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  1. Mikeo you really are an arse does it matter when the fucking game was pointing out I made a mistake on game order doesn't change the point. I'm glad your knowledge of the fixture list makes you feel superior. It however confirms my assessment your essentially a useless knob
  2. I would argue that Its exactly the issue we were lucky to get the point.
  3. Bill will let him take us down before he sacks him... He could take us down!!
  4. I have to say we deserved it. Dodgy decision but the goal was coming and we should lose to a pen last game. I am bored of this flattering to deceive. Martinez post match interview will go something like great character dodgy ref decision etc etc. He is a lovely guy but he is just not good enough at this management lark. I am interested in knowing when the results are bad enough get the man sacked.
  5. I wish he would stop talking nonsense and get on with rectifying the team.
  6. It's the old saying if you keep trying the same course of action and expect a different result your stupid. The anomaly in his management was year one where we were amazing. However now we cannot defend and we can't blame jags being injured for that. We have a 60 mil pairing in stones and Mori but we can't keep a clean sheet at home. We can't blame the keeper although he is part of the problem. I just thinks new long term plan is required whether that means a new manager more focus on defence better defensive coaches. The current light could take us down!!
  7. if i am a postman and i cant delver letters i get sacked if i am a football manager and i can't deliver results i get sacked. you cunts who think we should keep martinez need a stab to the heart.
  8. Martinez = chump please can we move on
  9. how the fuck you boys think he should keep the job is shocking. The results vs the squad we have are nothing short of shocking. Sell stones for fuck sake. Martinez should have gone months ago. lets work on the basis relegation is better then keeping martinez at the helm
  10. All the claims of we may do better in the coming games and IF we turned draws into wins we get champion league but the main point is our performances have in the last 10 games or so have not been good enough. 6 wins out of 21 against the teams we have played is disgusting. I am bored of Martinez unorganised tactics and banal team talks.
  11. Knobhead the reason city failed to score at home was the ref didn't give them a blatant penalty
  12. you are all fucking deluded!!! your throwing out your compliments about what a good defensive display it was but relied on the keeper and ultimately the ref for the draw. we looked like we parked the bus thats not what martinez is about. if we lose that game 1-0 with the pen you our shouting for RM to be sacked fucking grow up
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