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  1. "Like I said before Lookman is not far off zahas ability" Not far off = lesser but similar Lookman had been given ample opportunities to prove his worth and bar the very odd flash we never saw any consistency from him, something which multiple managers would have seen in training etc Iwobi will prove to be a good singing especially for the money considering the market and buying from essentially a possible rival/English club
  2. Lookman similar ability to Zaha....Jesus Christ 🤯 Iwobi is a better player than Lookman and has more in his locker
  3. I must admit I was rash to get miffed by it yesterday male PMT when it's nearing deadline day I think I had my hopes on Zaha and when we got linked to Smalling I couldn't bare it 🤯 Fresh head if it comes off I'll be happy with him, had a good nosey at him more today and if he can be a little more consistent he'll be a good buy
  4. The model looks 👌 https://meisstudio.com/blog/2019/8/7/everton-fc-bramley-moore-dock-stadium
  5. Morgan Sanson https://mobile.twitter.com/FourthOfficial_/status/1159179447834152961
  6. Iwobi Smalling.... what the fucks going on We're going to end up having our pants pulled down now by clubs thinking/knowing we're panicking after missing out and making massive bids for other players Hope it's all a smokescreen to make Steve Parish put his massive bag of cocaine down and see sense
  7. Please Marcel do not undo the cult hero godhood status you have built in such a short time by bringing this useless cunt in
  8. Shite I'd much rather have Traore as a back up to Zaha if we're looking at cheaper options
  9. It's an awful lot of money but that's the modern game players going for ridiculous fee's Maguire Bissaka Rodri NDombele etc then there's the prices banded around Ake £75m!! mental.... Zaha is the type of quality and player that could be the difference in this side seriously challenging the top 6 He knows the league is at the right age and can add goals assists and can turn a game on its head in a split second, some will say big fish small pond which could be true but I genuinely think he's potentially a massive piece of the puzzle Imagine a settled front three of Kean Richi Zaha
  10. Probably this neither have filled me with confidence they will hope at least one of them cuts it though The German game will be good for Kenny so I'll hold some hope If he doesn't cut it we've got two competent RB's who won't cost the earth whilst we look elsewhere
  11. Very good cover/competition for Coleman People moan about his age he's a few months younger than Gana when we signed him Hopefully Kenny can enjoy his experience learning his trade and come back ready next year
  12. Good player no way he's 22 though 😂 could be 50 cents older brother looking at him
  13. It was.. .it's just the likes of Sky are miles behind other reliable sources Made up to have him from what I've heard and the little (YouTube fest) I've seen, many people say he's the real deal so looking forward to see what the has to offer
  14. Apparently we've made no bid/contact etc so seems like regurgitated news sadly Brilliant player very surprised a bigger side hasn't snapped him up
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