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  1. Hibbert doesn't really look up to it. McGeady looks good though.
  2. Yeah a bit concerning that we haven't seen Mirallas, Lukaku, Kone or Oviedo all pre season. Plus Coleman has basically missed the whole thing.
  3. I realise he got extra time off but I thought he'd be back by now. Season isn't far away.
  4. Is it lagging constantly for everyone else?
  5. Would like to see: Joel Stones jagielka distin baines Barry mcCarthy Mcgeady osman oviedo Mirallas (Don't think Vellios is up to it).
  6. Good player but another that doesn't speak English.
  7. Completely agree. Would love him here although it would never happen.
  8. Id like us to accept £40mill for the 2. 25 for fellaini and 15 for baines is pretty good money.
  9. kurt321

    Stevenage (CoC)

    Deulofeu best on ground easily. Barkley also good. Lucky to win but we'll take it.
  10. kurt321

    Stevenage (CoC)

    Kone and Osman have been shit today.
  11. A bit disappointing considering kone has been nothing but a bench warmer all preseason.
  12. I would love to see a line up of: Howard Stones Jagielka Distin Coleman Baines Fellaini Gibson Mirallas Pienaar Jelavic
  13. kurt321

    Real Betis

    I think that is almost everyones opinion.
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