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  1. I don't think we do. A lot of the time we play a clear three up front, or at least two wingers who's job is to get up and support the CF. I think the main problem is that we are consistently wasteful in the final third, whoever the front three are. Playing Richarlison and Walcott in a front three, you'd hope those two alone would chip in with 30 goals a season between them. Whether we're not linking from the midfield well enough, or delivery from our fullbacks isn't good enough, or the forwards we play just aren't taking their opportunities or being clever enough in their movement, I don't know. But regardless of our issues at CF, we could and should be scoring more.
  2. There was something said in 5 Live on Saturday that "the rumour was" we'd go for an interim manager again if Silva is sacked. Personally I think that's madness, I'd rather give Silva til the end of the season. Regardless, we've won three of our last 5 games. No manager will get sacked on the back of that.
  3. Didn't Richarlison score after Tosun was taken off??
  4. When we buy as well as Leicester have done we can start expecting that. Painful as it is for Evertonians to accept, they have better players than us as well as a better manager
  5. Why? Last time Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson were starting games in midfield we lost 4 on the bounce.
  6. Blames the players when things go wrong, makes it all about him when things go right... And some of you lot want Mourinho! đŸ˜…
  7. But not finishing them, which is what everyone is complaining about isn't it? I was fuming at his performance on Sunday. The way he falls over at every touch from a CB is either disgraceful play acting or evidence that he just cannot handle the physical side of the game every CF has to endure. To be fair to him, he did win a blatant foul off Sanchez, which Atkinson probably didn't give coz of how many times he'd been on the floor beforehand. But then why wasn't he booked for playacting? I agree with Shukes. If a player on another side behaved the way he did Evertonians would want them lynching. Keep him on the wing where he gets much less of the close attention he clearly can't handle, and where imo he's more of a threat anyway.
  8. Technically the U21s... đŸ¤”
  9. I'd still rather see us play 4-3-3 long term. And that means no 'number 10'. So Iwobi either has to learn to play deeper or suck it up and play wide in a front 3, which he looked like he was sulking about on Sunday.
  10. As far as January is concerned, no way. We will need bodies the rest of this season, even though Id expect us to sign some cover in midfield now, even with Gbamin due back. As for next summer... Yeah I'd sell. The great things he does are great but he's a luxury player imo, and we can't carry one of those if we want to get out of the rut we're in.
  11. I'm pretty sure VAR gave the red, on the grounds that any foul that leads to an injury is now considered reckless. Or is that bullshit? But if VAR got that wrong and had it overturned, what about the Alli handball? Coz I still don't know in what universe that isn't a penalty on replay. Or the Richarlison trip? Can a panel now give Sanchez a retrospective red on the grounds that the standing referee and the video panel have been demonstrated to be utterly fucking incompetent on three separate occasions?
  12. It's exciting to see he has that kind of vision in his game. Maybe he's just needed a bit of confidence to start showing it.
  13. I really don't see Sigurdsson playing a deeper role. I mean we might have to try it, but even then we'd need Davies as backup. I see him playing a lot of football for us the rest of this season.
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