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  1. They sold the betting site although do still hold a small stake not enough for them to manipulate the market. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/sky-bet-sale-agreed-in-deal-worth-up-to-2-6bn-11343673
  2. He may have, I wanted Unsworth to take over at the time (albeit I did say we should ask Alladyce to come in on a consultant basis to help him). No doubt in my mind though that Silva would have finished lower with that same squad though.
  3. Gomes was the sitter, Gana was supposedly the link. Gomes carried on his normal role and Davies took the other spot. We had a ready made replacement for Zouma in Mina. Keane needing upgrading is independent of Zouma leaving.
  4. The longer Silva is here the more the possibility is real. We're in the relegation battle and we've had the easiest run fixtures as well. For me it proves Allardyce is the better of the two. Given no one would have him back here it baffles me some would have Moyes.
  5. No myth, I said finish top half. He/we did.
  6. Trickle down economics...
  7. Not whatever, it's two massively different things. Holgate and Iwobi are both better so replacements are already here. The other two are only squad players. Wouldn't he hard for a manager to come in and get this team top half even at this point. Alladyce managed it with the shambles he was left and this squad is much much better. Silva is just that bad of a manager.
  8. What maths you using, next you gonna tell me how we're gonna have 50,000 more nurses? Zouma's spot has been inherited by Mina. If any thing Mina has probably been better than him as well. If we get injuries we might feel the affect but so far Zouma hasn't been missed, his spot has gone to Mina. Davies wouldn't have played if Gana was here unless ever senior player was injured. We'd be bottom of the league with Schneiderlin and Gana playing every week.
  9. Apologies read it as all three, still he's better than Niasse. Surely that's not debatable. Niasse is unpredictable mess of a footballer but very limited. Depending on the system he's a good impact player not no more. Whereas Tosun could easily lead the line for a bottom half club. Both could be useful as squad players depending. We could have Ronaldo up front, it wouldn't make a difference. We don't make good enough chances to criticise the forwards. We've played three at the back how many times? Managers should use the players the best they can and not force a system on them. All three have been fit so the squad depth problem is just hypothetical. I do agree we should have got another centre back in but I'm happy with Holgate and Mina, just would have liked an experienced player. Any how looking at last year we've only really lost Zouma but he's not been missed at all. Mina has filled his boots comfortably. Gana is more mobile but that's about it. Positioning, passing, decision making, leadership, and even without being very good at it shooting Davies wins hands down. Is Gana is superb cover for the back four why was he constantly out of position and why did we concede a lot more chances and goals through the middle last season with him? I agree Sigurdssen shouldn't be in the middle but the managers not forced to. There's other players who can play. Baningime held his own 2 years ago albeit stalled through injury, but he's fully fit not yet Silva chose to play Sigurdssen out of position which is stupid given him and Davies aren't the quickest. Sigurdssen isn't a disgrace, the disgrace is Silva for tasking him with an almost impossible job rather than playing to his strengths. What players are out of form? I wouldn't say any are out of form, Keane and Sidibe shouldn't be at a top half club not that's just based on their ability. Keane was just as poor a player last year. Other than that there's Sigurdssen but he's not out of form he's just misused, last season he played no better with most agreeing he was anonymous unless he scored or got an assist. 100% the results are on the manager not the poor form of the players, they can work their socks off but they aren't gonna get results with these tactics unless the opposition don't turn up. Even last year the only team we won when going toe to toe was Cardiff who were missing their best players. Silva and his tactics are a joke.
  10. We've just had 10 years of them and national debt has doubled, yet there's been no investment absolutely nothing for the public to show for it other than the rich getting richer. Every politician should be investigated and prosecuted if their votes were not in the national interests. There's been 200,000 needless deaths the last 10 years and not one of them is being held accountable. No need for me, fortunately I live Liverpool so haven't been brainwashed by the nasty party. On the other hand my vote won't make a difference though.
  11. Which ones been worst since the 90s? Alladyce's team had no pace at all which you just can't get away with anymore. You only need to play two centre halves, and both Mina and Holgate are good enough. As rubbish as Keane is Burnley managed to survive with him. Don't know why you think the forwards are an issue, we don't get the ball to them enough to judge them this season. The Niasse shout is just stupid, as good as his goal ratio was (3rd best in Europe at one point if my memory serves me right) there's a reason DCL kept him out the side or would you rather Niasse was our first choice? Davies has took up Gana's role and been a step up from him. Until last week we'd barely conceded a chance through the middle. If Gana was here we'd be even more fucked, these tactics are rubbish and have well and truly been found out and Gana would add nothing going forward and just be a liability defensively.
  12. He looks awkward but he's good. Fellaini looked awkward too but was class once you got used to his unorthodox look. Other end of the spectrum, Schneiderlin looked like a "Rolls Royce" but was no where as good. Both contributed to us finishing eighth. Walcott especially who gave us some much needed space and was probably our best player the second half of the strain, was the one gave us the most excitement running at teams. Imagine if we got Silva, do you think he'd have done as well with that squad?
  13. They probably thought you were taking the piss with it being the Derby and us being utter shit. Joking aside, hope you and your dad can get seats together.
  14. Our next players this year have been Mina and Davies.
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