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  1. EFC-Paul

    Nikola Vlasic

    Wouldn't have known he was on the pitch for most of the game tbh
  2. EFC-Paul

    Marko Arnautovic

    He's apparently kicking up a stink at WH wanting a few hundred grand a week, currently on about £130k Very good player tbh but I've always thought he comes across a bit of a troublesome tit
  3. EFC-Paul

    Chris Smalling

    More bollocks than Katie Price has had dragged over her forehead Not a chance we'll be looking at him
  4. EFC-Paul

    Remembrance Day

    Heartbreaking the devastation and ruin it all caused on so many levels Brave men women and kids some of whom joined up under age to fight for a just cause I couldn't even imagine putting myself in their shoes, the bravest generations to have lived in my eyes
  5. EFC-Paul

    Yerry Mina

    First competitive game in a fairly long time against a quality side, all in all he did well and looked solid considering Good managerial headache for Silva either way
  6. EFC-Paul

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    Erm 😂
  7. EFC-Paul

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    Poor distribution the first half and most of the balls he fought for he did when he lost it himself Not his usual game so far
  8. EFC-Paul

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    Can't bare Kevin Friend he's a gung-ho card happy playdoe faced cunt We need to settle down in the second half and get our act together in the final third, Bernard isn'tt utilized out on the left he needs to drift into the middle and feed Richarlison I'd be tempted to move him inside and pull Sigurdsson for Lookman if he doesn't up his game second half, but we might get over ran physically
  9. EFC-Paul

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    I can see this one being 2-1 either way it's one of those games that's hard to call If we come out and play to our strengths then we've every chance but if we let Hazard and Willian run freely through the middle we're fucked
  10. Very poor from Sky that, just glad he hit the ropes if he'd have gone flat on his back it could have been a different story
  11. EFC-Paul

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    I agree but we aren't far off I think these lads could well match most sides in that mix when they've played a few more games together
  12. Did really well but against such a class fighter especially a southpaw he was always going to get caught as it went on Can hold his head high and hopefully retire a wealthy proud man
  13. LiveNet TV and RedBox TV are far better apps if you ever struggle Bill
  14. EFC-Paul

    Yerry Mina

    Seems a top bloke, we have brought in some brilliant lads with personality's and ethic to match Looking forward to seeing them develop together
  15. EFC-Paul

    Ross Barkley

    🤣 You orrible bastard "Sean Bean voice"