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  1. Fair play to Sheffield United. Kept hammering wolves and snuck a 93rd minute winner. Probably my vote for team of the season.
  2. Benni for sure unless he's dropped an absolute clanger since we saw him last. We need some energy in there and the regular suspects simply don't have any.
  3. Referee! Get fucked Graham Scott. Gordon on the charge to get in the middle for Kean, Lamella drags him down right in front of the ref who shrugs it away. Astounding.
  4. Gutted that we're pissing this away when these are so so poor. Was very much looking forward to putting our recent history of shitting the bed in the past.
  5. Think Carlo has been pretty well spot on with his changes. Players need to get it done.
  6. maybe 10 minutes with bernard in and if no improvement I guess it has to be Kean for Gomes or Davies with Richy outside.
  7. When Gomes has these type of games we just can't cope. Everything is supposed to go through him but today he may as well be in White.
  8. Mina let it bounce and let Son in the back door
  9. First reasonable attack of the game with 30 seconds left in the half. Need to get on the front foot. Much too defensive in our original position.
  10. Gomes has been very poor. Passes not finding their targets, missing his tackles. Wonder if the injury is playing on his mind.
  11. Gomes blazing over from the corner, but had Tom in acres of space for a much easier attempt.
  12. He deserves to take a battering, but not sure about initiating that 5 yards from our box.
  13. Holgate cleans out Lo Celso and somehow does himself. 😨
  14. Started ball watching and a big deflection gives them the lead.
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