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  1. chuky_r_law

    Liverpool (A)

    has anyone any idea when this match may be rescheduled for? was meant ot be the end of the month but most likely sometime midweek in march i suppose. flying over from ireland so would like to have some sort of inkling when its happening
  2. chuky_r_law

    Stadium Decision

    really? i never heard him express an interest one way or the other
  3. chuky_r_law

    Stadium Decision

    when moyes took over the team is what i meant. i'm changing the subject of the topic. this is supposed to be about the stadium decision. i just see moyes contract decision being linked to it. call me paranoid.
  4. chuky_r_law

    Stadium Decision

    we manged to stumble upon one of the most talented managers in these isles at a time when financially things were bleak. we were still recovering from the peter johnson period and large amounts of money were not available. certainly not on a scale that was available to our rivals. it is no fluke that he managed to turn us into the most stable team outside the sky 4. lose him we are fooked.
  5. chuky_r_law

    Stadium Decision

    where do we go from here?? i would imagine planning something else will put us years behind everyone. we have been planning this for 2 years without a brick being laid. if its back to the drawing board then how long can we expect to wait? its now looking like we are going to have no new serious capital coming in to the club in the foreseeable future so i cant expect moyes to hang around over the next few years while everton try and plan another stadium. he is still a young and hungry manager so im sure he will go to some club whose ambition matches his. kenwright, having failed twice on the stadium front, i expect will stand down.
  6. chuky_r_law

    Brann Online

    does anyone know if its possible to watch tonights match on 5 online? or does anyone know of any other site online i can watch the brann game? in ireland and working so not so easy to see it.
  7. chuky_r_law

    Everton Tv

    went looking for highlights of sheff wed game on evertontv. however its only available to uk viewers. they dont tell ya that when ya sign up??? im based in ireland. i presumed when i paid my money it was as good as anyone elses....obviously not. can anyone shed some light on this?
  8. i believe that evertontv are carrying the match live on the website tonight. however im having problems watching any of the videos. is there some sort of technical problem? anyone have any ideas? btw i dont have channel 5 so i cant watch it on the telly
  9. chuky_r_law

    Good Free Transfer?

    i seem to remember flamini being roumoured with us before he went to arsenal. maybe moyes might rekindle his interest in him??
  10. chuky_r_law

    Tiny Tim

    whats this i hear about roma being interested in cahill? say it aint so!!
  11. chuky_r_law

    Sum Up The Season In 5 Words

    beat the shite three nil!
  12. i'd still like us to finish 5th more than anything else. i know the prize is the same but it just sounds better than 7th!!!
  13. chuky_r_law

    Kenny Miller

    kenny freakin miller?? are we planning to get relegated anytime soon? seriously, this guy would find it hard making it in the championship. i credit us with more ambition than this. we mightnt have the money to back up that ambition at the moment but we can do better than kenny miller imo
  14. chuky_r_law

    Captain Pip

    on experience alone its gotta be neville. jesus, i remember when he was playing with man u. him and his brother just had the kinda face you'd like to smack. i think roy keane in his autobiog referred to them as 'a pair of busy c*nts'. in fairness gary is class(still like to smack him tho) and phil has proven to be one of moyes' best buys. after that i'd like to see cahill get the arm band. seen the guy in interview a number of times and he always speaks so highly of the club. he always makes it known that its a real honour for him to play for the club in front of such loyal fans. and he doesn't forget where he came from either. remember how he didn't celebrate his goal against milwall? sign of a class act. he's a real ambassador for the club. its a real head vs heart think this captaincy. phils been with a really sucessful club and you can see that with the way he plays on the pitch. great leadership skills. . but cahill. i really feel that he loves the spirit at the club. that he picks up on the vibe. and just so no one forgets....stubbs was the ultimate leader in anfield the last day. and thats a good sign for the club that we have a number of players who can take responsibility and show the way forward to others. we are the peoples club, and i think theres a few out on that pitch who know what that means.
  15. chuky_r_law

    Fernandes Transfer Still Ongoing...

    both sky sports and bbc say he's joined til the end of season http://home.skysports.com/transferarticle.aspx?hlid=444900 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/t...ton/6286727.stm hopefully we can sign a striker before the deadline tomorrow. i still think david healy could make a name for himself in the premiership. look at kevin doyle.