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  1. If that’s true and I believe it may be or equally Brands may have agreed. However, that’s still only one manager.
  2. They did. I was there and about quarter joined in.
  3. How could you possibly know what goes on behind closed doors 🤷‍♂️ I’d argue the opposite, problem is those professionals have turned out to be poor judges.
  4. He only owned 49.9% when Koeman was appointed. Most at the time thought Walsh was a good appointment. I’d love the gift of hindsight. Bill did well with limited money but was never going to take the club on to the next level. I agree with you we need a good manager and that’s the point it’s not easy. Who do you want them to appoint now? Some people previously wanted Emery now look at what happened with him!
  5. He wanted Silva (if rumours are true). Where are the other fad appointments? Also what do you want him to do persevere with Silva? He got one manger in that he thought would do well (as did a number on here) it didn’t work out so he’s getting rid 🤷‍♂️ I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by football fans. I think he’s done a very good job since he’s come in with a lot of work required, Stadium, finances, restructure of the board etc. If it was easy to find the next up and coming Klopp, Pep then everyone would be doing it. Look at Man U, Arsenal and they have greater pulling power than us. Also look back to the comments over the last couple of summers and most people were in agreement with Moshiri. A bad run of games and suddenly all the work he’s done get forgotten quickly. Not a rant aimed at you Mark as this could equally be aimed at others as well. I just don’t like the fickle nature of many fans.
  6. Don’t run out the myth that Alladyce managed to get us out of relegation. That’s what hes got people not linked with Everton to believe (due to media and if you say it enough it becomes true). He took over after Unsworth beat West Ham convincingly and we were well clear of relegation.
  7. Exactly this. I’d have loved nothing more than him to have turned out to be a great player but it simply isn’t the case. He’s regularly caught out of position and looks clumsy in almost all tackles. An example was his best tackle yesterday that was with the outside of his foot. He just doesn’t have the natural instinct of a defender. How he managed to get sucked in to the centre (see 1st min yesterday) when we have three CBs is beyond me. As for their second goal he was a spectator. He was again out of position so that a 50 yard pass could be taken in and controlled by Mane with no pressure. After that he just watches the goal unfold. He not the only one that deserves heavy criticism but he’s directly responsible for lots of goals we’ve conceded.
  8. https://www.evertonfc.com/tickets/season-tickets/waiting-list My tip is to make sure you complete the form every year and obviously have membership or you’ve no chance. Lots of cheap tickets are now available on stubhub as well.
  9. At least he’s only on loan. I’ve made my views felt.
  10. I loved the way Kean was right in the shoulder of the last man. Got to hit the target but I do think he’s a player.
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