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  1. I’m travelling out of the country and so my paid subscription service doesn’t work. Anyone able ro point me in the right direction?
  2. Forward line looking leggy, there's another goal in this for us with a couple good subs
  3. I did it once but I think I got away with it...
  4. We should be out of sight. Let's get a second while we're dominant
  5. Has Gylfi touched the ball? Is Richarlison on the pitch?
  6. Agree with Haf that Silva shit the bed here. Completely unbalanced us by taking off Richarlison and bringing in Mina. You could see immediately how it exposed us. The right move at that time was Schneiderlin for Gomes. Infuriating really. The defenders also hold a big helping of blame for the first goal. Totally amateur. Everyone ball watching, four or five defenders all go to Perez and leave Rondon completely unmarked. We also should have Had a third a couple times. Bernard should have squared to Richarlison who was wide open,then Richarlison with his terrible touch really let us down. The offside not given hurt too but our inability to show character was the real problem
  7. For five minutes after the subs we dropped off a bit while we reorganized then pushed on. Decent result,great endeavour. More of that and we'll be okay
  8. We had a good rhythm before the last two subs. Lost it a bit since then.
  9. We're frustrating them but we're not threatening to hurt them either. Constantly chafing the ball and closing down is taking a lot of energy. At this rate we'll run out of steam before they do. Pickfords distribution need to be better, far too many going straight out of bounds or in winnable.
  10. Only saw short highlights. I don't know why Gylfi is still starting, we need to try something else there. Bernard for me. Apart from that really looked like finishing let us down. Not sure how much of that can be blamed on Marco. Seemed we did enough to at least have scored if not win it, but we just lack the focus and quality when we need it.
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