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  1. Moise looking much more confident with the ball since his penalty. 100% a confidence player.
  2. Good job Gylfi as captain to give that to Kean and calmly dispatched. Still, would've taken the earlier header over that.
  3. Finally. Not sure Nkounkou meant the first part but the pass on to Gordon was great and prefect pull back
  4. Gordon beating his man at will. Keep giving it to him
  5. Gordon needs to work on his left foot a bit. Couple of times the play would've opened up nicely but he always cuts back onto his right
  6. Kean looks so much better going forward than he does back to goal
  7. Bernard very hit and miss. A gorgeous cross field ball then can't make a 5 yard pass
  8. Nkounkou and Gordon looking very smart. Tom and Gylfi so one dimensional. Keans touch has been atrocious.
  9. Southampton on the other hand playing a full first team 11 (or at least 10)
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