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  1. I don't really care. I don't think Kean will be the 20+ a season goal machine everyone thinks he'll be, at 19 the pace and physicality of the Prem will take some getting use to. And even if he'll never be prolific, DCL has that side of the game sewn up. What I'm just as interested in is Richarlison, Sigurdsson, and Iwobi scoring, Bernard has made a start so keep it up. We'll rotate in all four forward positions, let's have goals from them all
  2. Not better off, not worse. On basis of first two games we look to have picked up exactly where we finished last season, defensively solid, could do with being a bit more clinical up top.
  3. I'd love to see Morgan Schneiderlin's win ratio starting games for Everton FC.
  4. Think the complete opposite tbh. Don't think we'll tear many teams apart, but don't see us suddenly shipping tons of goals either. We're talking one replacement on last season's starting back 5, and the DM you didn't rate has gone.
  5. Await the standard 'after the deadline' confirmation we seem to be involved in every window... But I'm not at all disappointed by our business this summer. Let's not forget that Gbamin is meant to be able to play CB as well as midfield. So while it's odd we haven't got an out-and-out replacement for Zouma, I don't see us being short there, with Holgate plus the U23 options there's plenty of cover for Keane and Mina. Let's just hope they develop a good partnership quickly. Bit gutted about Zaha tbh, he could have been the x-factor signing that made us a threat to the top four. I think Iwobi is a decent player but not in the same league. Reckon there'll be a big onus on him and Richarlison to score us goals in a front three. Interested to see what Silva will do in midfield - Delph/Gbamin, Gomes and Sigurdsson as first choice presumably?
  6. Is that why we signed Silva's boy Richarlison?
  7. Yeah I've noticed you struggle with counter arguments a lot. It was a joke we finished 8th under Allardyce. We were lucky we weren't the only team in the Premier League that played some utter shite that season. Burnley qualified for Europe, enough said. I credit Silva over Allardyce because the recruitment has been better since he's been here and the football has shown signs of heading in the right direction. Tosun is a flop and Walcott has always been massively overrated, he's also now over the hill. Allardyce would also never have been able to work under a DoF like Brands who has made clear his philosophy is on players under 25 who can be coached to improve. But hey, you keep wishing Fat Sam was here. He isn't, he's part of the history of the club now, Silva is our manager regardless of what you think or say, there's a new season upon us, the squad is getting towards the overhaul it badly needed - I'd have thought there's reason to be looking forward, not backward.
  8. Silva did not have an easy time taking over the squad he inherited. Nor did Brands. The previous 12 months had seen the club make arguably the biggest mistakes recruitment wise in its history, tear apart a solid squad and replace it with an unbalanced expensive mess created by a DoF and manager working on completely different wavelengths. Your numbers about how many 'better' players Silva had at his disposal last season also seem to be going up for some strange reason. Truth is the season hasn't even started and you're already doing everything you can to prove how knowledgeable you are by slagging off the manager rather than just supporting the club. I really hope we sign Zaha and a CB and are 4th at Xmas just to hear what you come out with then.
  9. Statement signing this one. Says something about how Brands/Silva/whoever are selling the club that we can attract genuine prospects from big clubs without even having the carrot of European football to dangle
  10. Well, I have to say this always sounded like bollocks to me. Happy to be proven wrong and certain kicks a frustrating window into life! Now for the CB, RB and Gana replacement...
  11. When he's got enough players in that he thinks are good enough.
  12. You said 'most' teams don't bring in 6 first team players over the course of two close seasons, using that as a pretext to imply Silva should be happy with what he's got. I've already shown you're wrong about Liverpool and Man City, who have both signed 6-plus first teamers over the past two years, and that's from positions of having much stronger squads than we do to start with. They are the current best examples going of how to invest to progress, which is exactly what we should be doing. BTW, just had a quick scan of Transfer Markt. I count 9 first team Chelsea arrivals since summer 2017, 6 for Man Utd, 4 for Spurs, 9 for Arsenal. So in the two close seasons we've had under Silva, we've still signed less than the average number signed in the previous two years by all the teams we're trying to catch up to. And that's while trying to undo the damage of the 2017/18 summer window. Just an opinion, but I'd be fucking furious with any manager and DoF who was 'accepting what we've got' at this stage.
  13. You should be PM mate you could show BJ a thing or two about spinning your own bollocks!
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