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  1. Who should replace Koeman?

    I actually think Rafa would be ideal tbh but I can't see him leaving with the investment he's likely to get at Newcastle with less pressure etc I wouldn't want Howe or Dyche both are very Moyes and Martinez esq for me and I can't see either doing any better than they are at their respective clubs I'm not even entertaining the idea of Moyes and Allerdyce, give Rhino the reigns for the next game or two Silva Rafa Fonseca Anchelotti Tuchel any one of those for me
  2. Ronald Koeman

    I think many did, top four was slightly out of reach imo but top six was at the time was a realistic shout... What do we know eh 😂 Fucking abysmal I've not seen a side of ours give up so easily in my memory, devoid of pretty much anything we've come to be known for over the years
  3. Ronald Koeman

    I think the Chelsea game will be his last imo Give someone half a chance against Leicester and hopefully a lift for the Lyon game We look genuine relegation fodder atm watching the likes of Watford Huddersfield and co they have far more organisation and drive... Fucking horrendous considering that most of us thought we'd actually have a good shot at the top six
  4. Arsenal (Home) Sunday October 22nd

    I can't see them getting shut before the Chelsea game tbh
  5. Arsenal (Home) Sunday October 22nd

    Dyche will be another one club wonder man like Moyes as will the likes of Howe I'd have Silva here though I think he'll go onto big things
  6. Arsenal (Home) Sunday October 22nd

    Should have replaced Gana at half time, playing with fire keeping a player of his ilk and in that role on with a yellow
  7. Ronald Koeman

    I can't see them getting rid of him with three tough games coming up He'll be gone after the Chelsea game or the away leg to Lyon imo
  8. Ashley Williams

    Can't believe the size of the lad
  9. Ronald Koeman

    Not sure how a dead French assassin figures in all of this 😋
  10. What about now? Sack the manager?

    Let us have blind hope Bailey!! Great stuff Mike it does and always has stood out for me as one of "those moments"
  11. Ronald Koeman

    Agree He could well have their backing but they won't tell him otherwise before a game especially one as big as tomorrow's The man will be on thin ice
  12. What about now? Sack the manager?

    One of the most definitive moments in recent times Mike I remember the lift it gave us, like a light had been switched Hopefully we can beat Lyon and it have a similar effect sadly can't see it happening though 😩
  13. What's on your slip?

    £2 on 13 games spread over the CL league 1&2 both teams to score and Bristol Rovers got dicked 4:0 done me for £875.... Bastards
  14. Nikola Vlasic

    Front three ideally but he's got the best credentials for the role atm at least until Bolasie is back
  15. Nikola Vlasic

    I really like the lad he has the fundamentals to become a potentially top player On Lookman in comparison you can see similar in him tbh but I would say Vlasic has that Hazard esq low center of gravity quick feet and turn about him Lookman is more of a Sterling type quick and more direct with some skill in his locker I think both need to be played on either side