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  1. jofanon

    Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    There is a real danger of course that no one will want to come here and we get left with no alternative
  2. jofanon

    Juan Bernat

    Yes please
  3. jofanon

    Who Are We and What Do We Want?

    I want us to model around that Bowyer/Smith/Viduka Leeds type side or Keane/Beckham/Scholes/Butt ManUre side Young, aggressive, pacey, snide but with ability Knowledge of managers isn'tt good enough to suggest a person - the next Fergie! I thought Koeman would have been like that but I clearly was very wrong!
  4. jofanon

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Pickford Coleman New New New New Gana Gylfi Walcott Tosun New Left is the key word! Left footed CB, left back, left winger
  5. jofanon

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Because we got the wrong players with the wrong manager 10 players doesn't scare me if they are the right ones We need a focus on quality and buying to a plan rather than a scattergun purchase of 100 no10's
  6. jofanon

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Its all about salary! Ive played this game before
  7. Spine down the middle of the team and all that... Pickford great Tosun I think will be great So missing central mid and central defender
  8. jofanon

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    DCL has lots of god attributes but I think the most important one is finishing. He just doesn’t have it in his locker imo. Im not just basing that on the Liverpool game but watching closely this season It really struck home when I watched him Klaasen and Rooney do one on ones in that advert (think it was a Sure thing) I don’t think it’s a development thing - you either have it or you don’t. He’s the inverse of Lukaku - good in the air, good first touch, hard working, likeable (!)...but he can’t put the ball in the onion bag
  9. jofanon

    Cenk Tosun

    Not saying he's as good but he reminds me of Harry Kane - very well rounded but perhaps lack half a yard of pace Keep it up Cenk. Its refreshing having an aerial threat for starters - we've not had one since...well...perhaps Cahill? That's a long time ago We still need another striker though I think. Dom doesn't do it for me (not a great finisher), Niasse is an impact sub...feels like we need some more quality here still.
  10. jofanon

    Jack Wilshere

    Would prefer Ramsey I think
  11. jofanon

    Michael Keane

    Cos I said so, ner nicky ner ner
  12. jofanon

    Michael Keane

    He is
  13. jofanon

    Michael Keane

    Its not a confidence problem when you turn like an oil tanker or fail to mark anyone properly Its because your shite. Michael Keane is shite.
  14. jofanon

    Arsene Wenger

    What's the point in recruiting a 70 year old? Hardly going to be for the long run...
  15. jofanon

    Arsene Wenger

    With the rumoured Usmanov links to Everton (actually not rumoured he sponsors our training ground) I can see this happening.