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  1. Jimmy the blue

    Jimmy the blue

  2. Right before we go asny further I think I'll have some of the woman you have pestered to post on here, Stellas for starters, Toffeegirl as well. Bill and Mike witnessed your embarrassed departure from GOT when you tried it on there. You have a problem, go seek medical help! To the board Sorry about this lads but this prick has been angling for this since I started posting again following illness and I just can't allow the him to tarnish me with his reputation, Mike has already seen fit to delete some of his posts, but then again he knows the truth.
  3. Jimmy the blue


    Just been chatting with our mi9lkman, a dyed in the wood red, he was there last night. he said that never in his life had he heard so many reds scream for the managers head and that includes Souness's departure. That said he was also sickened by the swearing at Hodgson, it was that bad he was ashamed of being a red last night. I think Bill has it write, I'd have walked hyaving told them all to fuck off. Hodgson is a decent man, Houllier was as well (i've actually drank wine with Gerrard), it seems you have to be a right bastard to manage the shite, Big Sam where are you
  4. Jimmy the blue

    The Ashes

    despite trying to cheat they are gone. Paul Collingwood, a great servant to the team, retires from test cricket, could have done at the start of this test, we would still beat them with 10 men Three wickets to go any they still need over 150 to avoid another innings defeat
  5. Jimmy the blue


    Should we start a manager watch, who goes first, pick out the quotes as they come in Hodgson last night said he was 'too depressed to talk about the game' after some of the abuse by those arrogant prick supporters i don't blame him..............Big Sam is sniffing
  6. Well done girls, you are the last Merseyside team to win a cup and you're ours
  7. as Marco says he was old poster, a bit of a whizz with computers who I know had mo0re than one name, a bit like Mr Blue 250................and welcome
  8. Jimmy the blue

    Stephane Sessegnon

    He is the type of player Moyes can get the best out of but I think Houllier will be in for him and he does have money to spend.................its the French connection
  9. Jimmy the blue


    Will he still be in a job this time tomorrow.................the vitriolic abuse aimed at the guy tonight was embarrassing
  10. Jimmy the blue

    Man Of The Match V Spurs

    I found it hard to choose between Coleman and Mo, for me Mo edged it just. The team itself wasn't tripping over itself, moves flowed because players had space and more targets up front. I have to say that when he is playing well Mo is a joy to watch
  11. Jimmy the blue

    Tottenham (Home)

    This.......................but I would ask when will Sha have another decent game, he nearly blew this one...............I hope we wo't have to wait another 26 games. As most have said for weeks 4-4-2 wins games, I just hope Moyes has taken that on board.
  12. Jimmy the blue

    Tottenham (Home)

    For the life of me I can't understand why he is persisting with the selfish prick Saha, Vic and the Yak should have started with Becks
  13. Jimmy the blue

    Building Confidence?

    I will leave it to the board to decide who is the soft lad here, read the threasd lazy arse and see how many times your question, which is out of context, has been answered. I no longer have any confidence in you Duncs, enough said.
  14. Jimmy the blue

    Tottenham (Home)

    I'd love to say we'll win but sadly I can only see our 100th Premiership defeat...........and that will be a record alas