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  1. People said he's not prem level and I named a team he'd play every week at if memory serves. Pretty sure I never said he was burley bound and you're just lying as per usual. I've consistently backed DCL yet you were saying Tosun should play over him...
  2. Holgate should be ahead of him too. Look at this comment back in 2016, Billy liar at it again. Also haf after refreshing myself I can you were on a vendetta against Stones at the time rather than being a fan of Holgate. More a case of any one but Stones.
  3. He's part of the team so he's culpable but he's no where near the top of the list. Many more before him yet you pick on the kid because it's the popular thing to do. You then jumped that ship called Keane the next Radcliffe/Dave Watson...
  4. But he would have been that player. Silva wrongly chose not to give him them minutes. Him playing instead of Keane alone could have made the difference of finishing 8th. Silva stuck with the seniors and his ill fitting tactics regardless of how poor Keane was. (I'd also add Davies should have got more minutes too over Sig or Gana).
  5. I'd not start him next 6 but his shitness mixed with hardwork making him so unpredictable can be useful. Think he'd have been fine starting v newcastle, but he was definitely the wrong sub to see out the game.
  6. Pretty sure I'd already changed my mind before you did but you were very vocal once yer did, as let's be honest you were mostly waxing lyrical that DCL was a hard worker as a dig against Lukaku rather than crediting the talent Dom has. What space did he have to get rid, surely that should would have been Digne's job? Also were were his teammates to help him, what were the options on? Why is in the position to give that foul away? Because his team mates had just given the ball away cheaply. Foul on the half way shouldn't be given him the blame for the goal. Stood still? It was a scramble none of them could react fast enough. But enjoy picking on the kid like the rest of the booh boys. Many more players and the manager responsible.
  7. We already got to see he was a competent centre half under Koeman. Most at the time would have said he was the best and Williams although limited was the best other option as he had experience and was most suited to help Holgate. Silva come in and dropped DCL and Davies, and didn't give Holgate a chance (he also fucked off Vlasic). All these players got minutes under Koeman. Silva turned his nose up at all the kids here. Even DCL only got a proper chance after giving up on Tosun and trying a winger up top over him. Also wasn't he playing right back on loan? For me he'd have benefited staying here and playing his own position, not like Keane was pulling up trees. Ditto mate. Think some just have very short memories. Before his injury he was first choice by most of us.
  8. Holgate was our best defender under Koeman out of Williams, Jagielka and Keane. Got injured and was then never given a chance by Silva. Keane was average at best last year and should have been dropped which me and MJB were saying (I actually said he shouldn't have been bought in the first place). Whilst the majority of shirt memoried Evertonian were saying to sell him to the championship he's not good enough.
  9. You were made up he came and thought he was better than Holgate. I didn't see any shouts from you last season for Holgate to come in for him. You only made the one comment but let's be honest that was more a dig at Lukaku to down play him scoring a goal. I changed my opinion on DCL, Koeman saw something in him that not many of us did. How was Davies at fault for both goals?
  10. Just shows how wrong a few of our fans were who wanted him here. Bet not one would take Bruce!
  11. I'd blame the manager, Delph, Schneiderlin, Sidibe and to a lesser extent Niasse. But whatever makes your boat floaty.
  12. Digne has more space and opportunity to get rid given his position. When Davies passes it back he should either lump it or look for another pass (which wasn't on as we have a gang of shitbags). He does neither and passes responsibility back to Davies. How can he be productive if his teammates aren't showing for it?
  13. Last time we looked any good in midfield it was with those two. Failed to clear the ball? What was his teammates doing to help? If anything Digne should have launched it but twice(?) gave the ball back to Davies. He doesn't play himself into trouble, ore often than not if a players in a pickle they end up passing it to Davies as he always shows for the ball. Had we had three more players of his ilk in midfield then we see that game out.
  14. This is the Holgate thread and a lot more players (plus the manager) to blame before Tom Davies. Said at the time £30 million for Keane was shocking when Holgate is better. Were you one of the ones to laugh? Fuck it I'll bite. Davies and Digne couldn't pass the ball out as no one else was showing for it. The senior players are cowards.
  15. We could have had Ronaldo and we'd have scored no more. Silva was a fraud and with his tactics no striker in the world would have scored bag fulls as we were so slow and predictable getting the ball forward we rarely managed to find a player in the box once we did.
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