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  1. What evidence is there in history to support austerity? Add to that the unfunding of the NHS and treatment of their staff.
  2. You can educate yourself. Stephen Fry gives a great explanation regarding tory brains not being fully functional that someone put on here. Any how care to stop picking and choosing what you respond to? I'll add another. What did the tories do well? What good did they do? What was it they prioritised and delivered instead?
  3. Tried to make an XI for players that played for a different country than their birthplace but couldn't find a keeper and had to use a couple of midfielders for the final spots in defence and in goal. McCall VDHauwe Duffy Browning Besic Bolasie McCarthy Hutchison Kilbane Radzinski Anichebe
  4. The tories and their voters are starving people to death. I don't know enough about how much the average German voter would have known about what Hitler was doing but our population is well aware of consequences of austerity (and NHS under funding) given the last decade. To call tories greedy is downplaying the absolute cruelty of what they're willing to sacrifice for their wealth i.e. the poor/working class. I've not mentioned the SS.
  5. They both kill innocent people in cruel ways. Both used facism/racism/fear and propaganda to get into power. So because tories only kill poor people that makes them different? Doesn't take away from his point, you know that we should stand up and stop the cruelty.
  6. It's more offensive to not learn from history. Our leader and his party have used the same tactics as the Nazis (their party even has this guy https://evolvepolitics.com/tory-mp-pictured-hanging-out-with-hitler-loving-holocaust-denying-neo-nazi-at-brexit-event/ ). We should be standing up against the far right. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/david-lammy-tory-brexiteers-nazi-aprtheid-racist-immigration-erg-rees-mogg-a8869371.html%3famp
  7. How many deaths do you believe underfunding the NHS has caused? What evidence you presenting?
  8. What parallels don't you agree with between our tory government and the former German one? As for point scoring. This isn't point scoring. People are dying because we have such a cruel government. Do you think austerity was the right thing to do? When has it ever worked in history? Back to the point scoring as you call it. At the moment how this has been dealt with is disgraceful. We had months to prepare yet our disgrace of a PM went round shaking hands in hospitals and misleading people that it's nothing to worry about, that very same 'leader' is now fining people for standing to close to their mates which is a rediculous policy when you're still allowing them to work next to each other. You think no one should criticise this shit show the government is running? You think it's fine that our gov is saying one thing whilst doing another? The government passed on PPE equipment, the government also chose not to join the EU in finding resources (and lied to the public they missed the email to do so). Then the shit hit the fan and we asked dyson to make some rather than use a ready to go supplier... All whilst people are dying. And that's the bottom line. People are dying. That's not point scoring.
  9. The tory party clapped when they refused to give the nurses a pay rise and yet those same evil little nazi's are on their door step "clapping support". They haven't supported the NHS, they have purposely done the opposite "needless deaths" or murder by neglect would be a more fitting term. This is very much the time to highlight the issues, or politicise as you call it. Nurses, doctors and millions are at risk because of the current leaders lack of preparation* and because of his parties dangerously low underfunding of the NHS the last 10 years. *we're clearly doing a back door herd immunity policy so preparation may be the wrong word. We've chose not to be join in with the rest of the EU to help prepare. Plus the delay in getting ventilation equipment passed on buying the equipment now and instead asked Dyson to build some. Biggest joke was the back up plan... Ask Donald trump to sort us. https://www.euractiv.com/section/politics/news/british-government-blames-lost-emails-for-coronavirus-eu-procurement-chaos/ Were Hitler focused on the Jewish, the tory party have attacked the poor with their cruel and completely unfounded austerity policy, add to that the comments from BJ about Muslims, gays, and black people. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/01/perfect-storm-austerity-behind-130000-deaths-uk-ippr-report And yes I said nazi, because they are far right, they are racist, they are fascist, and the proganda was unbelievable 88% of ads misleading. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-tory-labour-policy-hitler-appeasement-terrifying-parallels-a8553686.html%3famp
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/coronavirus-adviser-pm-wants-herd-21811857?fbclid=IwAR0WS90UuLMacHEpUTHNtYGyDhLF3SX3gFsFbetdLMzjvpM3Tq6wVN_NzPs "expert" advisor says government needs to choose between protecting the vulnerable or harming young people.. By harming he means via their parents not working/being able to feed them... Good to see how the fat right nazi party currently running the shop are gonna frame their neglect/murder.
  11. Foul mouthed? Now you're just making excuses. You're an embarrassment. You spout nonsense and when asked to back it have no reply. Just goes to show you now realise it's evil but you're too stubborn to admit you've been misled/miseducated. Well that or you are an evil little man.
  12. That's 4 times now you've been too weak to admit your wrong or give an explanation why.
  13. Not good enough rpg. Give an explanation. Show your true colours. The fact you ignored it twice and then third time of asking gave that pathetic response says everything.
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