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  1. Fulham (Away)

    I agree with Bill; I reckon Rodwell could help us impose our game further up the pitch which is what we're sorely needing so that there is less pressure on the defence.
  2. Steven Taylor

    I wasn't accusing him of calling up a newspaper but rather presumed as you are - that he was asked the question. I just wish such a non-important question would be treated with contempt; though, I suppose the journo's would then spin it into him not being loyal . . . god I hate the press and the fools who buy the rags in this country, I really do.
  3. Rafael Van Der Vaart

    Before Real Madrid were he was terrible he found it difficult to string together a consistent season at Hamburg and there is no doubt that he is fragile when it comes to injuries and such. Personally, I think he would have the most talent but then again his mate Andy had talent in bucket-loads too. I do love him as a player but someone to rely on for a team which plays more defensively and has a weak squad? I dunno.
  4. Tim Cahill

    I've seen neither his goal scoring nor his defensive skill this season, just like the rest of the team. I'm not a fan of how he forces a 4-5-1 but I don't see him as a special case from anyone else in the team; well, at least he isn't injured right now. If he can get into most teams then why doesn't Moyes play him in the centre of a 4-4-2? I can't remember the last time he played in that for us so I'll have to ask if he was any good? Also, defensively solid? So giving fouls away on a consistent basis is defensively solid? Or shall we think that perhaps those fouls were results of Cahill making up for other players lack of tackling?
  5. Fulham (Away)

    So which of our players have good enough positioning to play the role do you reckon?
  6. Man U In The Poo?

    I think he is a bit under-rated when you consider the fact that he forged an inside-left position for himself in one of the most successful teams of recent years and now that he is playing more centrally he is scoring goals. However, even Ferguson admits that he needs to be more consistent since his scoring is still very hot and cold much like Michael Owen. With this in mind I'm not sure if he deserves the label of world class yet.
  7. Fulham (Away)

    Interesting thinking there Bill. Think it might work, especially since the likes of Rodwell could impose himself further up the pitch and then possibly pull the full-backs up with him. Edit: Of course, this would be a short term measure, as you intimated with the desperate times line eh?
  8. Rafael Van Der Vaart

    I'd happily put him in over Cahill but cannot see it happening at all.
  9. Makelele! Totally forgot about him I'd put him in over Keane but stay with Bergkamp over Gerrard.
  10. Steven Taylor

    Why say anything? Whether he wants to join another club or not cannot be proven unless he gets hooked up to a lie detector.
  11. This is ground work for some form of the 6+5 rule IMO
  12. Phil Neville Out Long Term!

    Baines? I dunno. If the players in the CM positions decide to get involved with him and pass it along the floor then I think he'll back to his form of last year As to why Rodwell, Baines and Pienaar don't form more passages of play down our left-hand side is beyond me. Though, I suppose either way Howard and Distin need to be more aggressive with giving him the ball in the first place! I hope Rodwell, Baines and Pienaar just take charge and tell the other players to give them the ball. Also, I saw a comment about having a crap squad. When I mentioned a defensive line not being well stocked plenty of people disagreed but I'm sorry I think I was right.
  13. Captains Armband?

    Cahill has captain makes me think of the possibility of Big Dunc has the captain. I'm not sure that TC's mentality suits a captain's role. I think Yobo is bang on to be it, for obvious reasons. I voted other, since I'm desperate to see JH take it ASAP.
  14. Aek Athens (Home)

    If Bily can play -- I have faith that we all know that, just being cautious -- then I agree. It becomes a toss-up between Osman and Felli in the midfield with Rodwell. But. What about two forwards together, like Jo and Saha or maybe the Yak involved if he is ready? Hopefully Saha will be over his hamstring problem for this game either way. Edit: Actually, with Bily on the right then maybe we have more of a 4-3-3 with Bily and Pienaar in the winger positions. This could even help the midfield be a bit stronger??
  15. Stadium Decision Today?

    Wow, this soon? Seems like it wasn't that long ago the news was that it could be ages until we hear.