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  1. chicagoblue

    Emil Forsberg

    Surprised to hear that figure bandied about. Thought he looked very average in an average side at the world cup. Admittedly haven't seen him at club level. Didn't seem pacey at all, on the slow side to my eye. Very much a Gylfi type, so can't see that we'd really be interested.
  2. chicagoblue

    Oumar Niasse

    No, we need a 1st choice, with Tosun as second. Happy to be wrong, but don't think Tosun has it to push us forward in a serious way.
  3. chicagoblue

    Alfie Mawson

    Nowhere near good enough.
  4. chicagoblue

    Marco Silva (manager)

    On the compensation front, the one thing we don't know is if Everton actually made an illegal approach to Silva before going public with the bid. If Watford have some evidence of that then it could be sticky for us.
  5. chicagoblue

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    Until we get rid of Sam I don't really care what else the club does.
  6. chicagoblue

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    So we take Vlasic off and now have no wide players. Brilliant
  7. chicagoblue

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    Poor touch from Vlasic and then they go and score
  8. chicagoblue

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    What a garbage half of football
  9. chicagoblue

    Should Allardyce be sacked now?

    Is this thread topic a joke, of course he should be sacked, he's the anti-Everton.
  10. chicagoblue

    Liverpool Derby (Goodison) Saturday April 7th

    I wish. I'm happy for a 7am start. Tomorrow is 430 for me. Sadly don't think I'll be getting up for that (in 4 hours...) If we play or cards right we could ruffle a few feathers. Need to get about them and make them feel it. Coyb
  11. chicagoblue

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday March 10th

    Win lose or draw, let's sack Sam. Totally sick of his shit. End this disgrace and start afresh.
  12. chicagoblue

    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Yeah, he cost more than the other options
  13. chicagoblue

    Eliaquim Mangala

    Garbutt is clearly nowhere near the required level and we can see why fat head left him off the roster. Juries still out on Mangala for me.
  14. chicagoblue

    Crystal Palace (Home) Saturday February 10th

    Good finish from Davies. Came from good work by Kenny