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  1. EFC-Paul

    Ademola Lookman

    Well it looks certain it's Silva so it'll be one of the first signs of the man's common sense to see if he addresses Looomans situation and brings him back here full time I can't see any half decent manager especially one known for attacking football not wanting the lad around
  2. EFC-Paul

    Ademola Lookman

    It's because the age criteria is different for this tournament 1997 onwards so a fair few of the usual faces haven't been selected Although Lookman is eligible Boothroyd has started to pluck lads from the u20's as they'll soon be regulars anyway
  3. EFC-Paul

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I get that mate as with most of us I've worn my fingerprints down refreshing Twitter etc I just have a strange feeling we could be in for a surprise.... Usually the decent ITK's would be hammering it and there would be a bit more meat on the bone, probably just me missing stuff as per
  4. EFC-Paul

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Has there actually been any solid evidence we're even in for him? I know it's logical since we wanted him previously and offered decent money for his services but unless I've missed something I've not actually seen anything other than two plus two rumours?
  5. EFC-Paul

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Lozano Ziyech De Ligt are the stand outs for me that we could really go for Ziyech is said to be in talks with Juve etc but a swap/£ with Davy would be ideal Lozano looks a real player in the making if we don't go for the lad now I can't see us ever getting him tbh De Ligt looks a very good all round solid defender Arias also from PSV is said to be a good attacking RB but I've not seen much of him tbh, bar those lads and the likes of Kluivert Jnr and Dolberg I can't say I've noticed many others
  6. EFC-Paul

    Abdoulaye Doucoure

    Just goes to show how clueless the media are at times to pick such shite up from Twitter, give him his due though he pulled it off and got some bites
  7. EFC-Paul

    Abdoulaye Doucoure

  8. EFC-Paul

    Abdoulaye Doucoure

    It's from a lad on Twitter on the wind up 😂 I'll try and find the original link
  9. EFC-Paul

    Oumar Niasse

    Piss off Mark, I love you Mike 😂
  10. EFC-Paul

    Oumar Niasse

    You knew what I meant you hater 🤣
  11. EFC-Paul

    Oumar Niasse

    I know he hasn't featured much but I'd have taken him Massively changed my opinion of the man, not the greatest player far from it but he's the opitome of our clubs moto and as frustrating as he can be he's an awkward fucker for defence's
  12. He posted this on Twitter the bellend, delusional prick like his old man, he got shot down rapidly though "Just watched Atletico Madrid win the Europa League Final 3-0. Don’t play very attractive football though do they. Their fans can’t be happy with that..."
  13. The man is sooooo detached from reality it's unbelievable, his son is a complete tit as well
  14. The Usmanov rumours are floating around again, if only!!
  15. EFC-Paul

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    I loved this snippet from another article And he says he's told Moshiri he'll be working in all aspects of the club: "From scouting to youth training to what the kits look like" Seems to be a very thorough and dedicated bloke, very hopeful he'll make a huge difference