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  1. There's a surprise, no one in here saying Silva's got the system all wrong, should be playing players out on loan and needs sacking before he ruins our football club!!
  2. Sadly only got to half watch the second half at a family BBQ but what a fucking result!! Cannot wait for next season now.
  3. I don't think so. If Wolves win it then there's no extra spot. If Man City win it goes down to 7th.
  4. Gomes was the best player on the park today. Complete changed my mind about him in recent weeks, if Sigurdsson is worth £45m I have no idea what we might have to pay for him.
  5. So what about all the chances Bernard, Sigurdsson and Richarlison missed? We play four attacking players, they should all be contributing goals, they all deserve to be criticised for being wasteful today.
  6. Brilliant win. Performance absolutely deserved it, could have been a lot more comfortable as the only downside was the finishing, but shows the value of solid defence.
  7. This will be a killer if we don't win. Should have 5.
  8. Really enjoying the performance but we're nowhere near clinical enough in the final third. All four of the forwards guilty.
  9. The old guard still rocking it!
  10. And v Chelsea we were crap in the first half then, if rumours are true, Silva gave them the hairdryer and we won.
  11. Yes you did - we won. How about players are starting to understand his system and style better, players are starting to gel, find their own form, learn their own roles? Or do you just want to have it that when we lose, it's the manager's fault, but when we win it's nothing to do with him?
  12. I don't think much has changed. Most of us would have said we were quietly optimistic about progress under Silva before Pickford's brain fart v the shite, then we reverted back to the sort of form and football that got Koeman sacked - hapless. But it's largely the same personnel in the same system. The difference? Probably a combination of a new manager getting his ideas across more effectively the longer he works with a group, new players finding their feet, more players finding some form and confidence. It's too early to get carried away, though, this is still the side that capitulated woefully against Newcastle two matches ago, the lack of leadership at CB, real creativity in midfield and the need for a proven goalscorer to lighten the load of expectation on the 21 year old who has become our first choice CF all still apply. I think what we are seeing is that calls for Silva's head were very, very premature.
  13. I disagree DCLs finishing was terrible yes. I don't remember him missing any really clear cut opportunities. If anything I'd agree it's his decision making let's him down, he doesn't quite have that intelligence yet to get into the golden opportunity situations. I think that's mainly a maturity and experience thing. But yes my biggest beef is the timing. We've scored 6 goals in 3 games. He's now established himself as our first choice CF, he provides a very effective focal point that is allowing others to play around him. Do you think we are somehow carrying him, and scoring goals despite him? Imo he is getting picked on merit and it's working. And yeah I take your point about me not thinking Sigurdsson was all that effective. But I didn't describe him as terrible and he is a £45m senior pro who I don't see contributing that much when he's not scoring.
  14. Oh ffs we don't agree on something do we?! You can only play what's in front of you, we bossed them at their place, enjoy it you miserable sod.
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