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  1. Shame none of the councils here have a pot to piss in to do similar and it's not like the self serving landlords in Parliament will push through legislation that would put a stop to their money trees. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/02/berlin-germany-housing-rent-how-much-price-landlord-policies/582898/
  2. Looks like he's finally got it right with Brands but Koeman, Walsh and Silva all seem to have been on his decision and cost an absolute fortune. Good thing it's his own money he's throwing away otherwise we'd have been another Portsmouth.
  3. Wonder whether we'd have risked the investigation if we had already secured enough points for it not to be a problem. The cost of pursuing/hiring Silva is sickening considering the job he's done so far. We've paid extra for Richarlison (£10m I think Brands said), gave fat Sam an extra years wages (£6m) to convince him to stand in, and now £4m on top to avoid the investigation into tapping up Silva. Add an extra £2m for every place dropped from 7th (the expected amount the club would/should have been forecasting). It'll be another £6m if we sack him.
  4. Couldn't find the original post about Carol C to add this link to. News papers have tracked her down and it wasn't a pisstake, bless her. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/rate-plate-legend-carol-cs-14033574
  5. People can manipulate young minds to almost believe and do anything if they have had influence from an early age, its all the child knows as such they wouldn't know any better. So if this girl has been brainwashed into hating the West and murder normalised at what point do you say she's stopped being a victim? If she has genuinely been brainwashed then who takes responsibility? Has she blamed her parents, her community? Or is she accepting responsibility? Lastly if the UK accepts she is a victim can they then leave a baby in her care? It would wrong to take a baby off a victim but at the same time it would be dangerous to leave a baby in her care.
  6. Shame he wasn't given more of a chance to progress. Unsworth always spoke quite highly of him as the "hardest player to get past". Sad that we've got a load of decent kids losing out on a chance whilst we persist with the gentle giant boat.
  7. Think they raise a good point that they should really give their constituencies a chance to stand by them or stick with the party they voted them in for. The antisemitism seems very odd. I don't know enough to really comment on it beyond I've never witnessed any in Liverpool.
  8. Perhaps the most telling thing of all is that not a single one of the seven splitter had the decency to call a by-election after quitting the Labour Party. These cynical opportunists have cynically ridden into Westminster on the Labour brand, using the unpaid support and activism of thousands of ordinary Labour members to get there. And now they're selfishly turning their backs on these people in a desperate last-ditch effort to prevent Labour coming to power and bringing ruinous Tory austerity dogma, public service cuts, and wage repression policies to an end. Even the Brexity Tory MPs Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless had more integrity, because when they quit Cameron's Tory party to join UKIP in 2014 they both called by-elections out of respect for their constituents. https://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-7-right-wing-pro-austerity-labour.html?fbclid=IwAR1EsqsOPL6AmsRLhnURbvtEJjYHpqXnq9kli9h1rhNoibZusyM_r22w7Uo&m=1
  9. He's not exactly done anything since he joined us. The club has paid him more than any other, even gave him a payrise without merit, and raised his profile. What has he done in return? He's not earned his move like say Lukaku who scored shed loads of goals and helped raise our profile and contributed to our highest points total in over two decades. If anything he's been the main stay in a team that is now getting referred to as a nothing team. Agree wholeheartedly with that last bit.
  10. Looking at the stadium comparisons I'd like us to extend a bit to match the new Stamford bridge would squeeze in those extra couple of thousand seats. Can't fully tell from the prints but looks like it'll be quiet modern looking. Would have preferred a stadium with the old red brick in a similar design to the one he's already done with the viewing window into the stadium.
  11. Cheers Shukes, hopefully we'll win our next two and throw all the statistics out the window.
  12. Compare our form 2-2-5 under Koeman when he was sacked to the current rut under Silva 3-2-9 and its hard to comprehend why one was sacked and the other is still here. Worth noting Koeman played five games (losing four) against the top 6 compared to Silva's four (lost all four). Edit. A bit more food for thought. Silva is on course to get 46 points based on our current points total per game. This would be our lowest in over a decade. Or if the current slump continues we could be relegated, bare in mind we've got 5 games against the top 6 that we tend to lose against, we got a draw against Chelsea though so a fair estimate would be 1 point expected. Discounting the defeats from the top 6 in the recent stats then we are 3-2-5 against the rest of the league, using this form as an indicator we'd get roughly 2-1-3 in the other 6 games, 7 points. So roughly 8 points would give us a total of 41 and a squeaky bum. I'm hopeful of more points than that but purely on blind optimism. Surely we're due a win against the top 6 ideally the red shite and we can't keep conceding silly goals but I'm not gonna get my hopes up too much.
  13. From the stats Eriksen gets on the ball twice as much so in theory has twice as much opportunity to find that pass for an assist. But from watching them Eriksen is a lot sharper and tends to be a step ahead of the play whereas Sigurdssen is more reactive to the play. Both have similar pace but it's a lot rarer for people to mention it as a weakness about Eriksen other than to say that's possibly the reason he's not got a big move yet. Whereas people will mention Sigurdssen's lack of pace to be a reason he's struggles up get more involved in games. As such Eriksen gets the ball in more space for himself and delivers the dangerous pass faster and with a better delivery (not that Sigurdssen isn'tt too shabby at passing the ball either). Mainly the first two points help him get more assists by giving the potential scorer more space and time to get the goal.
  14. Just shows you have to watch a player rather than look at the stats. Eriksen is a class above, I'm surprised the elite clubs haven't come in for him yet whereas we'd be lucky to get Sigurdssen off our wage bill.
  15. No you never, you've added the pep stuff yesterday. Now you're putting 5 points, those 5 points could've been said straight away if it wasn't half said in your head instead. Likewise you've added to this with your point 4 and 5. Regarding point 2 and 3 you've not explained why these players need more time considering they are all better and playing better than the players they come into replace. Or why it's exceptable for Silva to hide behind the 'mess' when the last manager done a better job with a more disjointed squad. Point 1 isn'ttt really an argument. I can't remember you saying the same for Sam Allardyce. Plus the question is why should he get more time, there's no answer to the why. Point 5 is a fair reason you don't want to be a sacking club. I don't agree with it as he's underperforming I'd rather have a new manager come in but that's how a forum works, someone says I believe this because and another says I'd prefer or adds why they agree too. No need to throw insults and in general just be an arse about it. If it gets heated fair enough but from my posts and yours, you've just been an idiot for no reason. Nothing to do with my view I was simply trying to comprehend yours. Seriously get a friend to read back all the posts with you because I give up trying to explain/discuss as its like pulling teeth. BTW you started this off with a condescending "It's almost touching how much you cling to this 'massive upgrade' bollocks." so to then call me condescending and throw insults because I've asked you to explain your argument is fucking brilliant.
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