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  1. The left winger coming inside a lot has been a clear tactic since we’ve had Ancelotti. He likes his right winger wide and direct (that’s why Walcott has been important) and the left winger to come in field more - something Iwobi and Bernard can do (I think this role would suit Gordon too). Walcott may still have a role next season but I can certainly see a rapid and direct right winger being a priority signing.
  2. I like McGregor - think he’d suit our league.
  3. Very well! (Sorry to sound like a Chuckle Brother!)
  4. I think it was more that Kroenke held the majority vote so Usmanov’s ideas/vision weren’t ever going to be ‘passed’. My impression is that many Arsenal fans wanted Usmanov to have more control as he wanted to really go for it whereas Kroenke was maybe just keeping things steady and sitting on his investment. I have no doubt that Usmanov is and will continue being an influence here. The big thing we need is getting our commercial income much much higher (and above board) as without the evidence of income, we’re hamstrung with our spending on wages and transfer fees and having a multi-billi
  5. Looks like Kean just behind the Portuguese speakers.
  6. This is my stance. I’d like him to kick on here despite not being his biggest fan. I don’t think his England slot is as nailed on as it’s been as I think Southgate will have a look at Henderson in some of the upcoming games - that may actually be good news if Pickford’s got a bit of real competition for his spot.
  7. Fair point - the stats only show so much.
  8. Mike Walker is the worst EFC manager in my lifetime! FRIGHTENING!!!
  9. The worrying stat is that only Kepa and Southampton’s keepers (combo of Gunn and McCarthy) have a worse save percentage than Pickford. At one point, early December I think, we’d faced the fewest shots on target but conceded the most goals. I just think he’s very replaceable and with his stock being so high we could get well over what he’s worth and at least replace him with ‘as good’ for a lot less. https://fbref.com/en/comps/9/keepers/Premier-League-Stats
  10. I don’t rate our squad particularly - I’m just highlighting that we have more squad depth than Wolves. Who, beyond their core 15 odd core players, are very light on numbers beyond untried youth. You may not rate those players you’ve mentioned but they are all international and proven players in the Prem. We’ve had Gomes, Gbamin, Sigurdsson, Delph, Iwobi, Schneiderlin and Bernard missing at the same time in recent weeks - we’ve ‘coped’. An injury crisis of that proportion would leave Wolves with very little hence my original point on squad depth.
  11. 100% we have a better squad. They have individuals who would massively improve us but I’d confidently say we’ve got a better squad overall. Wolves’ success has been hugely (not solely) down to Santos and his team - he’s got the players really fit and playing in a very successful system. Wolves are a very good team - they are a local team to me so I know a lot of Wolves fans and the general consensus amongst them is that they have some top class players but not much squad depth. Most felt they were short and worried after the summer window but obviously they have coped really well (an inju
  12. On the basis that I don’t particularly like him or think he’s as good as many think - Pope - better ‘old fashioned’ goalkeeper but his distribution is poor. Henderson - although he seems a bit of a div. Dubrovka - I was very impressed when they had him on-loan, made a couple of mistakes recently but don’t most keepers? Ryan - solid keeper. Schmichel is the ideal keeper in my opinion - top keeper and excellent distribution - seems a really steady character. He’s much older and not realistic though. There will plenty of keepers in other leagues, who I’m not aware of
  13. They have used less players in the league than any other team this season and that’s remarkable given they’ve played all of the extra Euro fixtures. They have been extremely lucky with injuries - having Saiss and Dendonker’s versatility has been massive for them as each can cover cb and cm - something Gbamin may have been able to do for us.
  14. I don’t like Pickford particularly. Decent enough keeper but massively overhyped as he is ‘England’s number one’ and I think that’s gone to his head a little and rather than flourish in this he’s plateaued. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over him leaving and think there’s plenty who could replace him quite easily and for a lot less money.
  15. The Wolves fans I know acknowledge they’ve got some top quality players but worry about the lack of depth in their squad. They’ve been incredibly lucky with injuries this season. They’ve done well to cope without Boly but they haven’t had our wretched luck when it comes to injuries.
  16. Hard to defend his time at EFC so far but putting that aside... never a red today - very harsh!
  17. Wolves have no squad depth whatsoever. What they do have is a very good manager/ coaching team (and Mr Mendes pulling a lot of strings!)
  18. It’s not the summer. Ambition is surely signing top quality players who improve us. There’s a bigger picture you’re failing to see and it seems you’ve forgotten the recent accounts that are dangerously close to breaching FFP.
  19. I’d love to hear your suggestions for this role.
  20. No assumptions here. Thankfully those in charge haven’t gone into panic mode and signed someone for the sake of signing.
  21. Obviously not. Settling for someone who would just improve us has got us into the mess we’re in. Tosun and Walcott improved us at the time we signed them - we’ve been stuck with them since in big wages and offering very little. We need to strengthen 100% but ultimately we need to act smarter in the transfer market and a massive part of that will be reducing the wage bill before adding quality.
  22. This is nonsense. Lack of ambition? No, sensible with a long term plan under a world class manager. The right players clearly aren’t available. What should we do? I know let’s sign more substandard players so we can be stuck with them on high wages. We’ve already got Tosun, Sandro, Bolasie, Besic taking up valuable wages and doing nothing - thankfully Niasse and Martina’s time is almost up - but we’ve got the likes Schneiderlin, Walcott, Sigurdsson and Keane who are on huge wages but aren’t likely to take us forward - I’m glad we’re not adding to the squad for the sake of it as we’ve made
  23. Maybe Sporting could use some of the Fernandes money to turn Bolasie’s loan into a permanent deal...
  24. I’m actually more bothered about getting players out than getting players in during this window. Martina and Niasse obviously but I’d happily see the back of the likes of Schneiderlin and Walcott, even Keane and Sigurdsson without us replacing them (unless the right priority players are available at a sensible price) and I’d see that as a good window.
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