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  1. pete0

    Wayne Rooney

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1981119725282518&id=9733218886 Roo-berto!
  2. He hangs around with a lion and a tin man, and dances merrily down a yellow brick road. Dismantled? Please expand on your great argument that united are as attacking as spurs and Kane would score 30 goals (which is more than drogba who averaged less than 20).. Oh wait you never actually answered did yer. I'll happily debate and I argue points, and those I can't disprove or point a reasonable argument against I accept whereas you conveniently ignore. It's embarrassing and why for the most part I don't continue to discuss with you, you can't debate there's only one answer in your head, you won't comprehend anything other.
  3. I'll not bother asking again, is it strawmanning if you just ignore inconvenient facts and argue about something else? The fact you would pick indicates he's shite. You rate post injury Benteke and Origi above Lukaku and more recently Tosun. Striker wise you've got to have the worst record on here, if you were in charge you would've spunked £50m on Rashford and bought the likes of Santa Cruz and Bony in the past.
  4. He averaged less than 20. Why would you compare La Liga to the prem Aspas couldn't get double figures here but got 20 over there. Much easier league. Stick to the prem, Mou has enough seasons here for it to be an accurate picture. For the third time Mr Trump, so you think Kane would have got 30 at united last season? Lukaku has a reputation, yet you remember every miss, which is a sign that they're not actually that frequent. Yet Kane misses every game just spurs give him way more chances so the misses go forgotten. Explain why attacking Spurs only scored a few more than park the bus United?
  5. pete0

    General Election

    Capitalism sucks! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/17/economic-lies-neoliberalism-taxpayers?CMP=share_btn_fb
  6. pete0

    Aaron Ramsey

    Bargain, he's easily worth £50m. Wouldn't be surprised if Bernard got something similar.
  7. pete0


    Old article but only just come across it. Alanis Morissette comes to mind https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/brexit-the-harsh-reality-of-the-flexible-economy-pwc-thinks-will-do-fine-a7567206.html
  8. Did you even read my post? Mourinho has different tactics, drogba never got 30. Are you saying Harry Kane would have bagged 30 for united? As for the team goals, united have spread them possibly corners ect I don't know I can't remember every goal but the style of play and statistics show Mourinho exists more goals from the whole team. I do remember Kane getting and missing a lot more chances than Lukaku who mostly fed off scraps scoring and assisting more varied goals than one fit shoot on sight Kane. I think most would agree spurs attack more than united and if anything it just shows that Kane must have missed a hell of a lot for spurs only to have 8 more goals than a united that got the piss took out of them all season for being too defensive 'parking the bus '.
  9. Do United play attacking football and create just as many chances as Spurs? The way Mou sets up relies on the midfield to get the goals, Lampard tended to be top scorer for Chelsea under him. United didn't even consider Kane, take away Eriksen and all he can do is score pens. You think Kane would get 30 at United? More than any striker under Mourinho ever has? Better than Drogba?
  10. pete0

    General Election

    That's annoying. Should've been a link to Cadbury making more profits than every yet paying nothing in tax (they even managed to get a credit!) https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/opinion/cadbury-care-workers-and-the-conservative-party-con/15/10/
  11. pete0

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Be a nicer headache once the centre halves start joining in the fun.
  12. 16 goals and 7 assists isn'tt too shabby for a striker under Mourinho. I doubt any striker in the league other than Aguero would do any better.
  13. pete0

    General Election

    https://www.thelondoneconomic.com Time to boycott Cadbury?
  14. pete0

    Vaunt the Good Vibes

    The government has an obligation to make them. Why should the top get everything at the detriment of their staff. Why should people like the Grosvenor family never have to work a day on their lives? Why should Canada benefit from our national lottery? There's not much choice else. If everyone was a Doctor who would stack the shelves? Just because something is legal doesn't make it right. So paying your staff little and then forcing them to accept worse terms and being financially worse off is fine because it's not against the law even though you're making profit year on year? It's taking advantage out of the bottom, it's morally wrong at best.
  15. Drogba got more than 12 goals only twice at Chelsea, probs the best striker in the world at the time under Mourinho. Put Lukaku at city and he'd score twice as many.