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  1. Ronald Koeman

    Ta ta koeman, don’t slam the door on the way out!
  2. Ronald Koeman

    He probably will be given until the end of the Chelsea game, but I think that’s totally pointless, he should go today, get someone else in or just use unsworth/dunk for the next couple of games to install a bit of ‘Everton ‘ into the lads, who knows we could do something against arsenal and Chelsea, we certainly won’t with him still in control
  3. He can go now, we aren’t going to do fuck all in the next two games so why waste them with him in charge
  4. Nikola Vlasic

    Breaking: Ronald Konman suspends and fines Everton winger Nikola Vlasic after the Croatian was found guilty of moving the ball forward and getting into the opposition box regularly Vlasic is yet to offer a response
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    Unsy would have to be assistant to whoever could come in, I think giving him the job of managing might be a mistake. short term it would work but long term I think it could go along the lines of Shakespeare at Leicester, get him in under a proven manager like ancelotti, learn from him, hopefully get the club into a position where we are regularly breaking into the champions league and winning a cup etc then he could take over, plenty of time for him.
  6. Should we sack our manager?

    Bar his first season at Ajax what the fuck has he done, his managerial record ain’t great, a great player doesn’t make a great manager, and I beginning to think he’s living off his reputation as a player.
  7. Should we sack our manager?

    We are no better off than marteniz’s last season with us! He’s starting selection is just piss poor, his changes are what we should start the game with!!!!!
  8. Michael Keane

    The sooner Coleman comes back the sooner we can move holgate to centre to partner him!!! Can’t flippin’ Wait!!!!!!
  9. jdmogs

  10. Yeap to slow and to clumsy, we should have offered him plus less cash for siggy!
  11. Wayne Rooney

    Good man, pointless getting injured in international duty now, England aren't going to win anything with or without him, got a better chance of staying fit and winning something with us
  12. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Imagine after all this he fails the medical lol
  13. Olivier Giroud

    Yeah he ain't going anywhere
  14. Kamil Grosicki

    Thought he looked good at the euros and was surprised when he went to hull but we need to push on and sign better than him now
  15. Ross Barkley

    I think it all hinges on the gylfi deal, we are waiting for him to sign then Ross will be sold, I think it's also a reason that Rooney was bought in, to lessen the blow of 'one of our own' leaving by bringing back the prodigal son to deflect most of that uproar .