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  1. Pure nonsense. You don't run in behind your full back expecting him to be sat on his arse. If Gana had rushed over, he'd have left a huge gaping hole for a Liverpool player to run into, for Salah to slip in and get a free shot at goal. Which you'd have then blamed Gana for. So he is doing exactly what your criticising him for - marking the space on the edge of the box. If Gana does anything wrong, he doesn't fly into the tackle to try to prevent a goal, I assume because he doesn't want to give a penalty - pointless, because Salah scores anyway. But to blame him because Martina gets dumped on his backside is laughable. Now back to the thread topic, please.
  2. I personally wonder why Pete and Palfy aren't coaching at the top level, their insight into how to defend against World class forwards is breathtaking.
  3. Where have you seen Kenny is a loan-to-buy?
  4. It's sensible player management from the club. Holgate did OK by all accounts at West Brom, he will get playing time as back up RB/CB so a chance for him to test himself at Prem level again. But no point having him and Kenny as back up, so now it's JonJo's turn to see what he can do at a big club in a big league.
  5. And sorry, not to look like I'm picking on you, but I can't let that go - Jags has never been especially quick, Distin was rapid, especially so for a 30-plus year old.
  6. Because we don't concede late goals anymore 🙄
  7. You either have a very short memory or don't understand what makes a top class defender. Jags had two attributes I don't think Keane has from what have seen - leadership and a bloody minded determination to stop the opposition scoring at all costs. He was never the quickest but would mix it physically with anyone and read the game fantastically. He made Lescott, who had much better natural attributes, look world class because of his organisational abilities. Like Lescott, Keane needs his hand holding. He has time to prove me wrong but I just don't see him replacing what Jags has given us over the years.
  8. What a brilliant servant he's been, a real leader and we'll miss him. Hope he comes back on the staff one day, reckon he'll keep playing.
  9. Keith has it spot on. Man Utd will be looking for a new manager by Christmas, Chelsea will probably start the season with a new one who may be working with a transfer ban and no Hazard. Arsenal have two fantastic strikers and very little else. We've just beaten all three of those teams. Brands gets the recruitment right next season, there is a genuine opportunity to get back in the top 6 next season. Or does it not count if three of the big boys underperform?? Ask Leicester fans...
  10. This, all day long. It wasn't just those three results, it was our home form for the last five matches after losing to City. Two points dropped, no goals conceded, playing Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, playing good, progressive football. I dont get how see how anyone can't see genuine promise in that. I don't get how anyone can accuse players/manager of not caring after putting a run together like that, especially on the back of a terrible run of form. Imo that takes real guts and determination.
  11. Our of interest Pete how old were you in 2002? Am I right in guessing pretty young? Might it not be the case that the reason why you were able to enjoy a shite Everton team draw 0-0 with ten-man Leeds, but don't get the same buzz watching us beat Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea now, is because you've changed, not because this current team lacks passion? I have loads of great memories of Goodison from the 90s when I lived close enough to go to matches regularly. I loved it, still do when I can get over. But fuck me I saw some rubbish Everton teams. The biggest criticism I could throw at us last season was that at times we played like one of them relegation near-miss seasons, or how it was under Smith again. Just dour, hapless, clueless football. Say what you like, but we would never have got the results we've had this last three months last season, under Koeman or Allardyce. We've turned a corner and we will see progress again next season.
  12. Hmm, the two god awful draws Allardyce oversaw versus West Brom, or the final day defeat at West Ham, versus smashing Man Utd, beating Arsenal and Chelsea at home and giving the other lot a genuine run for their money, twice, in a season they broke their record points tally... I think we can a now accept that the only reason we're still debating this is one member who's determined to try to convince everyone else that black is white!
  13. The facts are we've gone backwards since Moyes left. Martinez was a massive disappointment after a fabulous first season, Koeman an absolute disaster after a strong second half to his first season. We really need to hope that pattern doesn't continue, otherwise we're facing the start of another cycle, another three, four years away from where we want to be. Top 6/Europe this season could have been another false dawn. Silva has seen the size of the job in hand, he's faced the backlash from the fans when we play shite, he's stuck to his principles and made another pretty bleak season end with some promise. There is serious work to do with the squad as we have nowhere near enough depth in quality, but with the best youth system in the country at present and a DoF who has shown already he can be pretty shrewd about how he deals for top talent, I'm confident Silva will have us make a real tilt at the top 6 next season.
  14. We really are short of quality outside the first choice 11. Lots to do this summer.
  15. We may have been told we're not having Zouma. Planning for next season already.
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