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  1. nogs

    January Plans

    We're crying out for a genuine number 9. Richarlison is game but he's not a natural there, let's get the best out of him on the wing. All out for Callum Wilson for me, sell Tosun and Walcott to fund it if needs be
  2. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Fucking get in Digne!! Will take a draw after an absolute horror show of a 20 minute spell after half time reminded me of the kind of bollocks we had to put up with 12 months ago. Watford came out with intent and aggression and we had no answer, lack of character and leadership imo. Silva has to sort out the front 3. He sticks with the same formula but Walcott is just crap, another Walsh wonder, he doesn't seem to have any faith in Tosun or DCL and Richarlison isn'tt a natural CF. We play too much nice football with no end product. 4 points dropped in two home games really, don't expect a thing at City next week so Christmas is going to be absolutely critical now.
  3. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Soft pen, had hands on him so technically a pen. Why does Sigurdsson take penalties? Sums up our second half, goodnight Everton, fucking shit 8 days.
  4. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Who's our manager again? This has been as bad as anything we watched under Koeman since half time, weak, wasteful, disjointed, just utter fucking rubbish.
  5. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    That's been coming. Haven't come out this half, if we don't improve quickly we'll lose this.
  6. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Getting bullied at moment
  7. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Has this ref ever watched a game of football? Absolutely dreadful, you'd expect Sunday school refs to spot that's a dive.
  8. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    We play some lovely stuff but lack a cutting edge up front. If our passing and movement was as good in the final third as it is in the middle we'd be hammering teams, we waste a lot of promising situations.
  9. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Fuck I'm not sure Mina got the ball then. Second time we've got lucky.
  10. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    What is this absolute twat of a ref doing? Richarlison is being clattered every time
  11. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Ref has been done by two of the most blatant dives you'll ever see in last 2 minutes. Terrible.
  12. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    He touched the ball mate
  13. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Fantastic move that, Walcott, Coleman, Gomes, great finish Richarlison. Walcott lucky second time round in build up, touched ball while offside.
  14. nogs

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Changes midweek and then switch back to type suggest to me Silva still isn'tt satisfied with the formula up front. I still think Richarlison looks more dangerous out wide, so will be interesting to see how he plays tonight. I think the issue is that Silva doesn't rate our CFs highly. I expect that to be our priority in January.
  15. nogs

    Jordan Pickford

    Footballers make mistakes. For most positions they mean nothing, for goalkeepers they tend to end up costly. It's only an issue if the mistakes become a habit. There isn'tt a top class goalkeeper in history that hasn't cost their team with a glaring error or three, move on.