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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/OptaJoe/status/1185524812170616832/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1185524812170616832&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.skysports.com%2Ffootball%2Feverton-vs-west-ham%2F408065
  2. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-news-latest-boris-johnson-sends-unsigned-letter-to-eu-requesting-extension-to-brexit-deadline-a4266001.html?fbclid=IwAR0hKLY3sfzCSKdiomxSqggnOc0PD06LaUlJ-0Udqfgr9UuU5r4y2XZASKA Imagine backing this buffoon.
  3. You do realise the tories will lower employment rights? And the only accountants to say we will survive brexit say so on the back of the assumption we will dick our workers rights.
  4. You mean like Gary Cahill? I'd have been made up with him instead of the pedalo Keane. You mean now he's dropped Sigurdssen for Davies, something I said a year ago. Great manager... If he'd done it before we were in the relegation zone.
  5. It's not good job to sign players. He can recommend to Brands, but ultimately the managers role is to ask for a player who can do x, y and z and it's the DOFs to find that player. No doubt in my mind Allardyce would have brought in an experienced centre half, whereas Silva just wanted another winger! As for signings wise he brought anelka to Bolton! Closest we've had to that talent is an injury plagued Saha.
  6. Clutching at straws with that one Mike. 90+ minute goal when everyone was pushed up for an equaliser.
  7. How so? He didn't add anything going forward and we've not conceded a goal through the middle in open play. Between the midfield duos there's only one silly fk given away by Delph that has led to a goal. If anything we'd be more fucked with him.
  8. This current season it's 25% and we're in the relegation zone. Silva's only achievement here is setting the record for most set piece goals conceded in the prem per game (think he holds all top 3 spots), and giving us only our second defeat from a 2 nil lead which had only happened once before in 364 games. Whereas Alladyce managed to keep Sunderland up, something our former manager couldn't do. Alladyce also got us 8th with our most unbalanced squad yet Silva with Digne (Martina), Zouma (Williams/Jags), Richarlison (Bolasie), Gomes (Schneiderlin) added only managed the same position. Bare in mind the quality was lower in Silva's year if you look at the points the top 6 accumulated from the rest too. Easier year, half the team players upgraded, and overall a stronger more balanced squad and he failed us. Given Alladyce managed 8th with the unbalanced team it's only logical he'd have done better with the more balanced and more talented squad.
  9. You think he would have done a worse job than Silva?
  10. Wasn't his squad. It was an absolute mess. Imagine how bad it would've been had Silva took over.
  11. That was Mirallas' words not mine. I'd nearly have any manager over Silva. I doubt any fan would argue Alladyce would have the same or less points than what Silva does for us. He also would have addressed the defensive frailties and weak mentality.
  12. It’s true he won a lot of games, but they didn’t enjoy it.’ It's a job, the results come first. I'd rather the players won than enjoyed themselves, their getting paid enough. You think man u players enjoyed every match when they dominated? No chance, but I bet they enjoyed picking up the trophy the end of every season.
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