiderlin’s suspension and Delph’s injury has denied us that luxury. I think he’ll be just fine though.
  9. Mina + Keane just ahead of Bernard. ‘Keana’ wasn’t an option so went for Mina again.
  10. Gbamin was Gana’s replacement so that’s an unlikely scenario. Gana would have done a better job than Gbamin today but that’s not to say that Gbamin won’t develop into a player of Gana’s quality.
  11. Just finished it too - 4 days for me. It was excellent and I’m not a superhero fan - another series coming in 2020 👍🏼
  12. ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime is brilliant - 4 episodes in and I highly recommend it.
  13. I think it was more Stoke were dire. I know a few Stoke STHs who had him as their best player - wasn’t hard!
  14. His brother is playing CB for Bolton too - he was probably pretty settled up here and I believe the rumours that his preference was to stay with us.
  15. Azp... (I can’t spell his name either!) won’t be played as 1 of 2 centre backs. He played centre back when Conte was playing 3 centre backs - completely different role. Reece James looks a real prospect though.
  16. Amen! Young man, new league, new culture, new teammates, hardly had a preseason after ACON, not 100% fit (which he said so himself)... I’m sure the plan would have been to start playing him around September time - much like Digne last season but we don’t have that luxury now with injuries and suspensions so we’ll need to be supportive and patient.
  17. Yep - no luxury of giving Gbamin time to bed in. May force a change in system.
  18. All of a sudden we’re looking short of options in central midfield with Delph and Gomes injured and Schneiderlin suspended - maybe we did need Doucoure or another.
  19. Well our squad’s certainly deeper and better balanced than I can remember in a long, long time. We have at least 2 quality players for every position - I’m not writing Gibson off but that’s clearly where we’ve missed out. Add Zouma to this squad and we’d be laughing! Pickford/Lossl Coleman/Sidibé Digne/Baines Keane/Holgate Mina/Gibson Gbamin/Schneiderlin Gomes/Delph Gylfi/Davies Richarlison/Walcott Bernard/Iwobi Kean/DCL/Tosun There aren’t many squads better than that. We just need to shift Mirallas, Martina, Bolasie and Niasse (and Onyekuru) but it really does look like we have a plan at last... a lot of credit to Brands for this and Moshiri of course. It actually looks like future windows will be tweaks rather than 6/7 signings now with this young squad.
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