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  1. It's what he said. Although I suppose he could be trying to hide his intentions as he never said we were not going for him I don't think.
  2. :lmaosmiley: I had to read that twice. I thought it was hysterical Make like a squirrel ROFL Play him over the park ROFL Nice find Iggy
  3. Moyes is in the studio for tonights football. He said he thought Mouthino was a good player but not what we needed right now.
  4. I knew a girl who could cook marvelous turkey. She had wonderful breasts. Although she was flat chested too.
  5. Hello Jamie, I am new here too
  6. The secret is to just suck on them. Forget lighting up and they can't touch you for it. (I hope... hate to be touched for having a fag)
  7. As your Avatar clearly shows. He is class, he is not consistant. He could be though.
  8. If, and at the time of writing this, it looks like the Kirkby move is a deffo, IF Goodison gets re-developed then where will Everton play home games while the work is carried out? I suspect thet a redevelopment will be an excuse to ground share anyway and they can then say you may as well stay there and sell Goodison anyway. However latest news seems to suggest that Kirkby Town FC is about to be renamed Everton. Oops am I being sarcastic there?
  9. I remember looking at the Kings Dock stadium video and I thought it was magnificent. Why have they gone for a concrete shoe box for Kirkby? Surely the plans for the Kings Dock Stadium could just be moved to a new location?
  10. What a great welcome. I could almost hand the ciggies around after that.
  11. Thats right blame it all on Iggy. he is the root cause of many problems. He has been known to drive others to drink. Luckily he drives them home again.
  12. Not sure I would want Taraabt though
  13. If Moyes where to leave and there was some financial imput. (I think Moyes leaving might spark a bit of frenetic money coming in as a knee jerk reaction here) I think we could attract a really top manager. Someone like Mourinho? I did say like Mourhino.
  14. Holland will do well I think after the showing against Italy. If I were to support someone, and I wont to be fair. Croatia, purely because of Slaven Bilic. Maybe Poland.
  15. Thats a pity I will be away then. I expect the prices to be cheaper?
  16. He has shown some glimpses of his ability, and he seems to like it here. But he is not consistant enough to take a plunge at a figure of over ten million. I would like him back myself, but as I say not at an exhorbitant price. If the price remains high, I say let him go and look elswhere.
  17. I can see your point there, however Manchester have two top flight teams and there is room for them both in Manchester. (Obviously I can not comment about Birmingham as they are a bit short of top flight teams. And London is a different kettle of fish altogether.) I do think there is room for two big teams in Liverpool. But perhaps two top stadiums is a bit tight. I don't think this is the case myself, but I bow to the opinion of others. I have always thought that as the East Lancs goes right up to Queens Drive in all but name, and it is a dual carriageway. Why not build along there? Walton Hall Park? Liverpool have Stanley Park. Or even a little further along. The site of the old English Electric factory is pretty big. And there are other places between these. I may be a bit suspicious here but I am certain there is some ulterior motive for this Kirkby move. I simply can not put my support behind it. AND there is the question of Stadium ownership that really annoys the hell out of me.
  18. Everton & Spurs Similarities., A very interesting read... Spurs And Everton Share Great Histories Ruined By Dodgy Local Rivals Edward wonders why Everton and Spurs are at each other when Woolwich and Liverpool are just around the corner. We can argue forever, but the truth of the matter is that both Tottenham and Everton, although overshadowed by more successful neighbours, have glorious histories. Tottenham have won the top league twice, and the FA Cup 8 times (and the League Cup three times), in Europe they have won the UEFA cup twice and the Cup Winners’ once. On top of this footballing trophy cabinet they have been graced with such players as Danny Blanchflower, the goal machine Jimmy Greaves, as well as Gazza, Chris Waddle, and Gary Lineker. But enough of Spurs, as we all know I have an irrational hatred for them. Everton have an equally impressive past. Everton’s historic trophy haul is equally huge (some may say even more than Spurs’); winning the league 9 times, the FA Cup 5 times, and the Cup Winners’ Cup once. They have also played more seasons in the top flight than any other team (yes, that includes you Woolwich – I know you have never been relegated but check yer ‘istory books). Gary Lineker, Dixie Dean - the most prolific goalscorer in English football history, summed up by the Bill Shankly quote: “Those of us privileged to see Dean play talk of him the way people talk about Beethoven, Shakespeare or Mozart - he was that good,”. Tommy Lawton, Alan Ball, the legendary Neville Southall who won the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year in 1985, an amazing feat for a goalkeeper. And if you really want to pick hairs, if you add up all the results played in the top flight of the English football, Everton are the most successful side ever. But what I want to focus on here is the fact that both Spurs and Everton have neighbours with skeletons in their closets. Most Liverpool fans forget that Everton’s wonderful team of the 80’s was decimated by the ban of English clubs from Europe, that Lineker et al left Everton BECAUSE of this ban, and so one of the most promising eras in Everton’s history was ushered through a trap-door. More recently the Liverpool Council offered up the Stanley Park option to Liverpool even though they previously led Everton to believe that it was unavailable – now we have little option but to move outside the city. Spurs fans also have reason to gripe; although this event happened in the murky distant past, it arguably could have had a huge impact on Woolwichs progress towards their current stature as one of England’s great teams. In 1921-2 two seasons after the League restarted after World War One, England had four main divisions, the league decided to increase the number of teams in its first and second divisions, from 20 to 22 clubs. It is the choice of teams for the new, bigger, first division that remains controversial to this day. In the 1915 season (the last one played before the League resumed) Chel$ki and Tottenham finished in the bottom two, and it was widely believed that they would stay up and the league would be joined by the two promoted teams , Woolwich, who finished 5th in the second division somehow got promotion. And not only that, they managed to relegate Tottenham too (!). The other team Woolwich leapfrogged, Barnsley, only got to experience top flight football in the 90’s. Woolwich’s own official history describes Norris as a bully and a corrupt dictator, and he was the one responsible for moving Woolwich to North London, against its fan bases wishes. The author David Conn describes the move as: “wily, ruthless, commercially driven, bloody minded, speculative, but it made Woolwich a modern football club….Woolwich’s golden age, which produced the marble halls, Herbert Chapman…and all the other trappings of this most respectable club, was built on that foundation.” Woolwich and Liverpool both have an impressive cache of trophies, but their history, and the shady behind the scenes machinations that have weakened their rivals, is far from impressive….
  19. Honestly can anyone see him ever getting back into the team though? I feel for the guy but if he needs to stay here he needs to find a new job before his contract runs out.
  20. My argument on this has always been that a football club owns the ground and it's name. Nothing else. Managers come and go, players come and go, even directors come and go. But the ground and the name are sacrosanct. Everton are giving away one of the things that make them Everton. No I do not want to leave Goodison, but I will go with the vote as it is. I just wish that for two reasons it was not the Kirkby project. 1) I want Everton to retain ownership of the stadium. 2) I do not want to leave Liverpool, it is like running away from the 'other lot'
  21. I am a toffe who has followed the blues for decades.... Yes I am that old. I have been a member of another site for some time. A nice friendly little site. But the clue is 'little' Unfortunately it looks like the site is nearing terminal decline and as it is now in it's death throws I asked site admin for a good Everton site to visit. This one was his recommendation So there you are, you are recommended. I look forward to many happy years of creating alarm and despondancy to you all. PS I don't want to go to Kirkby
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