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  1. What the actual fuck was that. Travelling today for work so only watched it now. Saw an email with the score and by the 90th minute I was sure the email was wrong. Might be the most Everton way to lose a game ever. Two goals by Floria Lejuene ( who has never scored) in added time. Two goals when it should have been 5-0 and out of sight. Two goals when we should have been managing the game in their corner. Awful awful awful.
  2. From the first minute I was worried about us playing around with it at the back. We’ve not got the personnel for that right now and it played right into WH Hands. We’re skills have been missing out our useless midfield and forcing them to turn and chase DCL and Kean. I suspect Carlo Will feel that Bernard really let him down. Tactics appeared to be to get him free in the pocket and dictating play but he just kept losing the ball and turning it over in awful positions. DCL and Kean will need a lot more time together, never seemed on the same page. Mina and Holgate we’re both very solid defensively and Pickford has to save us a couple times.
  3. Good turn and run from Gordon but but the final ball
  4. Starting to find n just a bit of space in midfield
  5. Really decent first touch and pass from Sidibe
  6. We do look better. Sound really have scored.
  7. Bernard put us in trouble so many times, so can understand it from that perspective, but Theo was also terrible
  8. Remember when we had Gomes and he ran a clinic for Rice and Noble
  9. Fuck off. Stupid stupid foul from Delph and then terrible making from the set pieces
  10. Two or three times now Bernard has passed it back into the centre when the play was moving forward. We’ve lost possession and they’ve broken on us. Only their lack of quality keeping us level so far
  11. Oh Davies. Awful give away. We are all over the shop. Need Bernard to show some quality and give us control further to the field. Centre off midfield going to get over run
  12. Shooting ourselves in the foot here. Good save Jordan
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