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  1. Silva is going to lay a beating on them. So many poor mistakes all over the pitch
  2. Can we cope with the aerial bombardment? Going to be pure route one. Can we get behind them on the counter?
  3. Where's the composure? Everyone just lumping it anywhere
  4. Kean can't catch a break. Every time he comes in the team is wrecked by injury or dismissal.
  5. Watford have really disrupted our rhythm. Can't seem to string three passes together since the half.
  6. Poor giveaway from richy then they're straight through us, no one puts a foot in and only saved by Pickfords face
  7. Giving them too many set pieces for my liking
  8. Need to get back to the possession game we started the match with. Be dangerous to let them get up a head of steam
  9. We've let them back into this by not capitalizing on our chances. Could be out of sight, instead it's uncomfortable
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