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  1. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Argh forgot to predict - damn international break
  2. Who should replace Koeman?

    I think Unsworth should be given a shot until at least Christmas. What’s the point of appointing an interim manager when we’ve already got one who loves the club. He’s just won his first game after 3 of the toughest away games any new manger could get and from coming back from 2 down shows the players are willing to fight for him. I think that win might settle him down and he’ll find the right balance. If we want fat Sam as an interim I don’t want him in charge of a transfer window when we’ll have Andy Carroll & Nolan here in heartbeat. Let’s stay true to Everton values.
  3. Usmanov - Panorama

    I’m pretty sure you can gift what you like, however this would be taxable should the gifter die within 7 yrs (inheritance tax) there is exempt amounts but that wouldn’t be applicable here. The big issue here is do they beloved one person has an interest in two clubs. My person belief is that the league will force either Moshiri or Usmanov to sell up. You can now see why we’re linked with big Sam. He’s there not as the manager but to advise Moshiri 🤣
  4. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    I think we may have all got carried away by yesterday’s result 🤣
  5. Watford (Home) Sunday November 5th

    No width at all and not many options to change it significantly from the bench. It just looks to me that already unsworth is out of ideas and clasping at straws. He’s made radical changes to every line up he’s put out. I think we need a bit of consistency and stability in the line up.
  6. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 - 1 Watford Rooney
  7. Lyon (Europa Group Stage Away) Thursday November 2nd

    We wouldn’t be able to attract the right players at the moment.
  8. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Baines shows no effort to really push on to byline like he used to.
  9. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Niasse working hard.
  10. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    I’m ok with the subs. First half didn’t work. Mirallas did ok but I wouldn’t say his performance was that good you couldn’t sub him. change it throw the die and hope.
  11. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Lookman for Lennon I think we’ve collectively moaned about every player today except Pickford. Why we didn’t get Vardy for cheap for me was a no brainier. (Don’t loke him as a person but it’s better than what we’ve got.)
  12. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Can’t believe we paid 50m for a player who can’t get in the first team.
  13. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Now we’re 2 down the players look strangely more relaxed and we’re having a good spell.
  14. Leicester City (Away) Sunday October 29th

    Well done Kev at least he’s looking to test the keeper.