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  1. Johnny Bryant

    Abdul Majeed Waris

    Went to hartpury college with Waris and he has unbelievable technique! Pretty much scored a hat trick a game for the first team when we went to see him play.. Sound guy too!
  2. Johnny Bryant

    Ross Barkley

    I totally agree with you on that. IMO Barkley has more potential than Henderson and a LOT more than Caroll.. So considering that we should be looking for at least 30 mil, maybe more. And considering Rooney, 18 at the time so still in the potential bracket, was sold in 2004 for 27 mil I'd say we deffinatly need to be looking around that mark. Espcially as transfer fees for world class and potential players have risen since then.
  3. Johnny Bryant


    Worth more than 2mil!! But glad to get him off the wage bill, he clearly doesn't want to be here anymore and hopefully we can put the money towards a new winger or striker :/
  4. Johnny Bryant

    Christian Benteke

    I know what you mean. Beckford has quality movement on and off the ball and some real pace! I will admit that sometime it take him a shot or 5 to hit the next, but then again he's scored some absolute screamers!! I don't know why Moyes doesn't play him and Saha up top (when Louis' actually fit of course:P) they both feed off each other well and work great together, from when i've seen of them anyway.
  5. Johnny Bryant

    Nico Krancjar

    lets face it, we're never going to be spending big money on a lightning quick winger who can pass, score and create goals... but in Krancjar we'll have someone who can do everything bar keep up with Usain Bolt! H's defiantly worth signing up for the season on loan and then look to buying in our own Messi at a future date
  6. Johnny Bryant

    Rumours Without A Link

    Barrera based on his ability, he played pretty well in the word cup, i remember him running rings around Abidal when he came on, and awesome in the gold cup.. scoring 2 in the final against the US. Was quality in the Mexican Premiera before moving to West Ham where he flopped majorly. But he's definitely got the potential to be a star in the premiership, just hasn't really shown it yet. And Sears based in ability but mainly potential. He's got pace to burn and a good mate of mine from uni who's a Hammer trained with him in the academy as a youngster, reckons he has plenty of talent and scored bags of goals in the youth set up. I know that means nothing when it comes to stepping to the big time, but its better than not scoring Naturally play's behind the striker but can play out wide to. But lets face it, we have no chance of signing either of the two any way
  7. Johnny Bryant

    Rumours Without A Link

    I'd rather have Barrera or Sears over Faubert tbh.
  8. Johnny Bryant

    Rumours Without A Link

    I'd consider a swap deal for Pav, but I'd still want between 5/10mil or another player. Rodders is a player with huge potential at only 20, bearing in mind players don't hit their peak till around 24-26, and with Pav being 30 in December he'll only have another 3 maybe 4 years left at the top. He's got real quality though but isn't consistent enough IMO, but saying that he had a bad patch for Spurs and old Arry seemed to give up on him. His stats from last season are : Season Club Played Goals YC RC 2010/11 Tottenham 29 (11) 9 3 0 Bearing in mind nearly half of his appearances were as a sub they're not bad, got 4 assists as well I think.
  9. Johnny Bryant

    Peter Crouch

    I'd deffo swap Rodders for Lennon!! Can't see old ball bag face going for that though
  10. Johnny Bryant

    Jack Rodwell

    this has got to be some sort of joke? If this actually happens I think I'd loose all faith in Everton what so ever. I'd say Crouch is worth around 8-10mil and Rodders at least 20/25mil. And tbh I'd rather keep the Yak than bring in that lanky goon.
  11. Lets face it we do need to be taken over, but not in that scale. If we were to get a 'City' style takeover, they bring in 5/6 players on 100k+ a week and then suddenly fuck off cus they've had enough we'll be in a whole heap of shit. IMO we need to be taken over, but by someone who actually has an interest in running Everton as a football club. Come in and sort out our finances, write our dept off and maybe a new stadium, but that's not at the top of our list of priorities tbf, and get us up back up there with the likes of manure and chelski. I believe we're not that far off, but we will never be a massive threat until we spend a little money. In the long term though a bigger stadium would be what we would need to bring in more revenue, increase the fan base etc. We need to bring in a little more depth to the squad to cover injuries and fatigue, and obviously bring in a decent winger (or 2) and a striker. If we had a chairman there to give Moyes around 20/25 mil to spend each summer I think we would be a team to compete with. Tbh we probs wouldn't even need that every year, but it would be nice for Moyes to have the money there and bring in either future talent or a player(s) to strengthen the squad where he feels necessary.
  12. Johnny Bryant

    Joey Barton (merged)

    http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/871460-joey-barton-edges-closer-to-spurs-or-arsenal-transfer-as-everton-priced-out According to Metro Arsenal are leading the chase for him.. but he's already said he doesn't want to move south didn't he?
  13. Johnny Bryant

    Joey Barton (merged)

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/gossip_and_transfers/default.stm Moyes was apparently supposed to be having talks with him yesterday so one of those clubs could have been us? But it looks like the toon might not even want to get rid of him now..
  14. Johnny Bryant

    Joey Barton (merged)

    Won't be coming here then unless he can wait