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  1. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=new+zealand+gaka&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dnew%2bzealand%2bgaka%26form%3dEDGEAR%26qs%3dPF%26cvid%3dd5accb61c56f45a2a51a238a77423705%26cc%3dGB%26setlang%3den-US%26plvar%3d0%26PC%3dLCTS&mmscn=vwrc&view=detail&mid=F52DBABBDCC1F90C0977F52DBABBDCC1F90C0977&rvsmid=125427A53BD2C4020652125427A53BD2C4020652&FORM=VDQVAP is this the one you meant Mike?
  2. They're going through a rough [atch to -be sure, but they will stick it to our lads as we can not defend or score goals for toffee jus now,
  3. go on you know you want to lol
  4. I say it again Mike Brexit is all bollocks
  5. Fer fucks sake man keep it to yerself I don't want Mike or Matt to think I am getting soft
  6. no chance of me being certain about anything anymore
  7. if we lose this game it could be marco's last game in charge I think
  8. Just relax and have beer you whinging tosspot
  9. bollocks mike lol quick grab a net a pig just flew past... Better odds on that being true mate lol but christ man you crack me up at times.
  10. Brighton away has all the makings of a draw to me Ok I think I will go for B&HA 0 -0 Everton No scorer.
  11. I went for Gomes as he put a hell of a shift in Bernard for me was too often giving the ball away but his goal was pretty good.
  12. not making me jealous Palfy lol not a bit lol I hate golf and wine I can take or leave it
  13. the trouble with Boris is really He is a Politician and as evertone knows if a politician tells you that Monday comes before Tuesday, you had better check it on a callender However he is between a rock and a hard place (mainly because of other politicians who are shit scared of leaving the warm cosy lap of the EU w here they don't need to do much and they are too lazy to take up the jobs they were elected to do in the first place) on the whole I would like him to succeed (not because I like him, not because I am a tory voter = I am not by the way = but mainly because I am pissed off with the people who are delaying everything ad infinitum . I have said this before in public and on here Polititicians? I have shit them …. Thersa May Compounded the errors made by Cameron and now we are reaping what we deserve, but fuckin hell I just want us out of the whole bloody mess now We can carry on negotiating once we are out
  14. Henry? enough of my nonsense here is something somebody else wrote, https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/19/everton-west-ham-premier-league-match-report
  15. Mike the only way to avoid cheating is to drug test after every meal for life and to compete stark naked … or you could scrap all records and allow them to compete any way they wish drugs included
  16. I remember them when they were cheap lol lol no point in trying to make us jealous Matt we know you meant a cow shed n a high mountain field all cold and damp lol lol Or even wet paint Romey? lol you tell him lad he wont make us jealous will he?
  17. everton 1 wet spam 2 I have to be honest here I think we are about to get cheesed (the same as getting creamed but much worse )** Cenk Tosun if he is playing if not Richarlison. ** with thanks to Sir Terry Pratchet for his explanation
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS45UkyfQl8
  19. it sounds very familiar eh blues? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/16/canada-beat-usmnt-soccer-gregg-berhalter Patience is in short supply among the USMNT fanbase, who have had enough of being told the team is in learning mode and that setbacks are growing pains
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