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  1. http://everton1878.boards.net/thread/7/fellaini-fee-agreed
  2. 6 pointer sunday, lets hope tonight knackered them out!

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKQhoUboXO0&lc=Zrmh24HnS34FAyZqa_F5N9K6hWcjrGs-LS2fmphlbIc
  4. The guy who posted about the empty stadium at boro, i used to live in Middlesbrough and even in the prem they had bad turn outs, the town is a ghost town also and should be bombed off the map..
  5. Is he on loan till end of the season now? i think we should grab him back and play him in january, he's Fellaini's replacment if we don't make europe.
  6. The Belgian fella will sign in january
  7. Thank god its not too bad, and any sign of Gibson for saturday? we need a midfielder playing and not Osman and Neville.
  8. How bad is it? if Pienaar wasn't suspended and played left and with a normal midfield say Fellaini in the middle with Osman and Mirallas free role behind Jelavic, we'd have fucking hammered them yesterday.
  9. I'll be there i'm in Carlisle short drive, mind if I bring the missus??
  10. Good signing, if not good enough least we have had the balls to try him out, and with his old partner with him and Moyes and Weir and Ferguson about don't see why he won't fit in and do a job when needed. Good start but want 3 more players..
  11. ITK! just talk fucking english and not gay, news comes when it comes get off the net.
  12. We'll never be a flair team, its time we had more options.
  13. The fans who don't like him must just like watching turds football, boring old farts or something..
  14. Eh? oh its you, you really do take posting seriously, so far you went beserk over Drenthe with me, and now i've had 2 other people cyber threaten me, listen, easy this, fuck the ticket, fuck you all, fuck this forum, COME ONE EVERTON, thats all i care about at this moment in time!! PLEASE OH PLEASE SEND THOSE FUCKING REDSHITE HOME SQUIRMING!!!!! Goodnight xxxxx
  15. Pete you fucking tosser, fuck off and look forward to the match, get excited instead of bitching on here, its a rare occasion this for gods sake...
  16. Stop bitching you fucking pussies and get behind us whether you're there or not..
  17. I think its pathetic you dicks on here, if i could make it i'd pay £350 to have that ticket, thats how much it would mean to me, its only fucking money for gods sake.
  18. Gonna watch the DVD later should be good..
  19. Will be hoping its Pienaar left, Drenthe Right, Fellaini, Gibson/Rodwell (whoever is fit) middle, Cahill/Osman just in front, and Jelavic up front. Or 4-4-2 Straq and Jelavic and remove the forward running midfielder, that would be my middle and attack, defence picks itself, But i'd think about Neville or Coleman right back.
  20. Yeah mate thats all i was trying to say in my initial post before big bollocks got involved, all i'm saying is yes Pienaar is ok but its not the massive deal that some are making out, i think its going to result in us losing a talanted player.
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