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  1. DCL Malcolm Bernard Charlie Gomes Gana Digne Keane Zouma Wan-Bissaka Pickford Unlikely I guess - that’s £140-150m of spend. Lookman, Walcott and all the players out of loan out (excluding Holgate, Vlasic and Henry). Not sure what can be recouped there - probably not a lot Would like to see Virgina step up to the 1st team on the bench.
  2. What? We scored from a corner? 😂
  3. Unfortunately I missed the game. Would someone mind giving me a good break down on how Mina got on?
  4. Entirely surely it has to be Bernard left and Charley right
  5. I’ll take that Look likes they actually cared!
  6. Pickfords kicking has been atrocious
  7. Why the hell wouldn’t you shoot in that position?
  8. Je suis fucking nervous as the same in france
  9. Wow they do break at an incredible speed
  10. Walcott off. About time Have we scored from a corner this season?
  11. Why are people so focused on a goal scorer when we are so porus in defense. Conceding continual set play goals. Defence is absolutely fucking shocking.
  12. Pickford Kenny Jags. Zouma. Baines Bernard Davies Gueye Richalison Walcott Tosun
  13. Start Cenk Richarlison left Drop Sig and replace with Bernard
  14. What the fuck You could just see it coming Zero mental strength, zero ability to defend a set piece, 3 fucking shots on target Ive had enough
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