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  1. pete0


    Don't see what Labour could do to plan for the tory managed decline? Companies are making more money than ever and the NHS is suffering more than ever, that's thanks to tory policy.
  2. There should be a rope for house robbers. Hope you're family aren't too shaken from someone violating their home.
  3. pete0


    They've managed the decline of the NHS to justify privatising it in the future, fully knowing in the meantime more people (the none wealthy) will die in the pursuit of their agenda. What would you call it?
  4. pete0


    120,000 murders so far and counting. All involved should be held accountable. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/health/tory-austerity-deaths-study-report-people-die-social-care-government-policy-a8057306.html%3famp
  5. pete0

    Jonny Evans

    I'd misread the pay £3.5m in two installments. Think I'm a tad dyslexic. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/11398319/jonny-evans-joins-leicester-on-three-year-deal
  6. pete0

    Jonny Evans

    Signed for Leicester £7m. Should have been all over that, would've been an upgrade on Jags/Williams. Experienced and plays on either side comfortably.
  7. Probably better than our record tbf. Was it 3 away wins all season?
  8. Depends what kind of Bobby. Nothing but respect for those doing proper work like domestic violence but that's the minority. Most in my experience are egotistical and lazy, how often do you see them standing round not even paying attention with their hands in their vest? They say about resources yet I have seen 3 cars worth to arrest a single smack head and then they waited round gabbing. Friend rang the police the other week as she was intimidated by a man who had waited for her outside the doctors. She had sat next to him in there and when she left he tried to persuade her to get in his car (with her toddler) and followed her intimidating her trying to get her in the car. Didn't get the call back until the next day and straight away the copper moans at her for not getting the reg, you know because that's top priority to a young mum who's frightened for her and her child. Doctors have cctv so would only taken them 10 mins to get it from them (which they then did). After checking they said because he's not physically touched her there is nothing they could do. They could see him slowly drive talking to her and her being visibly intimidated. He had alcohol on his breath too so the mininum they could've done was go question him on that as an excuse to go round. But as a public service they should have questioned him on what he said to her. That's only off the top of my head. Unless it's on a plate they're not interested.
  9. Legalise them then. Problem solved. Must drugs drugs are low level home grown sold to local people. Don't think there's much other crime associated.
  10. Have a look at the stats. They prioritise drugs as it's easy for the stats. Take a lot more man power to do real investigation and a lot more smarts than the average Bobby has. Needs a whole new reform to focus on what matters to protect the public.
  11. The police would be fucked. Without their drug crime stats it'd highlight how little they actually do.
  12. pete0

    Wayne Rooney

    If he wants to play in midfield I hope he goes.
  13. pete0

    Matthew Pennington

    How slow he turns us painful. Never watched a player get rolled so easy so often.
  14. We're not in court here, it's a football forum, picking out the English doesn't take away from what I'm on about. He genuinely believes that pointing that out is comparable. A goal keeper ffs.
  15. There's 19 teams that all have better foundations CB/CB/CM to allow there attackers to express themselves more. In football if you keep a cleansheet you have a chance. The way we were leaking was a disgrace. Alladyce come in and worked on that and that's why we're so boring. If we had a solid defensive unit I'd imagine we'd have been more adventurous.