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  1. nogs

    Ademola Lookman

    Good. I want him to play regularly too. For Everton. If he impresses Silva this summer I'm sure he will.
  2. nogs

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Unfortunately he then bought a load of dry rot infested tat and burnt bits left over from a bonfire. And managed to spend three times as much in the process.
  3. nogs


    Yeah Milner missed out on the youth policy I reckon.
  4. nogs

    Yerry Mina

    Yes yes yes. Him and Sanchez have looked awesome this WC. I didnt like Columbia's approach one bit on Tuesday but let's face it, no one minds a CB who can mix it a bit.
  5. nogs


    Ali doesn't look fit to be fair. I just think it was a tough game for them all, everything was tight and physical, they had little room to work with but battled hard. But let's face it, this team isn'ttt the finished article, it's a series of compromises. Southgate prioritises a back 3 with Walker because all our CBs lack pace. That means he more or less has to play two up top and we haven't got anyone who would naturally play off Kane. I'd rather see a front 3 with Rashford and Sterling wide to use their pace, but we haven't got the midfield to do that. Ali and Lingard are too similar, we're really short of a proper ball playing CM who can do the dirty stuff and dictate play. Sweden will be organised but not as out and out physical as Columbia. I expect we'll look better on the ball as a result.
  6. nogs


    How were they piss poor? They worked their bollox off in a really tough, physical game. That's not really a game suited to anyone, but they pressed hard, stayed disciplined and put a foot in where needed against a very physical team. Or do you think Henderson handled all that himself? The game changed when Dier came on, he was awful, before that we had dominated possession. Dier is just not up to international football, and got lucky with his pen too.
  7. nogs


    He only dropped deep when Vardy came on so your reference to him 'working hard in midfield' is nonsense. Before that, he singlehandedly took on what I think is an excellent CB pairing, he stood up to them physically and was superb at holding up the ball when it came into him, riding challenges and providing a pivot for play to evolve around him. Centre forward play is not all about playing on the shoulder and shots on goal, it wasnt that kind of game. You could flip it over and say Falcao was crap because he hardly got a sniff. The game descended almost literally into a scrap in midfield because Colombia didn't fancy beating us playing football, i couldn't see many teams creating a hatful of chances the way they played.
  8. Aussie sent home 6-0 in white ball cricket, Germany out the world Cup, basking in mid-20 degree heat - wtf is going on??
  9. nogs

    Jack Rodwell

    This. No good blaming Moyes (in isolation at least), no good arguing a lack of talent for players that were singled out in the England youth set up at a very early age. For whatever reason, some of our most promising youngsters since Rooney haven't had the mental strength to fulfil their promise. Maybe it's just the way they are as people, but maybe it's something as a club we didn't do enough to get right. Hopefully we've turned a corner in that sense.
  10. nogs

    2018 World Cup

    That Brandt lad looked class every time he came on, only used as a sub. Not playing Gundog an instead of Khedira or Ozil was a mistake too. Where they looked really weak was up front, Werner looked terrible and I can't believe Gomez is still playing.
  11. nogs

    2018 World Cup

    Argentina and Germany suffering from playing the same old 'big names' past their sell by date.
  12. nogs

    Jack Rodwell

    Can see Barkley going the right way. Something perhaps as a club we've not got right in the past, developing the right attitude in our best young players? Baxter's another complete waste.
  13. nogs

    William Carvalho

    The pace of the Prem would completely expose him.
  14. nogs

    Marco Silva (manager)

    What odds would you like that we don't sign Lozano or De Ligt?
  15. nogs

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    £17.5m for a relatively young full Argentine International doesn't sound all that incredible to me. Five years ago yes, in today's market pretty standard.