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  1. Why are people so focused on a goal scorer when we are so porus in defense. Conceding continual set play goals. Defence is absolutely fucking shocking.
  2. Pickford Kenny Jags. Zouma. Baines Bernard Davies Gueye Richalison Walcott Tosun
  3. Start Cenk Richarlison left Drop Sig and replace with Bernard
  4. What the fuck You could just see it coming Zero mental strength, zero ability to defend a set piece, 3 fucking shots on target Ive had enough
  5. It’s not a surprise we aren’t spending. Think of all the crap out on loan that might come back a la Bolaisie. None of them will have any real sale value. We are going to have to write off millions Koemans time will burn us for years. Massive bell.
  6. If Tosun isnt right for the system then neither is Dzeko However, I'd say the say the system isnt right at the moment either...
  7. For me it stops and starts in the engine room Gana, Sig, Gomes isn’t working at the moment and to be honest I don’t think it’s right anwwya Gana had another strong game today but imo he’s too limited. The idea you need a dedicated defensive midfielder I think is old school. It became fashionable with Makele but the game has moved on. i want my centre mids to do everything. Doucoure would be a major boost imo. I think Sig is a great 10 but had an off day. Gomes clearly tired (not unexpected).
  8. Rubbish We need to keep Silva and some consistency. Chopping and changing isnt the answer.
  9. Pickford collect that you bell. Rooted to your line
  10. Keane looks very embarrassed (as he should)!
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