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  1. Digne, follow the path of Baines and Unsworth.
  2. Surely Coleman calling him out is showing integrity. Keeping shum only encourages it.
  3. It's the pass from Mina that causes it in the first place.
  4. Because Lukaku has left and a bully always needs someone to bully.
  5. What Olympic event involves running round in a pack shooting animals?
  6. What sport channel is it on?
  7. OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) Tweeted: 32 - Everton had 32 shots against Salford, the most attempts they've had in a game since February 2016 against West Brom (33); 19-year-old Anthony Gordon had eight of those, the most by an Everton player since Kevin Mirallas in April 2017 vs Burnley. Peppered. #CarabaoCup https://t.co/2GdPikHqSB https://twitter.com/OptaJoe/status/1306340875732160513?s=20
  8. He had the most chances of an Everton player since Mirallas v Burnley. Could argue he done well to get the opportunities but that right back was so poor, he couldn't handle his pace and got done again and again by the same move from Gordon cutting inside. He was fun to watch but at the end of the day to have nine shots and not score is a pretty poor overall performance. In the first half Davies created so much space for Bernard it should have been the Bernard show but instead he dawdled on the ball, made the wrong pass or had a timid shot. Sigurdssen offered very little in the first half
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