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  1. https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2020/02/19/the-end-of-free-movement-this-is-a-nation-dismantling-itself?fbclid=IwAR01T9DOPRow1xcftzRrw3oCA0Oxb1KlDk37mahdexu8GL9mi8zIpqAYFbc
  2. @Bailey Lost my post and really cba redoing it. Might respond to the rest later. Any how in other news the nasty party getting their magic calculators out again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/51560120?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3WKpZZ8AczFyzX1zbBcdm90YwjJi0VUNxoYKHew0Y4aCHT4watQIJMGbk
  3. Intellectually learning to become a doctor is more challenging*, but looking at the day to day job a nurse is going through just as much, more so if you compare them to a GP. If I had the skills to do both and both paid the same I'd choose GP over a nurse every time, wouldn't you? *but half the population could with the right education. I've met many trainee doctors at uni that would make you rather treat yourself. You've completely missed the point. Most companies when they issue shares are already established. They could easily go the bank and get a good rate. But that's not the point I'm making. Look at say Apple, already a billion pound company, if you have share and I buy it from you Apple get nothing. I'd then be entitled to a dividend from Apples profits. The company doesn't benefit, only people who do are those who hold dividends (and you as a seller if the shares price has gone up*). This makes those in the company who have divs more likely to pay high dividends for their own benefit rather than use profits to invest in itself and in its staff. *the profit made from the shares going up are a false economy. A less corrupt government would never have allowed such markets to exist. Its only if the major issues in sorting out the capitalist clusterfuck world we live in. The world doesn't work that way anyone. Capitalist with their oligopolies have made it near impossible for people to just up and leave and go make it on their own. Plus it shouldn't be about having to put up or shut up. Companies and the government should treat people better. Supermarkets make £100s of millions profits and pay the top eye watering amounts yet the people who do the majority of the work barely earn above minimum wage. Why should that not be shared more evenly? How about born landlords like the Grosvenors, they make money just by their great great great grandad owning all the land. That not hard work putting billions on the banks, what's your justification for people like that?
  4. Nothing to do with thick and lazy, it's education and opportunity. I'm sure there's 1000s of people who could do your job with the right training. Hate to break it you but all of us are replaceable no matter what skills. You obviously don't respect nurses, I'd argue you have very little understanding of respect. But I'll not digress into your superior complex. Back to the question in hand how can you justify the salary disparity between doctors and nurses, one can afford luxury holidays and some of the other is having to use food banks to get by. Better yet, how can you even justify wages and benefits being that low that food banks have become a thing.
  5. Pretty sure it'd work with someone in charge who has strong moral values like Corbyn. You've even given a pretty good example about small communities so I don't see how you're struggling with the concept/idealogy of it working. It's a poor excuse to say human nature. It's not, it's not for people like me, Mike, Shukes, MJB and probably many more on here. Others do ruin it though and I would gladly move to another planet with the rest of us hippies.
  6. Not madness at all. If wealth was shared more fairly there wouldn't be a massive difference from the bottom to the top. If an MP needs to earn more than the average wage then they're not doing a very good job for everyone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/youngest-mp-salary-charity-workers-labour-nadia-whittome-a9246686.html%3famp That skills argument is bollocks. Fair enough harder jobs deserve more pay. But compare a doctor to a nurse, both work just as hard albeit a doctor has a higher skill set. Do they really deserve to making 4x more than a nurse? Biggest irk is shareholders. Absolute sham of an idea. Beyond the initial cash investment when first distributed they are just stocks that are meaningless beyond what market powers say. Profits should be shared much more with workers, unions have been destroyed and the rich are getting richer without having any skills or putting in hard graft. Basically the same with landlords too, look at the richest family in the country the Grosvernors. What do they actually do?
  7. I'm talking equality. That's ultimately what socialism and communism is. As for you being offended. That's your problem. I'm sure you'd be just as offended if someone called you a commie oh wait that's what you did. Funny thing is I've not thrown insults unlike you. I've made a point, you can't justify shitting on my beliefs or that yours are well founded. I've not limited it to racism, I find your ideology inhuman.
  8. Really don't see how that addresses anything. What's wrong with the ideals of communism? Do you not believe everyone should be treated equally? Do you believe you're part of a master race, caste, or class that makes you more important? That you should and deserve to be treated better than someone else? Do you even consider those not of your race, caste or class to even be someone else or do you view them as something else? (I've previously said in the perfect world communism would be best. Fact is it's ruined by power hungry individuals).
  9. Not gonna answer the rest?
  10. Wouldn't mind if we used a 4141 with a midfield of Schneiderlin Walcott Davies Gomes Richarlison
  11. Got the piss took out of me on here said boa Morte was a big red flag. Yes man. Last thing we needed. Says a lot about Silva that he had Unsworth and Ferguson under his nose. Both had more experience but looking back it's probably their presence he was scared of showing him up.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51516582?ns_linkname=sport&ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=facebook&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&fbclid=IwAR3FBaf6z8RKIIQPcOYjv9l8SPHV6kJe7Tuq_VTVYkgxSZssKBjOGt11MtM
  13. That's your best, grenades. Does any other county even still use them. Point is they are happier than us, no? Why would you not want to be more like them? Like I said doesn't work because of the far right. What far left communism is there? Like Palfy says though it's socialist not communist any how. Punishes entrepreneurs? True entrepreneurs are happy to share. Only punishes mono/oligopolies. By punish, makes them play their fair share. We've got victorian deseases and children without food in their belly whilst the rich get richer. How's that on? Or better yet tory idealogy like this https://www.ft.com/content/7b75c07e-50b6-11ea-8841-482eed0038b1?fbclid=IwAR2OCn4Qi9epPJHyM-MOwupCTjlu1l1ALhyHSukPTtxCjSk24dcbWaj9jr0 Not hilarious one bit. As a nation we are disgusting and very much replicating nazi Germany.
  14. Fundamentally communism is great. Unfortunately it's historically abused by far rights. Just look at the terrible far left scandanavian countries, would you not want to be more like them. Happier, everyone happier. The BBC has been proven to be bias towards the right. Literally this current government are replicating the nazis with their help and the rest of the media.
  15. Think it'll be overturned, only thing will be the timing, if United finish 5th it won't be overturned in time I'd bet, but if it's us...
  16. Think the chanting of oh Jeremy Corbyn and a heavy backing of unions in general show Liverpool back labour. You say the anti b thatcher like we'd vote tory if it wasn't for a chip on our shoulder. Most on this city find tories to be disgusting because of how they treat people, you don't need to look back at thatcher for that the last decade shows enough. The white working class have been fooled. But that's by the far right media. You can't blame Labour for that.
  17. My bad 🖐️. Point still stands, the other parties then.
  18. You say it's human nature to put your own needs first. For me a politician should see the whole country as his household and do the best for everyone.
  19. Completely disagree. Bar your mental health you should never put someone before yourself.
  20. 80+% of Liverpool got behind them, and as far as I'm aware it's mostly white working class. One of if not the biggest margin in the country. No coincidence that were also the least media influenced. Labour were cheated by a media no better than North Korea's. Do you blame the opposition for 'letting' the Nazis get into power?
  21. Any evidence of that? Beyond the North West I don't see any rich boroughs voting Labour. The whole point of a politician is to put your country and the people before yourself. Earning potential shouldn't come into it as if you're doing that you're not gonna maximise the wellbeing of the county.
  22. Essentially I called you out on picking on Pickford. No more. Why wouldn't you answer first time round? Wasn't a hard question.
  23. Why? Politians should be doing their best for the people. If anything any of them only there for the money should be fucked off as there greed will influence them to pick their own needs ahead of the nations.
  24. Harrased? Simply asked you to justify what you were spouting.
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