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  1. thebluenose

    Sylvain Distin

    a good replacement. tried and tested and adds experience to our back line. also a center back who can pass more than 5 yards is a bonus. so a left winger and a replacement center back. whos next. i want a right back
  2. thebluenose

    Video Game Thread

    thos games i loved when i was younger especially red alert and goldeneye. so mine would be (in no order) Goldeneye Star wars Rougue Squadron LOZ ocarina of time Sonic and knuckles Red Alert Halo (all 3 of them) Doom Conflict Desert Storm CoD4 modern warfare Sonic 3
  3. thebluenose


    im disappointed that lescott wants to leave but in all honesty i dont blame him. though the whole calling him Judas, prick etc is completley out of order. thing is though even though he wants to leave i wouldnt sell him. i wouldnt sell him until we have the replacement lined up and if there isnt a repleacement lined up then i wouldnt sell him. with jags out we will only have Yobo left. rodwell isnt as effective as a center back and if yobo gets injured than we are fucked. and in all honesty even if we get 20 million for lescott i doubt moyes will get all of it. he'll be lucky to get half that.
  4. thebluenose

    Jo In Cups?

    Yakubu is hardly the most agile or hard working of strikers and hes scored plenty of goals. whats your point. im sure we will see a good deal of Jo as hes had a full preseason and hell be getting a good run of games. and like what BedfordBlue said. moyes can bring out the best in players whilst Hughes is just a no mark
  5. thebluenose

    What Are You Listening To?

    Lamb of God - Set to fail (smooth jazz version) probably the funniest cover of a metal song ive ever heard
  6. thebluenose

    Haka At Everton

    in terms of a marketing point of view its a good idea. its certainly brought attention to the new kit (whether it be negative or positive) and people know about it.
  7. thebluenose

    Video Game Thread

    anyone looking forward to CODMW2. judging by this clip its going to be one hell of a game!!! as soon as i have money for it im getting it
  8. thebluenose

    What Are You Listening To?

    You have no idea how many people say that to me. near enough every person who first meets me says that lol. btw Machine head - Beautiful Mourning. YAY 4,000 posts
  9. thebluenose

    Harry Patch Dies

    +10000 never truer words spoken
  10. thebluenose

    What Are You Listening To?

    Machine head - Descend the shades of night
  11. thebluenose

    Sir Bobby Robson

    A true legend, footballer and a gentleman. i kinda feel angry at the newcastle fans who are saying hes a true legend when they wanted his head when he was manager
  12. thebluenose

    Mls All-Stars 1 - 1 Everton (3-4 Penalties)

    looks like Howard is ready for the new season. he was immense in that game, and could we actually be getting better with pens. that penalty cam was interesting. cant imagine itl happen here
  13. thebluenose

    What Are You Listening To?

    Anthrax - earth on hell
  14. thebluenose

    Oh Joey....

    is there a calender coming out
  15. thebluenose

    What Are You Listening To?

    Judas Priest - A touch of Evil