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  1. Not if we don’t play a strong team. Throwing new signings together with second string players is almost asking for a disaster. I was at the FA cup game last season and their fans were superb and it was a really tough game and I think we’d all agree they were unlucky not to of got anything out of it. A strong side is required for this game.
  2. No different to how we’d feel it that particular disastrous event happened to us.
  3. I started reading it but it’s not a free article to read.
  4. Get him starting for Villa. When he tires we can get him off and have a fresh DCL to mix it up.
  5. Or the draw with Palace means there’s no change? 🤦‍♂️
  6. He did look a little tired at the end of his cameo on Saturday.
  7. Great turn but he would have been offside.
  8. I thought a new season, the player whom I shall not name gone we may have a whole different more exciting debate .......how wrong was I? Any way the forum can delete any post with g word in it? 😂
  9. I think that’s harsh as I thought he did well.
  10. I think he’ll get one vote 😂
  11. That’s the FA cup and league cup written off then? So just the Premier League to play for? I’ve got a feeling you are going to be disappointed for many many years especially with FFP in play now.
  12. I personally couldn’t disagree more. This is a competition that’s nearly 60 years old and is part of English football fabric. The competition is really important for the whole football league and allows teams further down the opportunity of going head to head with the ‘big’ clubs with the bonus of a significant financial boost. I agree it’s behind the FA cup, Premier League or European cups in importance but to compare it to pre season competitions is laughable. I’d value this more than a charity shield or super cup where only two team compete. This is a proper competition, that we’ve never won and when we are only playing in three competitions this season we have to (& I’m sure will) take it seriously.
  13. I’d like to see that as it looks exciting, however you can’t forget Siggys goal contribution and at the moment I don’t see Bernard getting close to scoring the same amount.
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