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  1. Most dangerous corners we’ve seen all season, always got it into dangerous areas. Amazed we never really got on to any of them. excellent all round performance, great to see him getting some games and still be able to produce top performances. i agree with having, it would be a shame to see him playing on when he’s no longer up to it. Quite hard to judge as a player and for the coach when he gets so little real game time though. i think baines himself will know when it’s time to stop.
  2. Love that he's out in Manhattan dressed like a bit of a lemon enjoying a break with Tom Davies! Don't think I'd recognise either if I saw them out like that! Good to see players wanting to spend time together during a break. Those red sandals though 😱
  3. I'm not that sure about it when your lacking enough quality to rotate but in the case of Keane I'd rather he get game time than thrown in when we're desperate. Similarly Holgate's been brilliant but we shouldn't put too much pressure on him and make him feel he's a must pick. Was surprised Bernard missed the last game but he never plays 90 so maybe just preserving him. I'd have him in my team as often as possible though. The only guarantees seem to be Pickford, Digne, DCL and richarlison. Seems to be working ok anyway
  4. I thought we were much improved today on that front. Much quicker getting the ball forward and not playing back top often. Lots of really positive passing and in the first 20 of the second half some really slick attacking football. It was only Newcastle though and they sit back so much there's no excuse for not attacking them. Not mad on the substitutions, Seamus on for Kean was a bit of an odd defensive move, I know he's used sidibe forward a few times before but when we looked pretty comfortable I don't think the change in shape was a good move. Niasse, do we have to give him these cameos in order to get rid??
  5. Shame we threw this away as for the most part it was a good performance, much more zippy from back to front. Kean showed his strength and pace, working so hard. He was a real handful for them and you could see his confidence grow after the goal too. Hopefully signs of good things to come. Gone for Bernard though, ran the game, created so many chances, was strong on the ball and just the creative spark that we've often lacked
  6. Walcott having a cracking game so far, only player really creating things, really lively, making great runs and using his pace. Rest need to up their game
  7. Love the Ibra response....I'll give him a call and see if he fancies coming over! Usual careful responses around transfers and transfer funds but I'd say he'll definitely be well backed.
  8. The only thing he's not really done which the media keeps drilling into us is take an average team and turn them into a top one. While Ibra could be a great short term signing I don't want us to do like Walter Smith's time and start will filling the team with past it legends!
  9. I know ibra is very much a look at me big ego kind of guy and I don't really like that in a player but I'd be interested to know how much of a team player he is within a squad. If he's the kind that would get on with people and use his experience to help others then he'd be a great short term addition. DCL could learn a lot from Ibra if he could spend some time with him in training.
  10. Thought second half was quality and a real credit to what Dunc has brought to the side. Determination and a never say die attitude. We knocked and knocked and eventually got our reward. Just a shame the pens didn't work out. Disappointing pen for Baines. Good to see the 2 lads slot them away after
  11. Baines you fucking legend! Quality goal from a true club legend. Well deserved after an excellent half. Bring on the pens!
  12. Whatever happened to that Mina that banged in 3 in the world cup?
  13. Brilliant pace and energy in this team, west ham have looked awful and open up so easily. Only thing lacking has been that decision making around the final ball, some great chances not made into a goal/shot because that right decision hasn't been made. Great to see them giving so much energy though and really good battling and closing down when we don't have the ball
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