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  1. June 6th - Villa home behind closed doors. (No logic to that!)
  2. We could try to predict the date of our next game, add who the opposition will be and whether it will be held behind closed doors.
  3. I love the variance of opinion on here and how differently some see performances or players never ceases to shock me. However, I just come back to educate you all with my correct views on all things! 😂
  4. You missed the ‘they are all better than what we have’ section.
  5. Maybe that’s why nobody has taken them up on it!
  6. But it has to be completed before the next season starts and that’ll be a push. Then there’s no break for the players. Transfer window complications etc etc
  7. They’ll have to cancel the league. It’ll upset the fans over the park but it’s more important than football. Not sure how it would work though. I can’t see how they’ll make up the games, then there’s the Euros, transfer window etc. It was hard enough for them to arrange a winter break.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/share/11956826 No chance it will go ahead.
  9. I feel for you but wouldn’t be surprised if it was postponed. Especially with Chelsea players being tested positive.
  10. 😂 posted on the run and mobile predictive text does my head in. Often edit when I read the dross I wrote in anger or at haste!
  11. That’ll be the least of their worries! 😂
  12. He’s just not a good enough footballer. We can’t afford to give any mediocre (& I’m being generous) footballers long expensive contracts. That’s why we are where we are now.
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