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  1. nogs

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Hopefully he'll have the impact of a red hot poker to the rear, searing his identity on the club permanently.
  2. Well, I'd say the changes we've seen so far this weak constitute more than a tweak. And I've made my feelings about the squad clear on the transfer thread. We need a lot more than a tweak there if we are to see noticeable improvement next season.
  3. Today has been a very good day for our club and I actually feel excited about football again. But let's not gloss over the fact that Brands and whoever the new manager is have got a massive rebuilding job to do. The squad as it stands is nowhere near good enough, its far inferior to what Moyes left Martinez or Martinez left Koeman. I could not disagree more with everyone who's saying 'we've got solid foundations' - we haven't, this season hasn't been the most depressing in 20 years just because of the managers, it's been because the players are simply not good enough. If we take youngsters out the equation for a moment, who I think have been hung out to dry in toxic circumstances this season - none of our centre backs are good enough, none of our central midfielders are good enough (depending on whether you count Sigurdsson as a central midfielder, and he was poor for half a season anyway), and it's still hard to judge whether Tosun will turn out to be any good because he's had such awful service since he arrived. The lack of quality is a gaping chasm, and if we expect to see better football, we're going to need big changes.
  4. Still not sure I get your point. You agree Allardyce had to go, are you saying Walsh should have kept his job? Because I see our recruitment under him as having been dreadful the whole two years he's been here, not just one season. Are you pissed off Elstone has gone? Do you think Shakespeare and Lee should keep their jobs? Are you calling for all current members of the first team squad to be offered contract extensions? The club has drifted badly in the wrong direction in the last 12 months. I for one am very pleased to see some decisive action to try to put that right.
  5. nogs

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    I just wonder if his short tenures at Lisbon and Olympiakos had anything to do with power struggles.
  6. But why wouldn't you want heads to roll for cocking things up as badly as they've been cocked up this past 12 months? Nil satis nisi optimum and all that.
  7. I'm pretty sure I've read posts from you laying into Allardyce for the football we've played.
  8. nogs

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Well this is all going swimmingly!! I still stand by my belief Moshiri has to shoulder part of the blame for bringing Koeman and Walsh, then Allardyce, to the club in the first place. But you have to respect the decisive way he's going about sorting it. On the face of it, Brands is a far, far superior appointment to Walsh, who I think was promoted beyond his ability. Brands has the track record moulding whole clubs from the football side, not just making signings, which Walsh completely fucked up on during his time here anyway. I'm also excited by his apparent commitment to youth development - exactly what we should be prioritising, and why our last two managers were completely the wrong fit for us. Be very interesting to see who they bring in as head coach/manager now. If Brands is going to get full remit as DoF, it has to be someone operating more as a head coach than traditional manager - a real DoF is the boss. Would someone like Silva be happy in that role?
  9. Suddenly my faith not just in football but in life feels like its returning!
  10. You get the impression Allardyce has a bit of an ego problem.
  11. Why would they tell a cunt they're about to sack?? Hahaha Sam, on your bike fatty!!
  12. nogs

    Thanks feck - its all over!

    And we can all smile again!!
  13. You then say we only need a CB, LB and left winger, which suggests you'd be happy with a 'first choice' midfield of Gana, Sigurdsson and a completely unproven teenager, backed up by Davies, Besic and Klaassen. That is quite frankly a terrifying prospect.
  14. If you still think we should be starting with two out and out defensively minded midfielders after the football we've played this season then I give up.
  15. No but only because things rarely work out second time round. Everyone wanted Kendall back second and third time round, both turned out to be disastrous. Moyes was a fantastic servant for this club and I believe should be remembered warmly for it, but times move on.