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  1. Foul mouthed? Now you're just making excuses. You're an embarrassment. You spout nonsense and when asked to back it have no reply. Just goes to show you now realise it's evil but you're too stubborn to admit you've been misled/miseducated. Well that or you are an evil little man.
  2. That's 4 times now you've been too weak to admit your wrong or give an explanation why.
  3. Not good enough rpg. Give an explanation. Show your true colours. The fact you ignored it twice and then third time of asking gave that pathetic response says everything.
  4. @RPG Third time of asking.
  5. He'd do well if he faced Glenn Johnson every week. Which is basically the level of most defenders in Spain.
  6. Struggled with this one. Not many Welsh or Irish players in my lifetime. Southall Coleman Watson Weir Naysmith Davies McCarthy* Speed Barmby Rooney Ferguson Sub: Carsley *Irish for this one
  7. Sure we've talked anti-vaccination on here, can't find the thread though.
  8. @RPG You not gonna admit you're tory ethics and beliefs you were taught are wrong? Remember they said there's no magic money tree, well they've just plucked £13 billion out their arse pocket. If they were capable of doing this then why have we suffered 10 years of austerity. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-nhs-debt-matt-hancock-press-conference-briefing-a9443926.html?fbclid=IwAR2XIs36SZtWzlUKueIjZeVRoP25Kb4zJwPzPd_6hwifdmz2I1G6j9tgL4c Edit: Corbyn was right. https://inews.co.uk/opinion/comment/coronavirus-crisis-we-will-come-to-learn-jeremy-corbyn-was-right-2526507?fbclid=IwAR3nZ39NkesAU_cybfm51SHyF-iX9e_CFNVau39p7pwapQtE3sqhOi26z2I Other than a tory sheep everyone and their dog knows the economy was fucked by the American loans. Any how debt was lower under Blair and Brown than the following tory governments. Baffling that the government with the economy making more money and the company making more profits increased debt... Homelessness and poverty. Shame on anyone who has their ideals.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/hastingsandryelabour/photos/a.626431314110459/2944046419015592/?type=3&source=48
  10. Gareth Bale v Everton: 9 games, 1 assist, 0 goals. Any right back worth his salt has his number. Remember him coming on at 2 up for Spurs and us getting the draw.
  11. It's a fact tories increase debt more than Labour. Do you dispute that? You've already been told so. As such what reasoning can you use to justify the inaccurate nonsense you've been spouting?
  12. The debt has doubled under the Conservative Party yet companies are making more profit than ever. Historically the tories have increased the debt more than any other party. The only people that believe otherwise are sheep that have been brainwashed. You have no excuse though as this has already been highlighted by others on here to you. Just shows how much you've been indoctrinated.
  13. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3141829502502237&id=1568578379827365 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3120870234718668&id=2126073340865034
  14. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=518278529084415&id=100027068180900&set=a.119944412251164&source=48
  15. Much rather Richarlison go back on the left and buy a proper striker than bring in Bale. His main attribute is pace, not a good idea to bring him in when he's old. Done very little against the better teams here. Phil Neville had him in his pocket. Would love Ramsey, be surprised if we could get him though.
  16. On what basis is bj doing better than what corbyn would have? Would corbyn have let companies lay staff off or would he have acted faster? Talking of acting faster would he have gave wishy washy advice? Would be have acted sooner and put the people first and had the lock down sooner? Would people be doing unnecessary work? Would the NHS have had more beds under corbyn? Would the NHS have had more ventilators in preparation? What exactly has bj done that would help more than what Corbyn would have done?
  17. This government relies far too heavily on China for investment (as the tories don't believe in public spending other than their own fat expenses) so they're not in a good position to argue otherwise with the Chinese.
  18. What's the relevance? They discarded their staff at the first sign of a crisis which highlights two issues, one the company is ran by scum and two the government failed to act fast enough to put safeguards in place. Because the government, and the idiots who voted them in, let them.
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