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  1. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    The 6 points they took off us being the difference 😔
  2. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    His finishing is terrible, unless that improves he'll not be much of a striker. But he's got good feet, lots of energy, a decent build and likes to get stuck in. Think he'd make a decent midfielder with someone next to him coaching him through the game. Probably needs a move down to further his career, I reckon he'd excel at somewhere like Burnley.
  3. Theo Walcott

    He's very hit and miss but his effort alone has been an improvement to an almost static midfield before he come in to freshen it up. He's a good outlet and very much a player we needed.
  4. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    We won in spite of him. He made Joe Allan look like David Silva.
  5. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Had the linesman had his glasses on we'd only have got one point from today and people would be moaning their heads off. Neither keeper made any saves of note. 10 men and we barely tested their keeper, we let them back in the game and never really had hold of possession. No stats necessary the game was terrible, only people to ever bother rewatching that will be Tosun's kids.
  6. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Our first goal was offside and we struggled to create anything against 10 men and only had 56% possession, Stoke done enough to deserve a draw, we got very lucky.
  7. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 1-0 City Walcott
  8. Cenk Tosun

    Same thinking here. Loves a header and constrantly annoying the shit out of the defenders. Opposition will hate, and if he keeps scoring we'll have a new cult hero.
  9. Man of the Match at Stoke

    Rooney for me. Without him in midfield we'd have got beat by 10 men. Once again Gana made Joe Allan look like a worldie.
  10. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Gana has played in the majority of defeats. His form is woeful. Anyone should be getting a pick a head of him. Vlasic, Klassen, and Baningime should all have been considered before him. But given an attacking team won last game out comfortably you'd imagine you'd stick with that set up. I can remember first game of the season and Stoke won the midfield battle mostly down to Gana being positionally shite and Fletcher controlled the middle and found players in the space Gana left exposed.
  11. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Disappointed to say the least. Brighton are a better side than Stoke and we've changed Sigurdssen for Gana. No Vlasic in sight either. Booooh!
  12. Jack Wilshere

    Not his attitude. His mentality. He's one of the weakest players in the league. Only difference between him and schneiderlein would be Wilshire would've hit the deck and blamed his boots. He's got no fight and shirks responsibility.
  13. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    They're expecting their biggest crowd today. We're the easy game that they have left, let's piss on them chips and turn that away form around.
  14. The Wine thread

    Only a 30 mile swim to France. Been a few bits in the news about the vineyards in recent years https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-41087458
  15. Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday March 10th

    Haf and his reliable sources I can't remember any underhanded tactics to upset him, there was nothing other than a bit of paper talk, nothing more. How many times did we sign Alan Smith? He's a hard worker but he's not clinical, no where near Lukaku in front of goal. Retains the back, you having a laugh. Hits it over the bar more often than pass.