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  1. Wages have been adversely affected by 0.5%. That is very minimal considering their net contributions into the country. Getting rid won't make wages high enough to offset their net contributions. It will also leave a massive hole of vacancies to be filled. It's not like the Australian system though. Our one is purely a fascist dream.
  2. I just can't fathom them, it's racism at its finest. Migrants are net contributors. The current gov campaigned on the back of us having 'scroungers' (stats show that is less than half a percent of the population) yet are now kicking out net contributors to entice the scroungers in to work by booting of the foreigners as apparently they are lowering wages and stealing jobs. It's a joke, more so when wages have only been impacted negatively by half a percent too. Which just shows the whole argument is bull shit and people trying to justify their nazi side.
  3. Owen Jones opinion on it. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/21/normalise-bbc-racism-hate-crimes-question-time?fbclid=IwAR3pTeRJqml4LpXqZPWDtjR6D_4Ur6191ag2VAFEpUCylzAfoFVknGgp8X8
  4. You need 60,000 if you want to be considered for the world cup knock out stages. Would be a shame if England got the world cup then our stadium missed out as it doesn't meet the requirements.
  5. Like Steve says, just allocate the tickets front to back. You won't notice if any seats go empty.
  6. Original plans had us for 60,000. I don't see any reason for that number to have gone down in the last two decades. Upping the corporate alone takes would take us to 45,000. Then add an extra 1000 for the away fans and we're barely making much room for more Evertonians. The current stadium is littered with obstructed views, without checking the numbers it's easily half the ground, and we sell out nearly every league match. Surely that shows there's a heck more demand.
  7. Feel sorry for a few of them (although I still take the mick). Used to live near main road and loads stopped going as the new stadium was ballache to get to as you have to go into the city centre and then back out again. Hopefully you got to see a few of the Moyes ones. Fingers crossed Ancelotti can get our record there back on track.
  8. Until you thanked Haf, I thought I'd missed a running joke spelling his name wrong with all three of yers spelling it differently.
  9. Arsenal 2-4 Everton Richarlison
  10. City give loads to schools. Good way to get the kids at an early age. Plus would give those 'reds' a head start in going to more Everton matches than they ever will Liverpool.
  11. Moise Kean one stands out. Hopefully put those rumours he's unhappy and pushing for a move to bed. "It was incredibly touching. What he said to my mum is that he would look after me and, with my mum being the most important person in my life, this showed me even more that I would be made to feel at home here. "Every time I see him, every day, every second - I just want to keep saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you', which might be excessive but in all seriousness he was the most important person for me in deciding to come here."
  12. So we're cutting off millions of Europeans and enforcing austerity on millions of our own just to get a few thousand to pick some fruit.
  13. I'm guessing you've not been to Dublin in a while. They've embraced the Brazilians migrants Ali g style 😍 aaaaigh!
  14. Really don't get what point you're making here. You've accepted education and opportunity aren't fair. If anything you've strengthened my argument as the some of the bpeople you know aren't really trying out giving a fuck.
  15. I don't know enough about Abbott beyond the numbers cock up. (Boris done exactly the same without the same coverage or backlash. Just shows how bias our media is). I do remember someone on here defending her though. Quick Google https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2017/06/07/we-need-to-talk-about-diane-abbott-now-explicit-content/ You sort of hit the issue in the head when you mention money. Capitalism is what has made it more difficult, greed has not only been accepted it has been promoted. There's 1000s of people like myself who would happily see it work. Only thing is we have the greedy doing their best to make sure it doesn't happen. Corbyn would have been a step closer to it and you only have to look at the media's campaign to see how scared they were of their demise. If those in power were that scared surely you can see that it could work too?
  16. And this lot call us bitter. They're gonna be unbearable once the league is official. Glad players like Gomes and Naismith gravitate to us than have players like that. (used to like Robinson, but he hasn't half become a bellend since joining them). https://www.sportbible.com/football/rivalries-liverpool-players-give-salty-interview-following-loss-to-atleti-20200219?source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR078zNw0-wtdF_eOViMlPz6PMOeCrQtlqyrv3M8X1_TxBY3h7d3vW45ZL8
  17. https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2020/02/19/the-end-of-free-movement-this-is-a-nation-dismantling-itself?fbclid=IwAR01T9DOPRow1xcftzRrw3oCA0Oxb1KlDk37mahdexu8GL9mi8zIpqAYFbc
  18. @Bailey Lost my post and really cba redoing it. Might respond to the rest later. Any how in other news the nasty party getting their magic calculators out again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/51560120?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3WKpZZ8AczFyzX1zbBcdm90YwjJi0VUNxoYKHew0Y4aCHT4watQIJMGbk
  19. Intellectually learning to become a doctor is more challenging*, but looking at the day to day job a nurse is going through just as much, more so if you compare them to a GP. If I had the skills to do both and both paid the same I'd choose GP over a nurse every time, wouldn't you? *but half the population could with the right education. I've met many trainee doctors at uni that would make you rather treat yourself. You've completely missed the point. Most companies when they issue shares are already established. They could easily go the bank and get a good rate. But that's not the point I'm making. Look at say Apple, already a billion pound company, if you have share and I buy it from you Apple get nothing. I'd then be entitled to a dividend from Apples profits. The company doesn't benefit, only people who do are those who hold dividends (and you as a seller if the shares price has gone up*). This makes those in the company who have divs more likely to pay high dividends for their own benefit rather than use profits to invest in itself and in its staff. *the profit made from the shares going up are a false economy. A less corrupt government would never have allowed such markets to exist. Its only if the major issues in sorting out the capitalist clusterfuck world we live in. The world doesn't work that way anyone. Capitalist with their oligopolies have made it near impossible for people to just up and leave and go make it on their own. Plus it shouldn't be about having to put up or shut up. Companies and the government should treat people better. Supermarkets make £100s of millions profits and pay the top eye watering amounts yet the people who do the majority of the work barely earn above minimum wage. Why should that not be shared more evenly? How about born landlords like the Grosvenors, they make money just by their great great great grandad owning all the land. That not hard work putting billions on the banks, what's your justification for people like that?
  20. Nothing to do with thick and lazy, it's education and opportunity. I'm sure there's 1000s of people who could do your job with the right training. Hate to break it you but all of us are replaceable no matter what skills. You obviously don't respect nurses, I'd argue you have very little understanding of respect. But I'll not digress into your superior complex. Back to the question in hand how can you justify the salary disparity between doctors and nurses, one can afford luxury holidays and some of the other is having to use food banks to get by. Better yet, how can you even justify wages and benefits being that low that food banks have become a thing.
  21. Pretty sure it'd work with someone in charge who has strong moral values like Corbyn. You've even given a pretty good example about small communities so I don't see how you're struggling with the concept/idealogy of it working. It's a poor excuse to say human nature. It's not, it's not for people like me, Mike, Shukes, MJB and probably many more on here. Others do ruin it though and I would gladly move to another planet with the rest of us hippies.
  22. Not madness at all. If wealth was shared more fairly there wouldn't be a massive difference from the bottom to the top. If an MP needs to earn more than the average wage then they're not doing a very good job for everyone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/youngest-mp-salary-charity-workers-labour-nadia-whittome-a9246686.html%3famp That skills argument is bollocks. Fair enough harder jobs deserve more pay. But compare a doctor to a nurse, both work just as hard albeit a doctor has a higher skill set. Do they really deserve to making 4x more than a nurse? Biggest irk is shareholders. Absolute sham of an idea. Beyond the initial cash investment when first distributed they are just stocks that are meaningless beyond what market powers say. Profits should be shared much more with workers, unions have been destroyed and the rich are getting richer without having any skills or putting in hard graft. Basically the same with landlords too, look at the richest family in the country the Grosvernors. What do they actually do?
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