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  1. EFC-Paul

    Edin Dzeko

    I could be wrong but where's it stated it's after tax? It's on multiple sources it's £70/75k pw, I've never seen a players wages mentioned post tax?
  2. EFC-Paul

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Makes my head hurt this thread 🤯
  3. EFC-Paul

    Edin Dzeko

    Why do people assume wages when it's readily available online to find these things out, £70k ish a week which is peanuts for a player of his calibre and experience in today's game
  4. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    I get your point but Besic is pretty much the level at which I'm referring to with Davies just with more a little bit more about him and Morgan has been absolutely shite for some time For me he's been used due to us not having many other options, I'd love the lad to flip a switch and prove me wrong I just don't ever see it happening
  5. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    Nobody said they can't so I don't know why you've said so, I fully understand many a side have had such players he's a Dan Gosling MK2 who does a job for Bournemouth.... Also the players you've mentioned played alongside world class players there's a difference a massive one You've used Davies and impact in the same breath I genuinely can't think of many games he's had that effect, he's also not a defensive midfielder I don't mind having him in the squad as we currently are but he shouldn't starting games and if we progress the squad he'll likely be fazed out in my opinion For a player to be "unlocked" you need natural raw talent he doesn't have it, what does he do or have in his locker that indicates such? Genuine question as I see next to nothing and we all see the game/players differently
  6. EFC-Paul

    Man of the Match v Bournemouth

    Lookman first half Keane the second but went with Keane made some excellent challenges and potentially saved our arses near the end Lookman did very well his work rate was great and kept plugging away Bernard also but gave the ball away to many times for my liking
  7. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    We are talking club football Nogs not international football Rashford has played 28 more senior games than Davies the vast majority of those were from the bench, if your trying to use one player who's been renowned for being miss used at club level as a gauge I'd find someone else to use as an example because it's common knowledge he's been limited to his chances You think our youth system is somehow not upto other clubs but you have very little to back it up when considering it's nearly the same across the board in this league The topic is Davies and he's not good enough no game time will alter the fact he's naturally a limited footballer
  8. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    Two players for a side as renowned as United over the years for bringing youth through is hardly anything to back up a development argument especially since one is 26 and the other has had very limited playing opportunities which is part and parcel of your gripe with us I've not mentioned following City or Chelsea's model, the point is not many sides use the "assets to maximum effect" unless a player is capable of making the step up like Trent Arnold Winks etc and that's a very very small percentage of players pushing through As Pete said these sides also have much better players complimenting them throughout their sides so it won't have as big an impact bedding them in plus they are simply better than what we've got Arnold/Kenny Winks/Davies We do have a decent youth set up the FACT is not many from any side make the transition
  9. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    I've thought the same there's a handful each season who get touted as potential world beaters bar that there's never many, we develop players far better then many sides have and do this fabricated bollocks we don't is nonsense We've won the under 23 league and under 18 league in recent years, we'll go top of the under 18 league if we win our game in hand and we are top of what's now known as the Prem 2 league which wouldn't be the case of we had a "poor development system" It's a huge step up from those leagues and systems and I'm sure Steve has posted stats before that there's never many that make the step up Many of the top sides buy pre made young naturally gifted players ie City Chelsea farm them out for financial gain bar Odoi who looks decent, United haven't had anyone brake through their ranks that looks anything special of late and so on It all simply comes down to natural talent and Tom doesn't have it to the point where he'll become a regular for a side that has any aspirations of becoming a top 6 side given time or not he doesn't have it Who's central midfield would he get into that's above or around us? None
  10. EFC-Paul

    Cedric Soares

    £15m apparently
  11. EFC-Paul

    Wilmar Barrios

    There's me trying to be positive and you come in and crush my nerves 😂 No I agree he does look awkward and clumsy reminds me very much of Sakho I just hope as with Keane something switches
  12. EFC-Paul

    Wilmar Barrios

    Oh I know I didn't take it any other way mate I have the same mindset with tournament football Mina is a slight worry for me but I do think he will settle down and adapt fine.... hopefully!
  13. EFC-Paul

    Wilmar Barrios

    I don't just the only observation I can give of the lad We all remember Kleberson...
  14. EFC-Paul

    Tom Davies

    That's the problem he has very little about him to suggest he's anything but a plodding central midfielder He certainly isn'tt a box to box mid nor an attacking mid either I'm genuinely curious as to what skills some see in him? Does he have pace? No Good feet and skills? Not a bad touch etc but very little else in the technical department Range of passing? No Vision or able to turn the ball over positively? No He seems a good lad with a good work rate but I just don't see what some see in him that would suggest that he or a manaher will suddenly change his natural abilities
  15. EFC-Paul

    Wilmar Barrios

    Headbutted Henderson so he's signing as our new captain on £300k per week