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  1. That's your best, grenades. Does any other county even still use them. Point is they are happier than us, no? Why would you not want to be more like them? Like I said doesn't work because of the far right. What far left communism is there? Like Palfy says though it's socialist not communist any how. Punishes entrepreneurs? True entrepreneurs are happy to share. Only punishes mono/oligopolies. By punish, makes them play their fair share. We've got victorian deseases and children without food in their belly whilst the rich get richer. How's that on? Not hilarious one bit. As a nation we are disgusting and very much replicating nazi Germany.
  2. Fundamentally communism is great. Unfortunately it's historically abused by far rights. Just look at the terrible far left scandanavian countries, would you not want to be more like them. Happier, everyone happier. The BBC has been proven to be bias towards the right. Literally this current government are replicating the nazis with their help and the rest of the media.
  3. Think it'll be overturned, only thing will be the timing, if United finish 5th it won't be overturned in time I'd bet, but if it's us...
  4. Think the chanting of oh Jeremy Corbyn and a heavy backing of unions in general show Liverpool back labour. You say the anti b thatcher like we'd vote tory if it wasn't for a chip on our shoulder. Most on this city find tories to be disgusting because of how they treat people, you don't need to look back at thatcher for that the last decade shows enough. The white working class have been fooled. But that's by the far right media. You can't blame Labour for that.
  5. My bad 🖐️. Point still stands, the other parties then.
  6. You say it's human nature to put your own needs first. For me a politician should see the whole country as his household and do the best for everyone.
  7. Completely disagree. Bar your mental health you should never put someone before yourself.
  8. 80+% of Liverpool got behind them, and as far as I'm aware it's mostly white working class. One of if not the biggest margin in the country. No coincidence that were also the least media influenced. Labour were cheated by a media no better than North Korea's. Do you blame the opposition for 'letting' the Nazis get into power?
  9. Any evidence of that? Beyond the North West I don't see any rich boroughs voting Labour. The whole point of a politician is to put your country and the people before yourself. Earning potential shouldn't come into it as if you're doing that you're not gonna maximise the wellbeing of the county.
  10. Essentially I called you out on picking on Pickford. No more. Why wouldn't you answer first time round? Wasn't a hard question.
  11. Why? Politians should be doing their best for the people. If anything any of them only there for the money should be fucked off as there greed will influence them to pick their own needs ahead of the nations.
  12. Harrased? Simply asked you to justify what you were spouting.
  13. Knowing when you're wrong helps you grow as a person. I'm happy to be told and learn. Can you say the same? Care to go back and show the rest of the Gerrard discussion? You're very tory politician like in your arguing. Any how to go full circle, the whole argument is you being wrong about Pickford so your fast from winning, although thought this wasn't about winning eh? If it makes you feel better you know more about golf than I do.
  14. Fuckin'ell that me proven wrong, oh the shame 😱... Not that you've cherry picked at all. Any how thought this wasn't a big and right out wrong game and I should chill out. Your head's well and truly fell off. Fuck me, now you mention Harry Kane. Failed at every club bar one, and England's worse player at the world cup. Let's see how he does without Eriksen.
  15. You're boring me now. He's closer to him than he ever was Scholes or Hamann or Alonso. Was Gerrard an AM, CM or DM?
  16. You named squad players to try and make Gerrard this god who carried the team. Yet he had two World Cup winners, both of whom are better midfielders than him, doing all the hard work. How am I wrong? Gerrard might score the odd bang but unless you only watch motd you'd see he's no where near the elite and he's cost his team rather than benefited. Cattermole shouldn't have been a footballer. Gerrard should have been a great squad player, instead he was the anchor who held the shite back. Just look at them now without him.
  17. Not relevant as it blows your Baros shouts to smithereens? Talent wise there's very little between Nolan and Gerrard. They're a lot closer than Gerrard is to the truly great players.
  18. They also had Hamann and Alonso, greater players than Gerrard could ever emulate. Those screamers cost the club and fans more as they'd have been better off had he passed the ball more. How many of them went screaming over the bar? They look good when they go in on motd though, similarly the Hollywood passes.
  19. Really don't see how the posts make that point at all, where is the bit I'm wrong and what's the reminder? Talking of Phil Neville, Gerrard is closer to him if you look at true greats like Scholes. He's an all rounder, nothing so special about him other than his treatment by the refs and their deluded fans. As for winning things, he anchored them. They'd have won the league with a better DM in his final year. That's the comp they've been after all these years and he was a massive reason why they never. Managers were stuck with him.
  20. Can't tell if you're phishing or serious. Gomes is good but Kaka was special.
  21. Anchoring, now you're just thinking of Gomes 😉. Don't get why you're digging up old posts. Pretty consistent there and Henderson is still pretty much a similar player. Strange how he's not lauded as the best player ever, just an average all rounder.
  22. Gerrard was good at most things (Hollywood passing, tackling and decision making being his three main flaws) other than that he was quite rounded 6 or 7 out of 10 for most things. But this is the elite, much better to have a specialist in every position. Liverpool alone have had better players in all three of his positions. Lucas (DM), Alonso (CM), and Firminio (AM) all players I appreciated regardless of them being redshite so you're impartiality spout is out the window.
  23. You set the bar that low you'd give Walsh a run for his money. Even worse you don't admit you were wrong, you excuse it as the player has somehow got worse! Just off the top of my head you've trumpeted Joe Hart, Welbeck, Bony, RSC, Benteke, and Origi. I don't know anyone as bad at spotting talent. Can't remember if it was you or not, but possibly Januzaj on that list as well. Apologies if not. Still that's quite some doing to be so wrong so often.
  24. I must have more redshite friends, they were all over it on Facebook.
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