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  1. Didn't Delph pull out of the England squad with injury, and Gomes got called up for first time in a while? Surely it will be Gomes in the middle. Unless Marco had an awakening it will be Morgan alongside him and we'll play sideways passes followed up by crosses into the box with no one attacking them. Not looking forward to this.
  2. Dyche is a donkey. Honest, hardworking, utilitarian. You want to play like Burnley for the next 4 years? What's the difference between a Dyche team and an Allardyce team?
  3. Don't be daft. We'd only cement our status as league laughing stock.
  4. I'll eat my hat if Moyes comes back. Like it or not we've recruited a team with no shortage of big ego players. Need a real figure in the dressing room to put a stamp on the team.
  5. http://www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk/
  6. Don't think he has a clue. Been completely found out in England.
  7. He's at Dalia Yifang in China and pretty sure he's not there on holiday
  8. Commentary on dazn talking like Silva will be lucky to return after the break
  9. Sidibe a yellow for his first foul. Three yellows for our right back today.
  10. Commentary tearing us apart for ineptitude on set pieces
  11. He was very late and made a hit to the head. Can't even do that in hockey
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