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  1. Darron Gibson

    The majority of working men and woman would be potted if they had their name etc plastered all over a local paper The man has an abundance of money and outlets to get the help he needs the average Joe could only dream of and he is a multiple offender, no sympathy for anyone that does this kind of thing He's lucky that at that time of day on a weekend kids weren't knocking about
  2. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    Still young and learning and as said he was thrown into disjointed side, if things had gone as we all hoped before this season kicked off he'd have been on loan this season at a decent championship side honing his craft My worry is will he get many chances next season if we bring in others....
  3. Who do you NOT want

    Corbyn or May...
  4. Phil Jones

    Noooo not another rumour about him....... Kill it with fire!!!
  5. Jack Wilshere

    Agree his injury record isn'tt great (neither is/was Walcott's) but totally disagree on ability the lads technically brilliant, a fully fit Wilshire would walk into most sides imo
  6. Bernard

    He's short not a straw weight jockey πŸ˜‚when I've ever seen him play he never seems to get knocked around I don't get this myth people put on this league and small players... Lennon Silva Cazorla Pedro to name a few all very small in stature and cope more than fine
  7. Arsene Wenger

    Calm you're tits the rest of what I wrote clearly points to that! Cheers Bill predictive text at its finest
  8. Mikel Arteta

    Was it Ancelotti you favoured Matt I can't remember πŸ€” I did and still like the idea of Fonseca he's probably imo the best of the rest on paper and we will struggle to attract a household name
  9. Arsene Wenger

    Once his time is up he will move into the boardroom in some form of role at Arsenal They may want him out but the man has been a detrimental part in Arsenal's rise as a financial (on paper) powerhouse behind the scenes
  10. Mikel Arteta

    Big difference is Arteta is an assistant Moyes actually managed a side Took over a poor side fighting the drop to then get them promoted on a similar shoe string budget to ourselves so he ticked many similar boxes were as bar the sentiment of being an ex player Arteta doesn't
  11. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Pretty much how I feel tbh As bad as it sounds and I'll always back us I've lost interest at the moment which is something I never thought I'd say Whilst this bellend is at the helm I feel zero enthusiasm all he will do is drag us down further and the scarier part is the rebuilding once this cunt gets the boot The amount of players that need shifting and players that need bringing in to improve us is frightening and that's hoping we can attract a decent manager to attract decent players...... #fucked
  12. Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    Keane's positional awareness is absolutely dire atm
  13. Made me laugh far more than it should have πŸ˜‚
  14. Muhamed Besic

    You can add cental midfielders to the list as Gana is our most consistent DM and he isn'tt going to displace Davies etc Fact is he isn'tt good enough and moving forward we should be strengthening come the summer so where does he fit in Bill?
  15. Watford (Away) Saturday February 24th

    Probably cramp from weeks locked away in Allardyce's boot