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  1. I remember the games we used to have like throwing a penguin and pipes and stuff like that, I was wondering if it would be feasible to have one game per summer break to keep a friendly interest in the site when there is no football to talk about, just one game we can change every season and we can play as often as we like and we can have a summer champion. and Mike can not compete to make it fair lol lol (joke)
  2. Hello and welcome young man I m a denizen of wales myself despite being a real scouser I live in the north though at the moment. enjoy the site for what it is and avoid the brexit topic as much as possible is the best advice I can give you have fun though
  3. keep yer gob shut in future
  4. There is no such thing as a good politician
  5. I am starting to hate fucking cats now. I called mine Trex, why? because it is a cooking fat
  6. rubecula

    Jokes thread

    fixed it for you John lol
  7. mike josh sounds like a good kid yu should be ashamed of blaming him for the trouble you are causing lol lol
  8. oddly I can see well enough to read if the book is far enough away and the letters are big enough lol but the idea of audiobooks I good if I can try it out I will let you know.
  9. my favourite pastime is reading or it was when my eyes were ok sadly after the cataract surgery I can not do it now.
  10. apparently there is a similar series to GoT on tv called Outpost maybe good but not sure as not seen the series yet.
  11. bless him I will happily say a prayer for him Mike 🙏
  12. John the point is the dog needs us as much as we need the dog and licking oneself does not mean washing in my vocabulary Mangey moggies or daring doggies?... I go for the canine rather than the feline every time, not that the moggies are hateful just not as good as the doggies
  13. I know how you feel Mike you take care buddy and try to ensure your friend has a happy ending as best you can-
  14. Not sure but I think we are all in agreement here, change the title of the thread tp elections as it is not a general election thread now lol
  15. I am pleased that Trump is involving himself now as it means that boris is going to face a lot lore ridicule so is less likely to win.
  16. to be good and fair though john, Welbeck is never going to get better than he can do now, DCL is only going to continue improving all the tie, for now at least..
  17. thank od she is going though?
  18. I agree we are the self styled "peoples" club and anyone who is of the people for the people etc etc will always suffer the tribulations of the media
  19. I am sure you will not finish last mate and I hope you finish second I am certain to finish top you see.
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