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  1. Wow I started something here! I only made mention that I was willing him to square it to DCL - I stand by that it’s what I would have liked to have seen! No criticism as he scored. The above comments are exactly why I don’t go on social media. People don’t read the post and just skew what was written and add their interpretation. I was over the moon for getting the fourth and it added the cherry onto the icing on the cake.
  2. Surely you must have passed a pub with the game on?
  3. He got my vote also. Brilliant player and his energy levels and pressing were infectious. He set the standard and the other followed suit.
  4. Walcott could have helped out with that today. I was willing him to square it for DCL to tap in as his performances of late deserve a goal.
  5. Come on Niasse put the cherry on the top of this Sunday’s football!
  6. I’d love to see DCL get on the score sheet and Man U not getting a shot on target 🤣
  7. No they were both correct decisions. I did feel for City though as they are the best team to watch and it felt wrong that they’ve gone out.......but that’s the beauty of football.
  8. I’m going to leave it there for the sake of this match day thread. Anyway back to the Man U game I think we will be our normal consistently inconsistent selves and will put a big performance out against Man U - a win by a single goal.
  9. Are you for real? First goal he bust a gut to get back and add cover. He got back made a decent tackle and was on the end of a poor refereeing decision. Second goal he was marking the Utd player that was about to create an overlap! As good as he is he can’t be in two places at once although watching him he has a damn good attempt. I think you’re watching him (& the rest of the team) with blinkers on to try and prove your view. He has and does make mistakes but not as many as others and without a sane argument is one of the most valuable players in our side.
  10. One word summed up the match. Complacency. The team and the fans. Everyone thought we’d turn up and put 2-3 goals on them. Everyone round me before ko was expecting a decent win. On the flip side the Fulham fans in the pub beforehand thought they’d get absolutely nothing but a sizeable defeat. We never got going and no one stepped up. Very little energy and no high press. Two sucker punches, losing a goal straight from the second half ko throws the plan out the window. Then the killer blow Fulhams second on the break when arguably we were starting to get foot hold. Also it must be said that this was a the most stop start game you are ever likely to see. Deserved nothing, got nothing, move on.
  11. 🤷‍♂️ Can’t bring myself to vote
  12. Should be about 10 mins stoppage time but I bet it’ll only be 4/5 mins
  13. Yes I think so. Been many times to the Cottage and I don’t think our record is good. That said it MUST be a win for us. I’ll be there but in the neutral stand as it’s the only place I could get tickets.
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