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  1. Absolutely. I'm not one of them. I was too young ti drink back then (in the ground any way). More likely to have a bovril if I'm cold than a pint these days, old before my time. Regarding the racism when I was a young teen I used to join in with the Everton are white hello hello. Until I realised it was racist, maybe I'm a little niave or autistic but before I found out it was a race thing I used to just think it was weird we sung 'Everton are white' as opposed to blue and white. I didn't realise the racist connotations.
  2. Any game bar man u I'll be willing to sell if you can't get a ticket and are coming from overseas (if you're a regular poster). Anyone who needs a ticket just tag me with the @ rather than inbox me as I don't always notice the inboxes. I'm potentially working most weekends now so you'd be doing me a favour.
  3. I'm in the top balcony atm and it's mostly families or older guys, there's not many in my age bracket 20-40. When I was a teen I used to sit in the Gladys 10+ years ago and me and my mates were the younger ones at 15, mostly it was just blokes. Can see in that end now and it looks a lot more family friendly. I find, bar the odd few, those who still enjoy a pint are more level headed now. Whereas when I was a teen I remember a lot of fans would see the match as a piss up and get on the aussie whites.
  4. Used to have more of a 'lad' culture, drinking, shouting, people letting of steam, singing, swearing, in general just less inhibited. Whereas now it is more civil, with a lot more children and women at the match. Nothing wrong with that but you'd not expect a kids disco to maintain the same atmosphere as a rave even if it is the same DJs.
  5. He's done a show about being in a cult, The Path, which is okay.
  6. I don't think anyone gave it a wave were I sit. If they gave it to just the family inclosure for the kids to play with I'd have no problem but to give them to a ground mostly full of grown men is beyond a poor idea, its incompetence. Its quiet as there's been a shift in attitude on the pitch, the players and aren't getting stuck in as much as they did under Moyes. On the occasions a player gets stuck in the crowd react just as they always have, albeit not as intense in parts due to a switch in demographics and culture.
  7. Liverpool have an atmosphere in TV thanks to tourists waving their new merchandise, yet the fans who go every week petition for more locals to get a proper atmosphere inside. Whoever made the decision for us made a very poor decision and it should have been. Best atmosphere for me, said it many times in here, was man u 1 nil. There was a crackle in the air before you even got in the ground and I don't think waving some flags will ever replicate the real thing and people at the club should know that. Bad decision and just a massive waste of plastic. They do get some right like what Dunc said about the new season ticket holders but the flags was an awful decision and should never have been okayed.
  8. Lossl Sidibe Holgate Mina Baines Gbamin Walcott Davies Delph Iwobi DCL
  9. Feel free to show me some clips of all is playing free flowing football creating chances on a plate to give me optimism. Or explain why the tactics never worked against Newcastle*, Spurs, Palace x2, and Fulham! Only the second defeat from leading 2 nil at half time in our history/364 games.
  10. We were lucky with the timing more than anything. There was nothing in the performances to show we'd improved defensively bar the set pieces, which let's face it would have been hard to maintain conceding as many as we had. Hardly a teething issue either as Silva holds the worse record in the prem for them including his previous clubs. This season we've have less away through the middle but that down to using a footballer who knows how to hold position rather than a rogue ankle biter. Going forward there's very little different. We're still not making high quality chances, and Sigurdssen is still being misused.
  11. Because an echo football journalist is really gonna change my mind đŸ˜‚ The football is monotone, not creating clear chances, and is giving away goals too cheaply from set pieces. We were stronger in the middle with Martinez though, just too slow in the build up.
  12. Just spotted a video of the siren and flag waving before the match. Whoever had that idea needs a word with themselves, literally a plastic atmosphere. We're Everton, we don't need gimmicks.
  13. Because he holds position so well and would have made it harder to get past...
  14. His anonymity isn't a one off. Many a game he went unnoticed last year unless he scored or assisted. If anything DCL makes it easier for Sigurdssen, he's got the legs to press and constantly drags players to create space. Sigurdssen'a biggest flaws are his off and pace though so he doesn't take advantage. I'd move him to the wing to get him more involved or drop him for Iwobi or drop the system altogether and go 442.
  15. He picked it up as he was dropping deep to get it. Similar to Rooney and Saha who were guilty of it at times.
  16. They played the ball to his feet because he kept dropping out of position, he drifted back and to the left. I don't think that was tactics as Sigurdssen shouted at him and was noticeably annoyed. As much as Kean looks to be a potential world beater his off ball has a lot to improve going from yesterday.
  17. Even if he does it only masks over the problem. We're not gonna go very far carrying such a luxury. For the most part a striker can get away with scoring goals and not doing much else but a midfielder needs to be getting in the ball more, helping the team more. We were over run in the second half and needed a more intelligent or faster player to ease the pressure on the defense.
  18. pete0

    Jokes thread

  19. Noticed a few with the orange kit on yesterday, looks a better in person (I was already a fan of it).
  20. Just the way our system is set up, that and Sigurdssen not being suited.
  21. We were leading one nil the chance to hit on the counter was Walcott. Kean was like for like. Kean come on against tired legs and as Watford committing players forward. His off ball was quite poor with Sig shouting at him.
  22. All the big teams bar Liverpool were on a bad day. Liverpool dropped a bollock in the Derby going conservative, yet they still should have scored Salah missed a sitter. Of the teams that tried we conceded 3 against Newcastle, 2 against Fulham and 2 against Spurs reserves. If they were expected Pickford wouldn't have got motm. Another keeper and we'd likely have conceded. The first one city conceded was the keepers fault. Should be saving them but he was poorly positioned.
  23. I don't know what people are expecting from him. He can only work with what he's given and he's not had any service. He's not missed any sitters of note. Main thing I remember was he won the ball when he had no right to in their half near the touch line, I'm sure it ended up with a chance to Richarlison.
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