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  1. I couldnt bear another season like this one. If Sams still manager then I think they’ll sell a few less season tickets than last year. One difference for me is I won’t be going into next season with the same optimism I had this year.
  2. We need to tell big Sam that, he brings it up every press conference. He seems to think he’s done a wonderful job making Everton safe in March like it’s one of his greatest achievements.
  3. Who do you NOT want

    Don’t.....just don’t
  4. Post match interview - What is he on about! I’m furious with Allardyce keep on banging on about the relegation zone. We’re 9th and should be looking up not down. We are Everton. He’s not in charge of a West Ham, Bolton, Sunderland or Palace now. I’ve not considered being anywhere near the relegation zone in over a decade. I’m sure he hates the Everton fans. How can the players take him seriously when he’s talking utter garbage. Please let’s get rid. I feel stronger about this than the managers weve parted company with.
  5. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Should win from here
  6. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Stoke 2 - 1 Everton Walcott
  7. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Well 3 of the back 4 have been around for ages so no excuses there. I think that’ll settle Keane.
  8. I half agree. I think hes here to build and be the chairman of a very successful club playing for top honours at home and in Europe with the prestige and marketing that brings. With that also comes a financial reward. I do agree though that a new stadium is an absolute must for him to realise his project.
  9. Cenk Tosun

    Don’t agree with this ‘Sam has managed him well’. Who knows what would have happened if Sam had stated him from the off. He was playing champions league football and doing well in that competition. I’d say he would have scored a few more goals than he’s got now! Sam clearly didn’t rate him and now has to eat some humble pie (not that he’ll struggle eating pie).
  10. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 - 1 Brighton Walcott
  11. I got frustrated with Martinez mainly due to his inability to change the tactics during a game. However, credit where credit was due Everton played some of the nicest, flair football I’d seen in decades. Right now I feel numb and this is the worse season in the 30+ years of supporting this great club. People may say that’s an overreaction based on Mike Walker and the like facing relegation but I didn’t have the expectation, the club didn’t have the clout and supposed talent we have now. Disgrace on so many levels, but Allardyce is the cherry on top of this big mess and HAS to go (although he should never of been appointed in the first place).
  12. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    I made a shocker! I backed Everton to win.
  13. Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    Don’t think Sams hearts in this job, I think he’s taken it for the money doesn’t care and still isn’t happy he wasn’t wanted initially.
  14. Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    Terrible, embarrassing, gutless, clueless, passionless performance.
  15. Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    That’s another strange sub. He’s been one of our best players. How is Sam a manager?