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  1. oh moved to SF, met a lady, got married, got two cats and a dog etc. etc. etc. I've really cut down my online time since I started being on a computer all day at work. I get my everton fix passively thru podcasts now, which I can do while walking the dog -- hard to argue with you lot when I'm holding a leash I hope all's well with everyone!
  2. Ian C

    Ian C

  3. 4G has much faster internet connectivity - max ~8MB/s download. Whereas 3G maxes out at about 1MB/s
  4. Played a pretty decent level, mainly as a fullback. Moved in goals for my last year (at about 14) as my coach thought I'd have a bit of talent in it. He must've been right because I was poached off to play basketball by the local club at a pretty high level. Packed in the football then.
  5. Going to see it tomorrow night, you've gotten me all excited
  6. Sadly only here for the summer, but you should ask https://twitter.com/EvertonUSA -- they've got Everton hook-ups across the States! I'll be back in your timezone soon darling <3
  7. Oh hey, I currently live in SF (SoMa/South Beach area specifically) but I'm born + bred in Dublin, Ireland (not the rednecky Dublin on the east end of the BART line ) Welcome to the Everton family.
  8. Gave it to Coleman, exceptional. Baines and Barry were terrific too. Naismith would have it if he put away one or two of his chances.
  9. JOHN MOTHERFUCKING STONES. s/o's to Barry and McCarthy.
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