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  1. Kante is a ball winner. Whereas Gana is a disruptor, when he takles it's 50/50 whether we get possession. He'd be better off holding position and being smarter in his tackling. Kante also isn'tt scared of the ball and helps move it forward. Kante's best attribute is that he reads the play the danger. Gana doesn't do that, Gana is more headless chicken. Chelsea scouts must have seen this difference otherwise why spend £40m when you could have got Gana for £6m.
  2. pete0

    Summer Transfer Window

    Balotelli is on a free. Worth a one year deal. He's class when he's arsed, playing in France might have helped humble him.
  3. pete0


  4. pete0

    Cenk Tosun

    Tough to say which one was yesterday, only Gomes and Pickford justified their place in the starting eleven.
  5. pete0

    Cenk Tosun

    Thought these comments were on about Gylfi when I first read them.
  6. pete0

    Seamus Coleman

    Coleman, Lookman and Gana was a shit show of a trio. Lookman cuts in and Coleman is too slow to run into the space and Gana too thick/scared of the ball to show for the ball or run into the gap.
  7. We've I said all of that? I've said he's not quick over short distances and that he's reactive.
  8. Yea, I'm not saying he doesn't know how to press. Just that he's not got the skill set to be the best at it.
  9. Your stats show Sigurdssen is the slowest player. Also it gives top speed. My point is more on acceleration, how quick is he over 5-10 yards would be a better stat to use as a comparison.
  10. pete0

    Theo Walcott

    If it was a 442 v 442 yea, but most teams now have more attacking threat from the wingback. Robertson has three assists this season puts him joint third most creative for them. It's telling that we were under the cosh after Walcott come off against Cardiff. A lot of his defensive work goes unnoticed. He's done great considering Coleman isn'tt up to scratch this season.
  11. My point is their are better out there at it, Sigurdssen doesn't have the fast twitch muscles to excel at it. Have to agree to disagree on that unless you can find the stop watch stats. For me Sigurdssen is very flat track, one paced whereas players like Firminio have a burst to close the gap quicker.
  12. On pressing alone would you rather have Firminio or Sigurdssen? I'm not saying he's terrible at it. I'm saying that there are better. Sigurdssen closes off passes whereas the likes of Firminio have that extra yard of pace to get in the defenders face.
  13. He could've done with a call during the Derby to make better subs.
  14. Nothing hypocritical at all. Sigurdssen isn'tt a headless chicken he's just a tad too slow to be more effective.
  15. It'd make me think Gana was the best defensive midfielder in the world if I did.