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  1. jofanon

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Less than one month left...
  2. jofanon


    Loftus Cheek and save ourselves £35m to spend on upgrading central midfield?
  3. jofanon

    Sandro Ramirez

    Couldn’t score in a 22-0 game £150k pw
  4. Pickford Coleman De Ligt Keane Tierney Carvalho Davies Siggy Lozano Lookman Tosun
  5. jofanon

    Hirving Lozano

    So hes a bit good then
  6. Pickford coleman lindeloff Keane Plattenhardt Carvalho Maddison Siggy Walcott/Irving Lookman Tosun
  7. Lots of reports this morning about substantial splits in the camp which would explain a lot Not sure what’s gone on but it looks like Niasse is upsetting a few people.
  8. jofanon

    Rumours Without A Link

    I’m worried (but not surprised) there are no rumours about Michael Keane and Ashley Williams leaving Absolute shower of shite that need replacing immediately
  9. jofanon

    Marco Silva (manager)

    But he's hardly going to be a draw for top players? Then again Koeman hardly recruited worldies!
  10. jofanon

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I'm very nervous about Silva... Doesn't have the same credentials as Fonseca and to be honest the potential appointment feels a little small time
  11. jofanon

    3 wants for next season

    I'm taking it you haven't seen her lately?
  12. jofanon

    3 wants for next season

    A new manager A new squad A new stadium
  13. Just the crappest season. Im delighted its over
  14. There is a real danger of course that no one will want to come here and we get left with no alternative