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  1. That was one of the things that sold his transfer to me, when he is taking a pay cut to come and you just know there is a genuine desire from him to come and PLAY and ENJOY football and not coming because we where offering an over the odds pay cheque to tempt him here. Ancelotti sold him the club and the project that is being built here, and he genuinely wants to be part of it. Although not big on tracking back and tackling, I also noticed that if HE loses the ball, then he does have a good go at getting it back. As his game is based more on vision and technique as opposed to
  2. He just oozes quality and confidence in what HE does and how HE plays the game. He's not going to dribble and accelerate with the ball, he's not going to bust a gut winning back possession - and is never going to, but he just consistently puts it on a sixpence when he passes that ball around the park. He seems to be thriving as a 'star player' , what's he going to be like when he settles in!!!
  3. Has to go to DCL for his hat-trick - just loving his poachers goals But took a hat-trick to pinch my MoM from Rodriquez just for that pass to Richalison for DCL second goal. Seen one or two similar assists from a highlight video before his arrived, and was all gooey eye then. Second game in and he is already at it in a blue shirt!!! Oh, and he scored a goal!!
  4. I also thought the BT commentators where a little over critical of Pickford for the first goal. Its almost a case of people over scrutinising him after last seasons problems and the fact he is the England keeper. Mina should have done a better. I have been the first to be on his case when he screws up, and will continue to do so, but today's not a day for it in all fairness.
  5. I posted last week that we are possibly shy as a 20 goal a season striker. DCL making me eat my words. 😀 I was so pleased he got his goal last week (after a barren spell after lockdown), to get that confidence back to where is was earlier last season. Looks like its well and truly back. Loved listening to him in his interview about Ancelotti saying to him about greater strikers just needing 'needing one touch' if they are in the right position. he's definitely taken that on board. so pleased for the lad.
  6. think you are being a little over critical. West Brom had a couple of decent 5min spells here and there (particular in the first 15m 20mins of the game) and we where on the back foot only once or twice, but this is Prem football and rare to dominate games completely, especially against newly promoted teams in the first month or two of the season when they are well up for it. Last year we may have drawn or even lost this game, today we just grew and dominated. To put in in to perspective, this is only the second game for our midfield together (four different players who have NEVER played
  7. - winning away to top 6 teams - coming back from behind to win - winning first two games of the season things we haven't been doing for years, really good omens. Rodrigues is the real deal, great touches and great goal.
  8. last season, our heads would have dropped at 1:0. We just steadily played ourselves back in to the game, and last 20min we are the only team in it. Our new midfield has only been together a few weeks, mistakes are going to be made , so goals will be conceded. Its going to improved game on game. just the fact we are turning games around is brilliant to see after last year. COYB
  9. so best not winning it then, just in case!!!. That's a pretty negative outlook. Just think: if we win the league cup, it will mean we had a brilliant day out at a cup final, people will stop say we haven't won a trophy in 25 years, squad will get a massive boost and confident from winning a cup, we get to play European football next year, might help attract better signings, might get some great uplifting European nights at Goodison Park. I am old enough to remember us getting a decent run and getting to the League Cup final back in 1984, that didn't do us to much harm then!!!
  10. You make it sound as if it the league OR league cup and we simply can't try and do well in both. We are a big enough club with a big enough squad to be competative in both and then the FA cup in the New Year. Cup runs are more likley to have a positive affect on league form. I don't thing winning round after round and progressing in any domestic cup competition harms league form, winning breads winning. Rounds of league cup, don't lead to fixture list congestion. Especially for clubs who don't have any european football. If anything its good to have games that allow fring player to get o
  11. We have purchased our midfielder now. I think think this story has been regurgitated from last month, when we where linked with about every player out there. The article starts with 'a report says' - what fooking report????
  12. definitely don't think we have the money for a Zaha move at the moment. If perhaps we get most of our money back from a sale of Awobi (or Kean perhaps) and lose a high earner of two of the wage bill - then maybe. However, although it sounds like Awobi is available in the transfer market, its the wrong year to be expecting any clubs to be spending big on him. Doesn't sound as if the club as desperate to move him on either, and can't see the player himself being desperate to move on. don't see it happening myself.
  13. I think we definitely do have to priorities, and we will like most other teams do - I am sure main focus at the beginning of the season will be finishing as high up in the league table as possible. That is your bread an butter and odds wise, if you play well and consistently throughout the season you finish in the position you deserve. I am sure the priority will be League, FA Cup and finally the League Cup at the beginning of the season, but his might change (and should if needed) Premiership clubs don't generally field their first 11 in the League Cup, but its a competitive game a
  14. yeah, Government will be desperate for big private sector scheme's to go ahead. Heritage is all well and good and important we keep one eye on it, but creating jobs to help people keep roofs over their heads and food in their mouths is going to be vitally important over the next two or three of years - A project of this nature in Liverpool will be a god send - the quicker ground is broken the better. and that's without my Everton hat on. Furlough is still running at the moment - we haven't felt the true economic brunt of this pandemic we are in - but it's around the corner.
  15. Shame he wasn't our penalty taker. Taking pens is a massive advantage for golden boot chasers. Vardy had 4 last season and already has 2 this. Has to be worth a 3 or 4 goal advantage for the eventual winner most seasons. I really do hope DCL becomes a 20 goal a season player - as we will need that to progress in the coming years.
  16. I believe its a 'club' option of a 3rd season as opposed to a player option. So Everton a little more in the driving seat on this. Sounds like most of us are on the same page - 6th or 7th been a realistic target, anything better being a bonus. When you look at it on paper and most players are fit, we now have a pretty decent match day squad of players to put out along with a top manager, so we do have the ingredients to have a good season. I do like DCL, but think we still lack that 20 goal a year striker - imagine us with our very own Salah, Agureo, Vardy, Kane or Aubameyan
  17. I agree - he needs a good and relatively consistent season to restore faith and to prove he actually adds value to the team. Needs to be that keeper who's saves ensure we nick points rather than producing gaffs that end up costing points. The Spurs performance was a good way to start the season and glad he's getting the votes in the MoM poll. I am still nervous as fook watching him, mind!! 😂I hope that changes
  18. Rodriguez is 40/1 shot to be PFA Player of the year. When was the last time we had a player in the squad that genuinely has enough quality to potential be one of the best players Premiership. He's already won a fair few 'best player' awards so there is not doubt he's a bono fida baller, and if we build the team and our play around him this season ....... he might really shine, the early signs of him taking to the Premiership are good. Might be worth a £25 punt
  19. It's definitely a lot easier to judge in Feb as by then almost 2/3 of the season has already been played!!! I am just wondering what people's general 'expectations' of the club are from the very beginning of the season? a bit more challenging. What would people consider as acceptable and realistic at this moment in time?. As Bailey said its going to be a tough year for all the decent teams all the way down to 9th. Think there could be a fairly fine margin between 5th and 9th position - one would be a great season and one would be a disappointment. It will be interesting to look bac
  20. We have got an idea of our new look player and are seeing what others have been up to in the transfer market - what is every bodies expectations for next season? I see the top 4 of Man City, Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea being a pretty hard nut for anybody to crack. There wage bills, quality of players and depth are simply on another level to ours and others in the chasing pack. Grabbing a top 4 place would be considered punching well above our weight and I think it would need either Man U or Chelsea to have a wobbly season, but think both have been 'building' over the past couple of seaso
  21. the five chances he created in the game are the most by any player making their Premiership debut since Alexi Sanchez for Arsenal in 2014!! and the most by any Everton player in two years!! . I just can't wait for him to get his eye in!!!! Don't think the Premiership is going to phase him!!
  22. I enjoy watching football again😁
  23. I have been Pickfords biggest critic this summer. His save just before half time, gave us the platform to go and win that game in the second half, was as good as a goal. An away win to a top 6 team on the first day of the season will give the team massive confidence. Could off picked half a dozen players, all new signings where great. All three pretty much played the whole game, and look at home in the team. Hats of to Ancelotti.
  24. Going to be a funny old first game of the season, very short break, no proper pre-season and without the presence of fans buzzing in anticipation of what the new season will bring. Spurs away is a fairly tough opening fixture,(we don't fair to well there!!) and our new midfeild will be a month away from any sort of 'game' understanding. I can't see all three starting. I think if Rodriguze starts it may be out on thw wing (to potentially provide a magic moment) rather than in the middle as any sort of orchastrating number 10. What i would really like to see in todays game is a positi
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