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  1. Can’t disagree with that at all but I’d even add iwobi who’s work rate (especially first half) was superb. Davies as well was an upgrade on Morgan.
  2. It’s obvious why they make him favourite. He was our last long term manager, he has Everton at heart, we’re in the relegation zone, he’s not currently employed, a few people in the media have touted his name due to our current situation, people have then bet on him, the odds have stated to reduce, more people have then bet on him again trying to get on band wagon and odds tumble. Simple. Id be shocked if he were to get the job. We need to look forwards not backwards. There are lots of great mangers out there we just need the right match.
  3. The votes need to be reset to see if we are still on the same place.
  4. Can’t help thinking that had we been able to sign Zaha we’d of been markedly better creating chances.
  5. I feel like brainwashing my son with Everton has done that!
  6. Hugely over rated. Lost three games at World Cup and only beat teams we should have beaten. Sweden, Columbia, Panama, Tunisia. He’ll be found out. I was really upset that we didn’t make more of our chance to win the tournament.
  7. I said it before but IF we change managers we need to look to a winner. Leicester, West Ham and even Newcastle under Rafa has shown that they are available.
  8. Definition of madness: Doing the same thing time and time again expecting a different result.
  9. Anyone aware of when he’s likely to return?
  10. Where was Seamus today? It certainly wasn’t the player we’ve seen the rest of the season in the No.23 shirt. I was starting to write him off and then he put in a superb performance today.
  11. I’ve said it time and time again. Richarlison needs to improve his heading.
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