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    Man of the Match at Leicester

    I thought Mirrallas and Lennon were both decent in the first half and were getting in the right spaces to make things happen. lennon got behind Fuchs a couple of times, once should have had a pen, once could have scored if he'd taken the shot himself and was unlucky that CL didn't get on the end of his cut back. Mirrallas looked more dangerous as the half went on getting through the centre. Why they both got hooked i've no idea. Presumably it was to add an extra CM as we were getting over run on the counters all the time and to add Niasse up front. While we played better in the second half I still think we missed both of them and would have rather seen Calvert Lewin go off than Lennon. It seems Calvert Lewin is considered something of a golden boy getting to play most of each game and while I like the lad, he's worked hard and does a lot of things well, the one thing he doesn't do well is actually look very dangerous in the box. He has created things from outwide before but I'd rather see Lennon played for longer as he has the pace and directness to get behind and defender and into the box. If they'd played longer I'd have probably given one of those 2 man of the match, as it is I'll not bother.
  2. FairWooney

    Official Positivity Thread 2017/2018

    someone different will be in charge on Wednesday!
  3. FairWooney

    Chelsea (League Cup away) - Wednesday 25th October

    Looks like I might get what i asked for and Unsworth might well take charge!
  4. I'm pretty sure Chelsea could feel any 11 players for this tin pot game and could beat whatever team we put out. Koeman could always let Unsworth take charge and send his u23's out for a game. They'd probably preform better and show up Koeman anyway. A good rehersal for Rhino! Stek Kenny Holgate Jagielka Martina Besic Davis C/L Sig Mirallas Sandro/Niasse What's Garbutt like these days? I like him when he first broke into the side but he's not been near it since he went on loan and did his leg for most of the season. If he's playing well I'd give him a game at left back to rest Baines rather than Martina. I agree with their talk on match of the day that Calvert Lewin shouldn't be centre forward by himself, while he gets stuck in and tries to hold things up it's really not where he's suited and for me he's not ever looked particularly dangerous in front of goal. He's got decent pace though and often works hard down the wing able to get a good ball in. For now I think if he's playing he should be out wide. I'd like to see some crunching tackles from Besic, a good bit of agression that we lack. anything under 5 would be good.
  5. FairWooney

    New Ownership Incoming?

    how many number 10's could Koeman invest in with the money?
  6. FairWooney

    Should we sack our manager?

    He only started at Lille this season. With 4 defeats in his first 7 games there's always the chance he'll get sacked though I suppose! Must admit I didn't really know of him but his wiki sounds impressive. Hasn't won a whole lot mind with just 3 Argentine championships in the 90's and a gold medal in the Olympics with Argentina. Did good things with Athletico Bilbao though He seems a bit volatile though, did one season at Marseillie, had a few days at Lazio and is now having a hard time at Lille. A write up here bout his current season, the way he pulled apart the Lille team and eccentricity don't inspire me with confidence https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/sep/25/marcelo-bielsa-lille-monaco-ligue-1 Tuchel seems to be in talks with Bayern. Rhino, the job is yours!
  7. Thought Davis was decent, Vlasic as well. Rooney seemed to have decided to take pot shots from 35 plus yards a lot in the second half. Ill let him have the half line one with the keeper well off his line maybe but the other 2 he struck were never going to trouble anyone.
  8. what's wrong, he plays every league game and stek played very well in the last game. Nothing wrong with giving the second keeper the odd game.
  9. FairWooney

    Ticket and Transport questions

    Hi All, I'm just picking between tickets on Stubhub for the Arsenal match. I'm between Top Balcony and Upper Glawdys section 1 at the moment. I know what top balcony is like as I was there last time, great views over the pitch but it can be a bit dead. Has anyone sat around UG1 that could tell me if the view is ok there and if it has that Glawdys street atmosphere. I've got a feeling I may have been around 1 or 2 before but can't remember properly. obviously at that corner area the views aren't going to be as good down at the other end. The tickets are in Row R
  10. FairWooney

    Should we sack our manager?

    Rooney played well but I'd say he was starting to give the ball away and make rash challenges because he was dead on his feet. Mirrallas at least provided us some pace, energy and directness. We have 3 huge games in the premiership now and a big Europa game in the next few weeks. All of them we should be winning. I'd take nothing less than 7 points from the 3 premiership games and a solid win against Limassol. Those games plus the league cup game are a chance and need to see us start to pull things together and find our feet as a team. If he can't get them playing decent stuff by the end of that then he's really not doing something right.
  11. FairWooney

    Expectations for our Offensive Prowess

    pickford Holgate Keane Jagielka Baines Gana Sigurdsson Lookman / Vlasic Rooney/Klassen DCL Sandro Just an idea here. Though in truth when I watch DCL, as much as I like his work rate and the way he puts himself about His passing at times having held the ball up is very poor and he very rarely seems to look threatening in the box. For me we shouldn't be relying on him as a starter. But I suppose that's mainly down to some poor transfer activity! Not sure i'd bring this out against Man utd but home to Bournemouth maybe. It's a bit lopsided but Baines would have more freedom than Holgate to push forward, sig would play as a box to box midfielder. While he is talked about as a 10 he typically coveres a lot of ground and can get involved up and down the pitch so for me in our squad he would fit best into a central mid position. I want to see more of Lookman along with Vlasic to provide pace and directness in attack that we are lacking.
  12. FairWooney

    Official Positivity Thread 2017/2018

    I look forward to who will get the central number 10 role every game, I expect it is a real head scratcher that Koeman looks forward to as well.
  13. FairWooney

    Expectations for our Offensive Prowess

    the whoscored website shows both Rooney and DCL to have had 7 shots each. DCL had 3 off target, 2 blocked and 2 on target. Rooney had 3 off target, 3 on target and 1 blocked. In the league so far we've had 35 shots, 18 off target, 7 on target and 10 blocked. 10 of those shots were from set pieces The only people to hit the target apart from those 2 are Klassen and Gueye. Obviously we've had tough games but these stats show we've done very little to trouble any goal keeper thus far. We have a good run of games after this weekend and we'd sure as hell better see these figures increase, along with the goals scored of course!
  14. FairWooney