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  1. FairWooney

    Man of the Match v Manchester City

    Davies from me, really worked hard all over the park. Kenny too did very well dealing with Aguerro and Sane. overall pleased with the performance and the commitment from the team as a whole. Just frustrating when we produce an effort like that in a game we’re expe to lose but can’t do the same in games we should win. The counter attacking last night was just what we did at the start of the season, fast and with purpose and lots of quick support then when we lost it quickly trying to press and break things up from the front. Let’s have more of that
  2. FairWooney

    Manchester City (Home) Wednesday February 6th

    Frustrating, best half I've seen us play in a long time, great commitment, some good attacking play and all round top effort but as soon as gueye made that tackle i knew we were going in 1 down. Very good header and made space for himself well to be fair but still another predictable set piece goal.
  3. FairWooney

    Man of the Match at Millwall

    Can't name anyone to be honest. Sig worked hard, Tosun took his goal well. Digne gave away 2 silly free kicks that gave them great chances to punish our shit defending of set pieces, Richarlison was non existent most of the game and but for a 10-15 min spell in the middle of the second half we struggled to string more thana couple of passes together Poor
  4. FairWooney

    Artem Dzyuba

    Add to that Russian league players rarely hit the ground running over here in January after their winter off.
  5. FairWooney

    Man of the Match v Bournemouth

    Lookman for me though Digne, zouma and keane did an excellent job at the back. Our midfield couldn't keep the ball for toffee and spent most of the game gifting silly niggly fouls but the defence calmly stuck to their task to get us a rare clean sheet. Richarlison was looking very frustrated though i can't blame him as he had little service all game. Gomez seemed pretty tetchy too, probably because he was struggling to play his game. Hopefully 3pts and a better performance next week
  6. FairWooney

    Ademola Lookman

    I agree. Happy for him to look inside some of the time but I noticed he was frequently showing for kenny in the middle and not really in clear enough places when a dart down the wing would have opened things up. He has the skills to beat players uaing both feet and can come inside well so really should be looking down the line more often
  7. FairWooney

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    Bit unfair. They had about 4 or 5 different songs. I was in upper Glawdys and heard no songs from us at all in the second half. In the second half a 5 year old girl had a go at oggy oggy oggy! Then a few times after some attack play we managed evverrrttooon evvveerrrtooon. That was it! Surely we can do better than that!
  8. FairWooney

    André Gomes

    Watching him today his class there for all to see. So calm and composed on the ball. Rarely does his pass not find its target and he's always available for the ball. He's also pushed forward with the ball a few times beating (all be it league 2) players with ease. He's exactly what we need to control the middleof the park while Bernard, Lookman and Richarlison are putting in the running up top. Sure there's a limit to what he's worth but definitely worth more than 20 million
  9. FairWooney

    Man of the Match v Lincoln City

    First game I’ve been to this season. overall wasn’t impressed with us, too much sloppy side to side play at times and in attack no one ever wanted to shoot. Baines for me - without as much back tracking to do he was at his attacking best, constantly available and always a threat. Created so many chances in the second half that no one wanted to finish. Bernard - always lively, quick on his feet and looking to move things forward. Was in great positions to shoot a few times though and always wanted to offload to someone else. Like to see him get a shot off more. Lookman - needs to start more. Love his confidence and desire to take players on or look for a quick tight forward pass. Gomes - different class to everyone else on the pitch. Makes the game look so easy when he has the ball not so good Tosun - doesn’t look up to it. Never seemed to create himself anything when he had the ball in the box and hold up wasn’t great. Gueye - his pretty amateur ball play is pretty redundant when we have most of the ball. Ends up a hindrance rather than a help. zouma - looked pretty poor
  10. FairWooney

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    Lol not this season! a break for Digne will do
  11. FairWooney

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    My first game of the season so hoping for a relatively strong side. Hopefully Lookman is fit to play and rest Walcott. I'd give DCL and Tosun game time as well. Is Kenny fit and available? If so him ahead of Coleman. 100% Baines plays
  12. FairWooney

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday November 3rd

    Mina has been a bit unlucky since coming back from injury. He would have come on had we been winning against palace but we needed attackers to change things so he had to sit out. with Zouma out next week I guess we need to give Mina a chance alongside Keane so we know we’re not throwing him in with no premier league experience at Stamford Bridge. The dilemma for Silva after that could be who comes out as his first choice CB’s!
  13. FairWooney

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    Don’t think we’ll see it but I wouldn’t mind Walcott given a game up top. if lookman was interested in playing then him on right, Walcott in middle and richarlison would look a killer paced attack. Davis and Bernard behind with gana behind that. Bernard has looked really committed trying to get stuck in and win the ball so the 3 miss provide good cover for digne and kenny while Davis and Bernard also offer a bit going forward and Bernard in particular can pick a pass. From a lot of our striker rumours in the summer I feel silva was after a pacy tricky forward like Walcott rather than tosun who is more a target man type.
  14. FairWooney

    Carabao Cup Draw

    With the competition for spaces we have i see plenty of changes for this but still a strong looking team. Might end up being the first outing for a couple of new signings as well as a chance for the likes of Lookman, Dowell, Kenny and calvert lewin to impress.
  15. FairWooney

    Summer Transfer Window

    Great line up to watch attack but can't see us playing that! Gomes is in no way a ball winning, tackling centre mid, nor is sig. That midfield would be torn apart by half decent attackers. From what i see Gomes prefers to play on the left but can play central or on the right. I don't think we'll see all 3 of those new midfielders along with sig and walcott playing together too often. No problem with that though, good different options and chance to change things around for different games