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  1. Plus one. Strange thing is Robertson has probably been their best player this season, they could win the league and not one of their players have been the best. Never seen anything like it, deserve a draw most games but manage to get the whole three.
  2. Frustration of three years worth of bollocks. Personally been times I've felt it to be a chore and I'm sure many would agree. I couldn't even give my ticket away for some of the games last year. Yes.
  3. We had a really poor patch after the first derby were any of the starting eleven could have been replaced with minimal damage if the kid starting wasn't good enough as the starting players weren't doing much. Worst case starting a kid during that period was we would have been no poorer on the pitch and a kid gets a taster to help him develop. If something is stale you make a change. Silva done nothing. Plodded along to the point some people cut their season tickets in half. Like Matt says we need a squad.
  4. The pass is terrible, it's hit behind him and at shin height giving the striker very little margin for error. United haven't scored from open play in 500+ minutes. If anything people should be looking at Rashford not Lukaku.
  5. Age of the rest of the players used: Kenny - 22 Mina - 24 Jagielka - 36 Baines - 34 Schneiderlin - 29 McCarthy - 28 Davies - 20 Walcott - 30 Lookman - 21 Tosun - 27 Youth players with more minutes than last year: 1; Lookman. Youth players with less minutes than last year: 5+; Holgate, Kenny, Baningime, Davies, Vlasic, DCL (although will be roughly the same if plays next three). Debutants given: 0
  6. Because we've got a manager who doesn't trust in youth. No debuts this season, and all the kids have less minutes than they got last year other than Lookman (who has 552 minutes this year). The only one getting a decent amount is DCL but that was only after the manager trying to play Richarlison out of position and Tosun over him. Giving both of them more chances than they deserved. Picking an injured Baines over Kenny as well. Davies has only been given minutes due to Gomes not being fit at the start of the season and Gana's head getting wobbled. Very rarely does the manager go away from the 451 system either, same players every week, same tactics every week. Better managers will change things up depending on strengths and weaknesses. How many on here say they don't want Gana against bottom half teams, they want an attack minded player on as we expect to have more of the ball. Yet Silva does the same thing regardless of opposition. Unsure if I've misheard but isn'tt this the first time we've not had one of our own play in either Derby. In a season we're the team have been said to lack passion and not play for the shirt. Koeman was ousted for not getting Everton and so was Alladyce. Why is Silva getting such an easy ride when the gap between us and 6th isn'tt any smaller?
  7. You use flat earth as a reference but it'd be more likely if we were born 100s of years ago you'd be in the majority thinking it was whilst I butted my head against a wall trying to explain the bigger picture. Nope. Bracewell was before my time. Late 90s onwards for me.
  8. Still waiting for that exhaustive list of exceptional things he's done to contribute above and beyond what Davies would have done. Should add the pass, the one to Sigurdssen is actually quite poor, it slowed the attack. Sigurdssen does very well to score given the service and how far out he is, lovely strike, but at the same time it's poor from the opposition to leave him that much space. Gana played during the period we were poor, was he not responsible for our lack of tempo going forward as well as giving changes away too easily? United were terrible. Look at the space they give us, their players weren't up for it and their manager was shocking putting rashford and Lindelof against Bernard and Digne. We've come across one team up for it in recent weeks and we got beat comfortably 2 nil. Why did Fulham beat us?
  9. You're right, this tory chap. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-chris-davies-tory-mp-14451310?fbclid=IwAR1Fp9We_CIaGsGuFG5YPLy7EQcL5HzW5tQuIN_oegWElRCCt46v12MRPeU
  10. So the main thing he done was make one pass any midfielder could in a game we were already winning.
  11. Would the results have been any different with Davies in the side? What did Gana do during the run for these wins that was above and beyond the job of any midfielder we have on the books?
  12. We lost against a nothing team in Newcastle, only the second time in 365 games that we've not got anything after taking in a two goal lead. Got comfortably beat by a relegated Fulham. Bullied by league one Millwall. Then there's the Leicester game on new year's, fortunately I missed this one but from what I heard it was our worst performance in years. We've had a good spell but with a big chunk of luck given the opposition. Don't see what Gana has done in those games to get the credit. If he didn't play and Davies did we'd probably have still won them, Gana hasn't been vital in any of them.
  13. Bernard, took the piss out of them. Digne a close second with that volley.
  14. I don't dislike Sigurdssen I just don't think he fits in the system. He's the type you need to build the team around to get the best out of him. Yet we focus more on the wings so would be better off with a workhorse. Gana is a massive down grade on the players we had before him. Yesterday was probably his best game for us but as always there was still negatives. I don't understand why we bought Keane. He's a 7ft pansy and no better than Holgate. No idea why you're talking about trophies. This side got smashed by League One Millwall because we are weak. We're never gonna win a cup with Keane and Gana.
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