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  1. I hope the night king turns out to be Ned Stark that would through a spanner in the works I would think
  2. wish I had your crystal ball steady on Haf we could think you have a soft spot I hate that and it is one reason I like the shite more than the mancs … everything is all about united. did you hear what nev said about us? " Everton ran 4 miles further than United in the first half …. EVERTON!" fuck you Neville dirty cunt you at times 🤣
  3. rubecula


    Me? why is it always me? roflmao
  4. me too mike but that Heinz stuff tastes good enough to lick off your fingers lol lol and it is very mild too.
  5. I do not like peanut butter (I have some in the house now, but no matter how hard I try I can not get on with the stuff. Have you tried this stuff though? https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/heinz-yellow-honey-mustard-220ml only £1 from Morrisons at the moment and it is wonderful to eat.
  6. rubecula


    that us what I like to see, keep these greetings coming folks let us all remind Mike he is getting older by the minute roflmao 😈
  7. I thought it was good and some nice hints thrown in too
  8. yes you imbecile rofl you know what I mean but if we win I will feel aggrieved all over again
  9. Everton 2 - 1 Man Utd Keane I relly want us ti win but if we if we do I will be pissed off by the Fulham game.
  10. strange to say but I am watching it just now
  11. rubecula


    all the best me old mate you are catching me up now great pictures too
  12. one reason I posted my comments a while ago.
  13. you should never be cheeky to your betters
  14. must admit I never look at other predictions before I post in this thread Steve if you want I could alter mine
  15. I do embrace it but I can not see us keeping a clean sheet again, we wouldn't be Everton without a scare or two in a game like this. I see us winning, but not as easily as expected.
  16. As we are down at their Craven Cottage ground and we are bot as needy as they are...…... no clean sheet expected but we should have too much in the tank for them this time around. Fulham 2 4 Everton Keane
  17. thanks Matt I must have missed that bit.
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