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  1. Tim will always be loved by Everton and remembered as a legend at Goodison Park, however the timing of his departure was perfect. He had 8 fantastic years with us - his final season showed he wasn't able to replicate the form he'd shown over the years. Despite that, still doing well from what I hear at NYRB, and what a goal he scored against the Dutch! Would have him as a coach at Everton however I feel he'll come back to Australia and maybe end up as a coach here.
  2. Complete shock and disbelief. RIP
  3. Was an absolute beast when he first showed up at Arsenal, great defender and wasn't afraid to get forward and score. Not so sure about him anymore.
  4. Another Wrestlemania done. Expected and was glad that Daniel Bryan walked out champion, well done to the lad! Still in shock though about the Undertaker's streak finally coming to an end, going down to Brock Lesnar. 21-1 seems as though it will be the final straw in his career, the match itself looked beyond him at times. Other than that decent results, overall pleased with the event as a whole.
  5. Really, really impressed by his performance yesterday. He fits into the starting 11 so seamlessly and it's amazing when you consider he's only 19. From what I've seen in interviews and his behaviour on the field he looks like a great lad with a good head on his shoulders, if he continues to improve we may be looking at having a regular starter at international level and hopefully an Everton captain.
  6. At least Daniel Bryan will most likely walk out champ now.
  7. Arkham Knight looks awesome. Picked up South Park: The Stick of Truth, has proved to be fun so far. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U is also a great title
  8. Punk's still contracted with WWE - I'm still holding on to some hope he'll be back in time for Wrestlemania. The only way The Shield could end in somewhat of a satisfying scenario would be to have them in a triple threat match, feel that would be awesome. Would have been awesome if Reigns had won the Rumble and then won the title, having the belt amongst the group would have solidified their status as one of the best stables ever. Agreed DK, no doubt the Undertaker will win, hopefully him and Lesnar can put on a great match.
  9. So the road to Wrestlemania is starting to take place, not really happy with the way things have gone down. Batista winning the Royal Rumble was a complete and utter joke, definitely did not deserve to walk back in and win straight away like that. Maybe would have copped less heat from the crowd if they had him come back as a surprise entrant and go on and win but that wasn't to be. Daniel Bryan - clearly the most over and loved with the crowd, how he's going to be stuck in a match with HHH and not main eventing is ridiculous.. IMO the main event should be a fatal four way between Bry
  10. No quotes in that article - I'll believe he's not staying for another season when someone from Barca comes out and says it.
  11. Fair enough, have never seen him in action or heard much for that matter..
  12. End of Springthorpe's chances of making it at Everton?
  13. There could be some truth in him calling it quits in the transfer market, however I think he may still add one or two new faces. Could be just his way of trying to keep any ongoing deals we may be chasing quiet.
  14. As a club, who takes responsibility for this kind of misdemeanour? Would you blame Moyes being the manager at the time?
  15. Thought The Last of Us was a decent game, however I don't think it deserved all the accolades it got. I like to compare the game to Resident Evil 4, which to this day I still consider it to be in the top 3 of my all time favourites. RE4 had a longer game time of around 25 hours on first play, better overall gameplay and story. Sure it definitely didn't have comparable graphics as it came out 10 years ago but I'd still play it over The Last of Us any day.
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