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  1. Martin Terrier

    Fuck sake ha
  2. Cenk Tosun

    I won't make any assumptions on that as it's something that hasn't happened "yet" so it's purely his speculative opinion which I think is fuelled by his clear dislike for the man rightfully or wrongly I don't think every side Allardyce has managed has had isolated strikers and played hoof ball footie, we've lacked service and with Walcott it looks like something he's trying to address
  3. Cenk Tosun

    I wouldn't read into that too much it sounds more like sour grapes the bloke has slatted Allardyce at every given opportunity, nothing more than a bitter gobshite who wasn't favoured by the man at Newcastle, even moaned about him chewing gum.. The imminent arrival of a player like Walcott would suggest otherwise as well
  4. Rafinha

    The lad looks set for Inter by all accounts not much weight by the looks of it behind our suggested interest
  5. Theo Walcott

    Pinched this off Twitter, if the lad stays fit he's a massive commodity imo Last season Yannick Bolasie, Kevin Mirallas and Aaron Lennon (combined) scored 6 goals. Theo Walcott scored 19. Since 2014/15 Yannick Bolasie, Kevin Mirallas and Aaron Lennon have scored 41 goals (combined). The majority of which was Mirallas. Theo Walcott has scored 39.
  6. Luke Garbutt

    The difference is Garbutt has had some albeit very little first team action and has shown flashes of what could be.. Kenny is testament to giving a player a chance and not many would have wanted him thrown into the mix before the season started and he's faired very well the same with Holgate I still hold put hope the lad will come good the little I personally saw I thought there was definitely a good player in there
  7. Theo Walcott

    Injury troubles are his/our biggest worry but I've always thought Arsenal manage injured players badly ala Wilshire For a player who's predominantly played as part of a front three or out wide alongside some fantastic forwards his return and assist rate isn'tt to be sniffed at many of which were off the bench One of the quickest players in the league who does have an end product will hopefully have a point to prove and has captained his side at times is a snip at £20m in today's world Apps (Subs) Goals 2017/2018 Arsenal 5(5)0 2016/2017 Arsenal 28(5)10 2015/2016 Arsenal 28(13)5 2014/2015 Arsenal 14(10)5 2013/2014 Arsenal 13(4)5 2012/2013 Arsenal 32(8)14
  8. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Or needlessly defend (irony) the lad when he's shite, I'll give the lad his praise if it's due but more often that not he's a liability
  9. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    That's not the point nor was it in reference to the goal it was purely on he shouldn't have been there to begin with Regardless anyway but Martina is an awful player
  10. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Shouldn't have Sigurdsson out wide the lad needs to be central we've seen this shoehorning players in fuck us over many a time yet no fucker learns Martina is shite we desperately need a LB
  11. Davy Klaassen

    I can't see Klaasen being anyone bar Koeman's choice tbh as with Martina I still think he could cut it at this level he's an intelligent game reader he just needs the right set up to perform in sadly I don't think we have the time for it to be here especially with the abundance of mids we have
  12. curious about .... NAMES?

    Spot on, I've got the worst signature in history 😂
  13. curious about .... NAMES?

    Well you don't have to be Inspector Clouseau to guess my first name but my surname means to live at the top of a hill for you that like a puzzle.... Most common to Devon and Cornwall
  14. Nicolas Gaitan

    Depends on a lot of factors but he could still have a good few years in him, Coleman is 30 this year and we'd all love to see him back