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  1. Problem with Bernard is his size for the physicality of the premier league, iwobi won’t be brushed of the ball as easily, so with iwobi we should hopefully keep the ball better in the final 3rd
  2. Terrible again, I said in the match thread we should have bought Zaha, he’s twice the player of bolassie.
  3. Well that was the biggest load of turd I have ever seen!! Hoof balls going to precisely no one in a blue shirt, no pace, no invention, no thought. Bolassie is one of the biggest piles of shit I’ve ever seen in a blue shirt! Why the fuck did we sign him over Zaha!? He can’t pass, he can’t go past players, no control, when he’s passed the ball it just bounces of him! Absolutely bollocks, the only redeeming factor of mori coming on was it got him off! I feel sorry for all you guys having to travel back to Liverpool after that display, I was depressed and I only had to drive 25 minutes home! We should have easily been 2-0 down by half time, fat Sam is great at keeping teams up, but hasn’t got a fucking clue what to do with them once they are safe!!!
  4. Niasse is our solskaer, just keep him as an impact player from the bench, seems to be the only way we can score goals!!
  5. I’ve supported Everton since the early 80’s and I’ve seen massive highs and some terrible lows, but this season so far has to be the worst in my lifetime. I know under Walker we were total crap and the Walter Smith reign wasn’t much better, but we knew we were crap, we had zippo cash, the only ‘name’ players we bought were way passed it, but this season we had massive expectations especially after the money we spent, therefore for me it’s been the biggest flop of a season in my lifetime. We are out of all cups, we won’t make Europe and we’ll be lucky to stay top half which will have implications in the summer when trying to get players (not that it’s worked this season)! Rant over!
  6. This has `Rodwell’ written all over it, enjoy playing for Sunderland in two seasons time Ross!
  7. Ta ta koeman, don’t slam the door on the way out!
  8. He probably will be given until the end of the Chelsea game, but I think that’s totally pointless, he should go today, get someone else in or just use unsworth/dunk for the next couple of games to install a bit of ‘Everton ‘ into the lads, who knows we could do something against arsenal and Chelsea, we certainly won’t with him still in control
  9. He can go now, we aren’t going to do fuck all in the next two games so why waste them with him in charge
  10. Breaking: Ronald Konman suspends and fines Everton winger Nikola Vlasic after the Croatian was found guilty of moving the ball forward and getting into the opposition box regularly Vlasic is yet to offer a response
  11. Unsy would have to be assistant to whoever could come in, I think giving him the job of managing might be a mistake. short term it would work but long term I think it could go along the lines of Shakespeare at Leicester, get him in under a proven manager like ancelotti, learn from him, hopefully get the club into a position where we are regularly breaking into the champions league and winning a cup etc then he could take over, plenty of time for him.
  12. Bar his first season at Ajax what the fuck has he done, his managerial record ain’t great, a great player doesn’t make a great manager, and I beginning to think he’s living off his reputation as a player.
  13. We are no better off than marteniz’s last season with us! He’s starting selection is just piss poor, his changes are what we should start the game with!!!!!
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