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  1. It was literally one of the first images that came up when searching "cow towing" - there are a surprising amount of pictures of cows being towed on the internet to be fair! Apologies, I'm quite a pedant & that really jumped out at me when I was reading through the thread last night. I do utterly disagree with you about Brexit though & think it will be a complete disaster for the country, but I'm just a London lefty who works in the public sector so I would!
  2. This is my constituency! I'm excited for this election as it actually feels like my vote might be worth something this time in what has traditionally been a Tory safe seat. There is talk of Johnson potentially running away to a safer constituency as he knows he's under threat here, but I really hope that doesn't happen - I'd love it if he came knocking on my door! (though there's no way he'll be out campaigning like that, he'll probably just hide in the local hospital or primary school if he even bothers to come out here)
  3. I was an ESCLA member too Mike, in the mid 90's when I was around 15 & Pat Slavin was organising things. My Dad used to drop me off at Watford junction & I'd pick the train up from there. I'm tempted to join again as I haven't been to Goodison for years - getting married & having a young child put paid to that for a bit unfortunately!
  4. It was 10 years in January for me! Not that I really post much 😑
  5. Those are the standard BBS wheels - maybe being a professional football player your neighbour got a special edition or something? (Probably worth even more!) As for the gearbox, it's a bit weird as reverse is where first is on a normal 'box, 1st is straight back where 2nd usually is, 2nd is where 3rd usually is etc etc. Good luck with your bike test by the way - I did mine a couple of years ago & really enjoyed it!
  6. Haha, that does sound like a nice car Mike, but sadly it's not one that is likely to appreciate in value so it doesn't fit my criteria! 😉 That was an E30, the first and probably the most desirable M3! They were notoriously hard to handle in the wet too, as you noted. Can you remember how you found the gearbox? It's a dog leg, so the gears are in a different place to a conventional 'box. This is the cheapest E30 M3 on autotrader at the moment! You could have bought an awesome Harley for that if you still had it! 😜
  7. Which M3 was it Palfy? I've been thinking of getting a nice car for me as a second car to do just a few miles in (in addition to the family qashqai) as sort of an investment too. Would love an original E30, but prices are through the roof now! I've always likes the E46 & you can get a decent one for about £10k now, and prices seem to be rising.... That must be worth an absolute fortune now! (if it's still in one piece!)
  8. My first car was an F reg Fiesta 1.4 ghia! I wanted to put an XR2 bodykit on it but I never got round to it in the end - would love an original XR2 now! I do quite like cars, and when I was in my 20's and single I had one of the original Focus RS's, then an imported twin turbo Toyota Supra, which was ridiculously fast. Both didn't lose very much depreciation-wise which is one of the reasons I bought them - the Supra cost me £6500 for a '94 reg in 2006, and I sold it to somebody in Germany in 2010 for £5500. Didn't cost too much to run either really - insurance and servicing were surprisingly low, and it was 100% reliable, but petrol cost a LOT! I should have kept it for longer in hindsight - they go for more than £15k these days! When I hit 30 I decided, like Haf, I'd rather spend money on securing the future for my family, so I got a Skoda Fabia vRS, which was still a bit sporty but really practical & cheap to run, and now I'm married with a little one I have an extremely boring, extremely practical diesel Nissan Qashqai +2! Living in London I quite fancy a small electric car like the Renault Zoe as a run around too.
  9. Roughly the same for me, except my Dad didn't really like football but was was nominally a Tranmere fan, but I am a proper glory supporter because I became a fan during the '84 cup final at the age of 4. Went well for a couple of years too...... 😐
  10. My bit of London is quiet! I'm only 5 mins from the tube & then 25 mins into the centre too, so best of both worlds, although if I didn't work here I'd be tempted to live elsewhere. On topic, Wolves can fuck off!! I'd be disappointed but could understand if he went to Lyon, but Wolves?!
  11. Johnsy

    MFK Ružomberok

    Off topic, but what VPN do you use/recommend Paul?
  12. Johnsy

    MFK Ružomberok

    I actually go snowboarding in Slovakia most winters & stay in Liptovsky Mikulas, which is just down the road. Shame this game isn't in the winter as that might actually have been one of the easier away matches for me! (not that I imagine I could get a ticket anyway)
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