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  1. barryj

    Ademola Lookman

    I still really hope he stays.
  2. Remembered as Romey’s food! If you don’t mind I might give hedgehog pancakes a miss. ..........saying that it’s been a while since I last saw one squashed 🤔
  3. barryj

    Luke Shaw

    Why are we surprised he wants to wait out the last year of his contract? It’s a no brainier. Massive sign on fee and wages to match as they’ll be no transfer fee. If I was a footballer I’d do the same in my last year! I think we as fans get very emotional about such things but compare that to the job we are all doing and if we could double our money and get a big lump sum for waiting 12 months I think most if they’re honest would do the same.
  4. barryj

    Ademola Lookman

    Watching Mbappe today shows what quick youthful players are all about. I truly believe Lookman has all the skills in his locker to be a really top class player but just needs to learn when to play it simple and make the right choice. I know I’ve said it before but I really want him to stay!
  5. barryj

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I don’t wish anything bad on him. He was polite, charismatic and alway spoke well of the club and fans. I wish him all the best unless we ever come up against him in club management or takes over them lot.
  6. barryj

    Ademola Lookman

    If we don’t keep hold of this rising star it’ll be a big mistake.
  7. barryj

    Jordan Pickford

    Thanks! Even better than I recalled.
  8. barryj

    Jordan Pickford

    I’d of loved to have seen his save at the end of normal time replayed. It looked very good but I only saw it the once.
  9. barryj


    🤣 - really important ‘industries that are owned and managed by the workers" ive learnt something new!
  10. barryj

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Just a really great header! Headed down as your aleays taught to do. Not a lot goalie or Gana could do. If you have to dish out blame It’s with the defender losing his man.
  11. barryj


    Good result - let’s not all be naive we were more than happy with coming second in that group and why not? Why not make the journey easier as the bottom half is so much simpler. Southgate obviously can’t say it but pretty much alluded to that in his post match interview. He used the words ‘the fans will understand’. For me it’s about time England used a bit of syndicalism and played a little to gain an advantage as we so often are the soft touch. If we can’t get to the semis now we would have never got close the other side of the draw. Come on England!
  12. barryj


    Really need to hold on to this loss!
  13. barryj

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    In other news - I thought Gylfi had a decent game.
  14. barryj

    Marco Silva (manager)

    An S&M threesome with Jo Brand, over to you Haf you had first shout🤣
  15. barryj

    Captain next season?

    I think he’ll be rejuvenated this season. To come back from any injury is tough, but his injury is probably the toughest not just physically but mentally. Also since RM left his role has changed and he hasn’t been given the chance to show off his best game as he’s been massively held back IMO. I think he’d be a great captain and I can’t think of any other I’d rather. Also, I’m a little old school in that I don’t want to make a new signing a captain as I think they need time to be immersed in the club and get to know the fans, city and ethos.