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  1. Brilliant pace and energy in this team, west ham have looked awful and open up so easily. Only thing lacking has been that decision making around the final ball, some great chances not made into a goal/shot because that right decision hasn't been made. Great to see them giving so much energy though and really good battling and closing down when we don't have the ball
  2. Iwobi and kean in but Sig not benched. sidibi and Holgate start as well as Delph
  3. Indeed what a load of shite! does anyone care about the difference in league positions outside of the top 6? Not really. But a good cup run and even better winning it is the kind of thing that fans bother to turn up for . I want to see us playing a final and lifting a trophy. I’ve seen us finish between 4th and 17th all my life but unfortunately can only remember one trophy and being at that final was a darn sight more exciting than a lot of the league games I’ve seen of which no one will remember a year later. the example of Burton and Bradford is also one off bollocks. Our last league cup semi final we lost to Man City. Didn’t we also lose one to the shite as well? id happily play Burton in the semi final if it got us a final anyway. You insinuating that it’s a Micky mouse cup won by lesser teams which is completely wrong. 15 of the last 30 finalists have been from the big 6 and only 1 has featured none of them. Success is what those teams aspire to on all fronts and so should we
  4. I think he’d Be open to him playing in the middle and I’m sure he’s been mentioned as such in the past as an extra option to Sig. I think he looked like he’d do better there than on the wing to be honest and if we had a front 4 of Bernard, Richarlison, iwobi and Kean then I think that would give us plenty of quick movement going forward
  5. Gylfi looked very static and I rarely saw him contribute much. he did create a couple of things but was very rarely involved in the game. touched the ball 37 times in an hour (Bernard did much less and didn't really seem to be making the movement and showing for it in a game where their sat back and he's in the perfect position to make things happen. Both he and Gomez were guility of not contributing effectively to create things around the edge of the box. Personally I thought Iwobi looked more lively when he came on and i'd like to see him get a start in the middle in the league cup and if he plays well then he should start in the next league game. Kean should also start in the league cup and if they work well then they should both be starting at the weekend. We looked a lot more dynamic and created more in the box when they were on.
  6. I thought Iwobi looked good we looked much better in attack when him and Kean came on and much of it was diwn to his work. Some good forward passing and really looking to make things happen. Mina played pretty well at the backbut noticed he's very keen fir a scrap. Luckily Digne seems to be looking out for him and at least a couple of times stepped in and pulled him away from trouble and had a word.
  7. good to See Richarlison promoting us to all of his Brazilian mates again! Seen articles on him pushing people to sign with us before, shows he must obviously be happy here (assuming it's true!). A lot to spent on someone who we can't have yet and who is so young and inexperienced with no European experience but if those scouting him and Brands think he is worth backing at that price then it would be an interesting signing if we got him.
  8. Christ, he just arrived off the plane straight from his Summer back packing trip?
  9. Football is as much about playing football that people enjoy watching as it is about winning trophies. Dislike that as much as you like but very few teams will walk away with a trophy in a season but tens of thousands will turn out every week to revel in the action of their team. We all hope for a top 4 spot or a cup victory but know that it will be tough to achieve. The least we could want should be to watch games where we enjoy the football being played, feel excitement from what we see and some hope that we can challenge for those goals. in the last few months that’s how I’ve felt about our team and the finishing position didn’t really matter to me in the end. I’d seen exciting positive football with some memorable victories and can look forward to the next season with some hope that there will be many more of those moments.
  10. Yep, clearing out that dead wood will be the clubs first priority, then completing the signing of Gomes and maybe Zouma. Gomes for me has looked a different level to the rest, the way he picks the ball up and can move it around, shields it brilliantly and has both the ability to bomb forward with it, play a good pass or get stuck in with a tackle. Not only does he have that Barca midfield quality, he is bigger and stronger than most of them! If we can get him and he’s keen we have to sign him. i think Gana benefits from having him there to. would be good if we could get gana to sign a new contract and stay but I’m not too confident on it. Hopefully a strong end to the season and signing of Gomes would convince him we’re worth sticking with. I don’t think we need masses of signings but as Lookman doesn’t seem to be getting a look in and Theo is a bit shit we need a right winger. Think Richarlison should continue on that side though. hopefully Henry can do it for us in the prem but would we be confident with a just a combination of him and DCL? Richarlison in emergencies.
  11. He loves a game like this anyway, real passionate lad but the addition of Richarlison really brought his attacking play back to life, some good link up with Richarlison using Colemans runs really well
  12. I thought Richarlison was really good in the right and linked with Coleman brilliantly. Definitely want to see him start next game there. Only thing he'd lose from the right is the chance to cut inside to create chances for himself like he does from the left but if he can make more impact from the right then he's definitely worth playing there.
  13. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-identity-crisis-prompted-david-15853422.amp Moyes no Would Mikel be up for it and do we have any idea if he'd be any good? He's worked under 2 great managers but never been in charge himself. I agree that we need to give Silva more time but would be interested in Arteta if he was interested and could impress in interview.
  14. Davies from me, really worked hard all over the park. Kenny too did very well dealing with Aguerro and Sane. overall pleased with the performance and the commitment from the team as a whole. Just frustrating when we produce an effort like that in a game we’re expe to lose but can’t do the same in games we should win. The counter attacking last night was just what we did at the start of the season, fast and with purpose and lots of quick support then when we lost it quickly trying to press and break things up from the front. Let’s have more of that
  15. Frustrating, best half I've seen us play in a long time, great commitment, some good attacking play and all round top effort but as soon as gueye made that tackle i knew we were going in 1 down. Very good header and made space for himself well to be fair but still another predictable set piece goal.
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