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  1. Not a chance. I’m expecting less.
  2. Ditto - if his name wasn’t Everton I’d be meh Good merchandising opportunity
  3. I agree but that dive he preempted was a bit weird as he dived at a diagonal behind the goal line. That’s why he ended up in the position in the still. I’ve always been a huge fan of his but I’m starting to think that having someone calmer between the sticks might be necessary. Also the other two behind the goal line just makes this situation look even more farcical than it was.
  4. I still can’t believe we didn’t win this. Managed to summon courage to watch the MOTD highlights today. That foul Davies gave away for the free kick that led to their goal was a bit soft. I can’t get me my head around what a calamitous couple of minutes it was. For their first goal if Holgate takes the post instead of almost blocking Pickford after his flap it’s a simple header away. Their second goal if it wasn’t us would be hilarious. All the defenders jumping around all over the place like shoppers on Black Friday. I’m still furious. On a lighter note it reminded me of ‘Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring’
  5. I thought Delph had his best game in an Everton shirt yesterday although he did let him self down in the last couple of minutes.
  6. Just got home from the match and even though I’ve had a number of hours to calm down I’m still fuming. I had a great 90 minutes, my son was all smiles after some recent poor displays, Kean got his first goal, DCL carried on with his scoring form, Bernard was superb and Delph had one of his best games in an Everton shirt then came stoppage time. They were coasting and completely switched off. Carlo was waving his arms like mad in front of me and we were so naive it was untrue. Pickford tried a quick throw that gave possession away, Davies and Digne played themselves into all sorts of trouble. It was just pitiful. On many other days they would have got away with it but not today, a real sickener. A number of people sat round me left just before the 90 so god knows what they thought when they turned the radio on in the car. We were in total control and dominated throughout. I believe if we were only 1 up it wouldn’t of happened as they would have been more concentrated. With nearly two weeks to dwell on it I just hope this won’t have longer reaching consequences.
  7. So in summary Milesey you had a great trip to the big smoke.😂
  8. I heard we are about 15 million away from FFP. So there’s not a huge amount of manoeuvrability unless we get people out.
  9. Holgate for me. Looked very assured today.
  10. He’s also fighting for a place at the Euros!
  11. Whose in his fan club? I’d be interested to know as I don’t think there are many if any who think he’s good enough for us. I imagine he’s turned down the move as it’s not as financially beneficial to him. I don’t like that but you have to be naive if you think players (who have no link before they play for us) to put Everton before themselves. It’s frustrating but as I’ve said before if we were diligent we wouldn’t of bought him in the first place. Also he has been on loan before so it’s purely financial one would assume.
  12. I can’t believe how quick he appears to be coming back from this horrific injury. https://www.evertonfc.com/galleries/1573005 Great news!
  13. I think we’ll see Kean DCL Bernard Davies Holgate Walcott Digne Mina Keane Sidibe He may move Sidibe into Walcott position and add Coleman for more cover.
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