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  1. jacko 1990

    Everton v Tottenham Hotspur Match History 1897-2012

    No thoughts on this weeks game? waiting for your player breakdown.
  2. jacko 1990

    Reading (away)

    The Everton site tells you. http://www.evertonfc.com/tickets/premiership-ticket-information.html?m=2096 "Tickets will go on sale to: 2012/13 Season Ticket holders with 2+ away Premier League credits from this or last season onMonday 15 October from 8.00am. 2012/13 Season Ticket holders on Wednesday 17 October from 8.00am. Any remaining tickets will go on general sale on Friday 19th October from 8.00am. Coach travel is available for £30.00, departing Goodison at 8.00am."
  3. jacko 1990

    New ticketing commercial deal with StubHub

    Pete, if you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for the tickets? i have a season ticket myself and have had a look at putting mine on there for the games i can't make but from what i can see (unregistered) it only lets you put it on there for a minimum of £120?? no way would i put it on for that price nor would anyone buy it i would presume. EDIT: NEVER MIND, i was just looking at the liverpool game tickets and it's just people ripping others off.
  4. jacko 1990


    Don't agree with all this Big vic Slating, did well imo, not a usual workhorse, was tonight
  5. jacko 1990


    Thanx for the link bill, my Setanta sopcast link stopped working at half time.
  6. jacko 1990

    Curious About Player Wages?

    Players refuse terms with clubs because 50k is not enough....... they have to be off there heads. the likes of ronaldo on 130k a week, stupid money for kicking a ball around.
  7. jacko 1990

    Manchester City (away).

    CAHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! 1-0!!!! GET IN !!!!!
  8. jacko 1990

    Manchester City (away).

    some of the best passing i've seen from everton in i don't know how long. arteta playing in the middle is a must from now on. Robinho isn't even involved in this game, there only threats are Ireland and SWP.
  9. jacko 1990

    Aston Villa (home)

    should have won but i'd just like to say ANDY VAN DER MEYDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he got played all down to your support mikeO)
  10. jacko 1990

    Longest Thread!

    Duz U Tink Ur Kwl Cz U Tlk Lyk Dis Man? I Findz It Friggin 4nn0y1ing, 4nd I'm pr3tty sur3 alf de ppl on ere canny understand u'z der mate Got a trip down to Leeds at the weekend for a mates birthday, should be good even thhough i won't remember any of it.
  11. jacko 1990


    Lol amb3r, that really made me laugh
  12. jacko 1990

    Emad Metab

    Youtube could make any1 look like a superstar, they only take the good clips. I heard it was around 2M for him. Nogs, Ball as in Michell Ball? or another Ball seems as your talking about Left backs, or am i just mistaken and Micheal Ball is actaully a left back and not center mid.
  13. jacko 1990

    Bolton (away)

    ????? and maghull, MOTD was on last night.
  14. jacko 1990


    you know what they say, take's one to know one
  15. jacko 1990

    Big Brother - With Zombies!

    seen the 2 episodes so far, the producer guy trapped in the room with that girl, then he needed a ****, her face was so funi.