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  1. What Olympic event involves running round in a pack shooting animals?
  2. What sport channel is it on?
  3. OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) Tweeted: 32 - Everton had 32 shots against Salford, the most attempts they've had in a game since February 2016 against West Brom (33); 19-year-old Anthony Gordon had eight of those, the most by an Everton player since Kevin Mirallas in April 2017 vs Burnley. Peppered. #CarabaoCup https://t.co/2GdPikHqSB https://twitter.com/OptaJoe/status/1306340875732160513?s=20
  4. He had the most chances of an Everton player since Mirallas v Burnley. Could argue he done well to get the opportunities but that right back was so poor, he couldn't handle his pace and got done again and again by the same move from Gordon cutting inside. He was fun to watch but at the end of the day to have nine shots and not score is a pretty poor overall performance. In the first half Davies created so much space for Bernard it should have been the Bernard show but instead he dawdled on the ball, made the wrong pass or had a timid shot. Sigurdssen offered very little in the first half
  5. Gordon should have done better, we targeted their right back as he was clearly their weak link yet Gordon's end product let him down. He'll not be happy with that performance, and he'll not have an easier game in his career. * Really don't see what Davies done wrong to ignite his moaners. He played better than the captain of Iceland and a Brazilian international who are both more experienced yet less stick. On Bernard, given the opposition I'd expect an exhibition from him, he was really disappointing today, half arsed or in two minds what to do.
  6. Wrecklessly leaving your position is the opposite of demonstrating competence. @17 seconds he leaves us exposed. Does any one have the stats for how often he done that? As I'd back on him being miles ahead of any player we've had. Back on topic what the feck was Michael Keane doing also.
  7. Can't agree with that at all. He was unbelievably bad his first year and now gets credit for putting in a bog standard performance as we've seen just how shite he can be.
  8. Imagine the comments in this thread if it was DCL missing those chances...
  9. Davies under Alladyce. Before that McCarthy, Fellaini, and Arteta. All done it with no big deal, although McCarthy did have a little blip on the map thanks to paddy Power one time. Koeman and Walsh took the energy out of the team and then Silva took the desire.
  10. Didn't get to watch it but looking at the teamsheets I'd have been dissapointed not to get the three points against that team. I'd imagine spurs fans had as much hope in Dier, Winks, and Hojbjerg as I did seeing Keane, Schneiderlin, and Gana for us.
  11. Pickford Kenny Holgate Mina Digne Allan Walcott James Doucoure Richarlison DCL
  12. Remember the name... Wayne Rooney!
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/aug/30/the-johnson-method-of-government-total-power-with-absolutely-no-responsibility?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0rdsquk5oy2NbySfPWmeUxCG2NCHgAmP0l6UIiTARPtLA-wB00q3N0wZw#Echobox=1598800095
  14. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/appalling-clip-of-britain-first-migrant-hunting-in-hotels-causes-outrage-on-social-media/28/08/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=bfa&fbclid=IwAR0B01RmGvbiVY1FKfaSpl6MOs9FEk3EQ9eNVmT8en1dA4ogqfPg-V_XMIw
  15. What hypocrisy? You've not quoted me. You've just stated it. Still waiting for an apology the last time you just made up shit that I've apparently said. I'd say this is condescending. But I'd also say you're an ego maniac so maybe you don't recognise so. I won't waste my time going through the rest, well bar this one. Worm all you want, it's not hard to see what you're getting at here. Ignore me all you want. I just hope someone else holds your warped views to account.
  16. What about your behaviour? You stated potentially dangerous? Are you threatening me? As for the argument. You've never been near winning, call it gas lighting all you want. I'd much rather you recognise right from wrong and be able to hold your hand up. Have you ever been wrong? Because the closest I can see is you have a change of opinion.
  17. And you don't? Remember you throwing a hissy fit and running away from the site because you didn't get your way? Not a dig at all. Genuine advice. Take it or leave it all you want. Potentially dangerous? You threatening me behind your keyboard little man? Now shying away from the argument and hiding behind me bringing up mental health. You really are in the ilk of Trump et al.
  18. No I mean deflection because you're yet again losing an argument, which is the main thing you highlight when going down that route, lack of intelligence and class being the other things. Again trying to deflect. Gana tried harder once psg come in for him, which meant he'd not been giving his all for the club but I'll digress on Gana as you're yet again deflecting. But if you're calling me a hypocrit back it up with quotes or apologise. Not the first time you've just spouted shit with no evidence. Seasons are 38 games long. Was Kane better this year than any of the previous four?
  19. You've brought up DCL for absolutely no reason other than to deflect. If you're argument was stronger or you were smarter you'd not feel the need to. You've not proved anything. Eriksen year on year dragged spurs up the table. They have dramatically fallen when he has left. Trying to use a season were he has got one eye on his move and only started 10 games compared to the full four years prior is moronic.
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