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  1. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Bailey with all due respect mate I know it's not FIFA but you quote stats and all sorts of information as if this is Football Manager that are in the main more akin to a simulated game, for me to suggest playing two midfielders in midfield in roles they have played for club and country isn'ttt in the slightest bit FIFA related mate Sigurdsson played behind the strikers with a fairly free rain in midfield where he's at his best that's purely what I'm suggesting he's not Flash but he's quicker and more agile than Tom and Morgan so will/could get about more and Bernard is far more technical and creative than either I do want Bernard to find space and create that's the type of player he is, was Countinho built like a brick shithouse did he track back and defend does Silva do it often did Mahrez and so on? They have a specific role for their skillset I see Bernard as no different he's that kind of player Gana is the best defensive midfielder for me he does what they are supposed to as you say tackling and intercepting but as we know there's no cohesion with having sub par midfielders to pick the ball up and move it forward. That's why I'd like to see him on his own playing deep doing what he's good at then playing it simple to someone who can carry the ball up field Either way I hope something changes or clicks soon as we look dogshit
  2. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Never said he was I was referring to Gana and Morgan in previous posts and I think it was Bailey mentioned Davies so threw all three into the mix In my recent reply I'm talking about a central pairing non of them work so just throwing an idea of something that "might" out there I'll be honest as much as I'm looking forward to seeing what Gomes can offer without getting to carried away we should have brought in a player like N'Zonzi or N'Diaye to fill the void and offer competition
  3. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Not about having two attacking midfielders it's about having one as said the other two can interchange prominently Sigurdsson sitting deeper than Bernard where he's better at driving forward picking a pass etc We can't stick to the same system it doesn't work as seen with Gana and Davies Morgan and Gana Morgan and Davies and so on Gana is the best defensive midfielder out of the three the other two offer very little ATM especially Davies Also questioning a players appetite to defend when they've not been played in such a way is premature especially considering Davies and Morgan run around like headless chickens
  4. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    I don't see the logic behind Bernard and Sigurdsson being torn to shreds yet Davies and Morgan wouldn't Both slow one physically not much bigger than Bernard but technically no where near as good Sigurdsson is wasted in the system we've been playing he needs to sit further back where he can dictate play and make those forward runs that he used to for Swansea where he's far more effective and Bernard could be the creative spark people have banged on about for years He's a big physical presence we should be utilising that until we get a chance to see what Gomes has to offer imo
  5. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    We do massively miss McCarthy or a player with his combative and forward style of play as Nogs says I hope Gomes can fill the glaring gap we need filling I don't not rate the lad but I'd have rather have had Besic sat as a DM than have both Gana and Morgan together it simply doesn't work We'll cause Arsenal plenty of problems on either flank it's the middle of the park they will dictate and pick us to pieces if something isn'tt changed
  6. EFC-Paul

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    I like that bar DCL he's not good enough just yet to be up there on his own imo he'd be better playing off another striker in a system we don't deploy Pickford Coleman Zouma Mina Digne Morgan Sigurdsson Bernard Walcott Lookman Richarlison
  7. EFC-Paul

    Cenk Tosun

    I agree he's definitely good enough no questions there and I do think he'll come good it's just a risky game of chess hoping it's the next game or the game after that I think being benched and coming on fresh might do him some good tbh especially against a side like Arsenal
  8. EFC-Paul

    Gary Speed passes away

    So sad powerful and traumatic in one brief read Really feel for her and the kids to deal with that is unimaginable, also goes to show how fragile the human mind can be and how others need to speak up if feeling that way
  9. EFC-Paul


    Is it for whilst traveling Steve? I've always just stuck with the Halifax Clarity card for ease of use and the best daily rates That's if that's what your using it for like
  10. EFC-Paul

    Man of the Match v West Ham

    Digne for me, he had some very good moments can beat a man and puts in a brilliant ball Not the quickest but we've got ourselves a very good attacking LB
  11. EFC-Paul

    Cenk Tosun

    I didn't see him open much space for anyone if I'm honest Bailey There's players that slot into a more athlete category and he's one of them for me, runs and has stamina but very little else I think it was a poor system Silva set out with tbh we should have had one sitter it's a given to most that the two DM's doesn't work and I'd have had Sigurdsson sat slightly deeper with Bernard and Lookman instead of DCL Hopefully when we get players back we'll get to see what Silva has in mind but as it is we are toothless upfront and far to easy to counter
  12. EFC-Paul


    Looks a very tidy player doesn't he I think he'll be better either behind the striker/s or part of a front three on the left
  13. EFC-Paul

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Not clinical enough and sloppy for the most part, we gifted that game away and fair play to WH they had three clear chances and put them away We best hope Tosun starts putting the ball away soon or we'll be fucked until January The amount of quality deliveries today from Kenny and especially Digne and we only potted one is embarrassing
  14. EFC-Paul

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    I can't wait for us to have lads back from injury and suspensions Gana and Morgan just doesn't work it's a piss poor man's version of Lampard and Gerrard and that's putting it nicely Hopefully Gomes can come in and be the forward minded CM with just one sitting back as a proper DM and it's no fault of his own he's been plonked there but DCL is a wasted spot when he's used out wide, much rather have seen Lookman start or Bernard
  15. EFC-Paul

    Who’s our best player?

    Hard to say as some have played in such disjointed systems and times Ability wise Sigurdsson - On his day there's not that many better in this league Richarlison - Potentially a world beater Walcott - The lad has proven over the years that he's a top level player and has done the same since being here Pickford - If he stops palming the ball around in his own area like he's playing beach ball and irons out a few minor bad habits the lad will be world class