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  1. Everton 5 - 1 Sheffield Utd Richarlison Hatrick. and perhaps siggy gets two. and f I think on Wednesday when we play wednesday we will get a decent result I suspect about 6 goals you know the scorer I he os playing I think richarlison again (f not cenk tosun)
  2. I expect us to win there today but I can not see a great game I am afraid (in fact I can not see any footy at the moment as I can not run to my remote to tyrn the telly on )
  3. I just want to find my nice little tv remote so I can watch a bit of telly
  4. wonder what happened tp the independent speakers?
  5. ps sorry I have not been around for a while lads but I have not been well as you will know, if I cannot get on the league I will be happy to put my efforts on the boards as and when on an ad hoc basis just for a laugh … 😄
  6. bournmouth 0 = 2 everton siggy and bernard
  7. just now nothing at all why? well it is not because there is nothing to watch it is because I cant find the bloody remote
  8. to be honest I am heartily sick of the whole sorry episode now I was huffed to bits when I thought my vote meant something, but it was all lies ….
  9. it all depends on age I think mate, but here ae my favourites Or they were ate the time. Torchy the battery boy, Hate the thought of it now. Four Feather Falls, A bit racist imho but back then It was fine. Super car I still like this one I even sing the theme tune to it at times Fireball XL5 I love the as much as I ever did Space Patrol not bad a rival Fireball XL5 Stingray good entertainment for a young lad Doctor Who? William Hartnell was brilliant I can name all the doctors to this day Ready Steady Go, Football programmes ' Rugby programmes that is my ten from way back ..
  10. sing it do not say it Palfy will give you tips on belting out Nessun Dorma //// Failing that you could try Frere Jaques
  11. good for you palfy you made your choice and are willing to stabd by it come hell or high water. but please bear in mind that negotiations will not cease when we do leave, they will go on for a long time after that.
  12. I think most pf us in here would agree that the poloticians we have in the uk are pretty crap almost as bad as my typing in fact I am sure many if not all of them would stand up and say that they remember the path they took when they first became MPs. I took a smilar oath once and I still support it when ever it is required of me. However I am worried I may perhaps be expecting too much from them. es[ecially the parties who refuse to accept the will of the people as you no doubt have known for some time I voted to leave the eu (I am not going to go into why just now), but the politicians who argure to remain are deeplyd deviding for me they have deliberately ignored certain facts that would otherwise have resultrd in a smooth transition for us all. Have you ever wondered on : Why poli's are reluctant to let the british people live how the wish? or why these politicians are apparently shit scared of doing an honest days work to earn the money the get paid? They are lazy and gravy guzzlers that they would rather sit back on ever so welcoming leather of the house and let someone else do the work for them. I hate them all 😈 NO offence meant to whoever you are and whichever way you voted
  13. precisely we are suffering with the abject mockery of our parliament in order to destroy our democracy. questions for you to ponder on to yourselves: 1. Why did we have a referendum in the first place ? 2.Why did we have a leave vote when we did? 3. What is the point of having a result if politicians who disagree with the result can countermand the result by saying things like "The people who voted to leave didn't understand what they were voting for." 4. I was thinking that if the vote had gone the or=ther way would you honestly have been prepared to argue for a seond referendum or a posting of arguments against the vote
  14. I do not think so as remainers have voted the general election down. My own opinion is tht the whole thing could have been avoided years ago if the polititions involved were not so scared of doing the job they were elected to do, instead of hanging on the coat tails of euro polititions who are doing the best they can for Europe.
  15. WTF IS GOING ON? ] the general public voted (by a small majority I admit) to leave the EU and there are politicians actively saying that the leaving would be undemocratic… I do not understand, the more they dig in the heels over this the more it will drag ot out and it will become more painful when we do leave. i do not like Boris by the way but he is right to throw out the rebels.
  16. rubecula

    Jokes thread

    great post mike lol lol lol
  17. I always used to vote for the libdems but that was many years ago not sure who will get my vote in the future possibly be the party who knocks on my door first
  18. I am with matt on this may as well ask if we are better off without Joe Mercer yes I know he is dead and buried now but he used to platy for us as did gana
  19. Everton 5 - 0 Watford Richarlison
  20. who in hell are you talking about stevo
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