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  1. Sadly Alan Myers has said there's no truth to it All the varying circumstances at Chelsea of late have made it very very unlikely
  2. Very good player, probably cost a fair few quid though
  3. Apparently Brands is/was heading to Nice today... Allan Saint-Maximin? Adrien Tameze?
  4. Type KTN News live into YouTube Mike
  5. Because I don't have to Mike just because you tell people to do something doesn't mean they have to bow to your whim, my opinion differs to yours it's simple If you went about it in a more polite manner and not sat upon that high horse I'd have obliged I've seen more than enough to come to that conclusion and so have the hierarchy and security services of this country and Bangladesh's to deem her a threat
  6. What do you mean by that Mike? Just because I have a varying opinion to yours one that I personally think is more than justified doesn't mean you have to see your arse There's plenty of footage pictures quotes from herself and multiple others who have interviewed her and so on that justify why she's had her passport revoked then again they've done it because she's not committed any offenses their just racists I guess Mike? "Expected no more" 😂 fuck sake Mike get off your high horse
  7. I think those two are more than justifiable for labeling the cretin such but no there's plenty more out there if you want to look then do so Mike This Country along with Bangladesh both wouldn't refuse her citizenship on a whim.....
  8. Non of that is applicable to what I said Mike nor have a touched or disagreed on so I'm unsure why you've quoted me on it I simply think the girls a cunt for multiple reasons many of which are on video and easily accessed by anyone not for being one "of them"
  9. The girls a cunt of a human it's as simple as that
  10. Suso was never going to become a first teamer whilst Coutinho was there plus the lad was clearly a very naturally gifted player No one is saying you can definitely rule out a 20/21 year old, it's judging their current ability and whether they have the ability to step it up
  11. This is essentially what I mean about Davies as well although I do think Davies is a better player who has shown some good signs lately It's a tough and potentially costly game gambling on youth that don't have that crystal clear natural ability, hopefully though they do kick on but I fully get Steve's point
  12. Had a Google they do look good! We had Shake Shack in New York which was really good compared to many I've had over here, they do have them in London now but I'd imagine it's not the same One of the nastiest things I ate over there was grits! Frog spawn porridge concoction 😫
  13. Or that your opinion/s aren't fact...
  14. My theory is it will be heavily tied into Ant-Man and his use of the "Quantum realm" as the Gauntlet doesn't operate there and the only winnable outcome Strange saw in Infinity war is being played out, Strange will have put parts together unbeknownst to everyone and somehow Loki will play a massive part in it It's not following the comics as such so I'm having to guess myself 🤔
  15. What stick has he had? I couldn't care what's said at games etc we are referring to on here before that old chestnut possibly gets thrown in.... All people have said (myself included) is we/I don't think he's a starter or he has "it" to become a player starting week in week out at the level we want to be aiming for That's no different then the endless list of players who people have had the same thoughts on over the years regardless of age, he's had plenty of games as well but I do admit positionally and in that set up yesterday he looked much better As said he can spoon feed me humble pie week in week out and I'll be made up for him and anyone else who dons the shirt but let's see how he fairs first
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