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  1. Because we desperately lack mobility in midfield. If I'm Ole, my starting position in preparing for this game is going to be "how do I exploit the middle of the park where Everton have two of the slowest midfielders in the league". Having heard the team news today I don't think there's a chance of Delph, still sounds a major doubt, but I can't believe that Duncan will leave Morgan in one second longer than absolutely necessary. I don't htink he'll put Tom there, he appears to want Tom further forward, so no one else to come in.
  2. I would think only Delph for Morgan if fit and same with Mina for Keane. Otherwise he won't change anything. Might be wrong but I think Bernard will struggle in a 4-4-2. Duncan will want us to be at them and physical. Can't see Bernard throwing his weight around and leaving tackles in.
  3. Only just signed a 5 year deal this summer with Bayer Leverkusen, so probably not realistic, but he looks very dangerous tonight in the CL against Juve. Fast, direct, left footed. Fee was rumored to be well under 20m (Kicker report 15M Euros in July). https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/moussa-diaby-joins-bayer-leverkusen-from-psg-paris-saint-germain-5121
  4. Massive performance and deserved result. Perfect response. Disappointing that we didn’t see that application all season until now. Time to kick on.
  5. Starting to look tired at the 80th minute mark. Great block Holgate then save by Pickford
  6. Oooooof where was the midfield on that one from Christiansen. Had an acre to walk into
  7. Walcott has done well so far to keep covering Sidibe who just cannot holds his position, but who has put in some very good one on one challenges.
  8. Walcott did the right thing with the shot there. Pass wasn’t on
  9. Need the crowd more to be positive Anne not send nervous energy down. Have to stay positive in our approach
  10. Sidibe that time is poor. Followed the man that Kesne already had and left the runner.
  11. Again good work at the start of the half pays off Good finish this time from Dom
  12. Richarlison getting through twice as much work. He’s definitely off the pace
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