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  1. holystove


    in the interest of balance, these two vids from the Leave side are also (unintentionally) hilarious https://youtu.be/QgPmJtlozuM
  2. he's on 1 million a year from belgian FA.. had the gall to say he's willing to work for such a pittance because he believes in the team.. that'll go down well witn ordinary fans.
  3. thanks but my attitude towards belgian team is pretty much the same as most on here towards england. I mainly watch them to see Everton players and players from the team I support in Belgian league, sadly belgium currently has 0.
  4. holystove


    Someone made a "The Office" style mockumentary. Quite good.
  5. just signed a new contract with Belgium til 2020.
  6. holystove


    This Twitter-thread is really well done. (12 tweets) .. especially good if you've got the real song on in the background.
  7. ouch that hurt. 😧 We're all Belgian I don't know why you'd say they haven't lived up to expectations; they only game they lost which they shouldn't have was against Wales in the quaterfinales of last European Championship. Other than that, this current generation has coasted through every qualifying game and did OK in Brazil (out in quarterfinals against Argentina). I'm fairly pleased with the level of play. Martinez fields a very offensive team. First Belgian manager smart enough to partner Vertonghen and Alderweireld in the middle. Only problem I have with him is he chooses Witsel over Nainggolan. Would be sad to see him leave, except if it was to return to Everton.
  8. Not at all, John. When Brecel (the young Belgian you refer to) won his first ranking event (2017 China Open) he barely got a mention at the end of the sports segment of the evening news. I love it though, been watching since I was a teenager. This years Championship was spectacular.
  9. Unbelievable snooker final. Mark Williams must have ice in his veins.
  10. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    On this I think it's important to add that countries with a strong written constitution are much better equipped to handle the occasional autocrat or electoral shocks than those with weak constitutional norms (or an unwritten constitution). The fact the US courts were able to rein in Trump, and the fact the UK has basically been in a constitutional crisis since 2016, has a lot to do with the strenght (or lack theirof) of the US and UK constitution.
  11. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    Umm, no. The legislative branch and judicial branch aren't branches of government 😒. 'Government' is the executive branch, which in countries with royalty is usually headed by a Prime Minister. The executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch exist in Western democracies independent of each other as separate 'powers'. Royalty are purely ceremonial; you get the same in some presidential systems. Germany has a ceremonial president for example (Herr Steinmeier). Your system in the US where the President is also the head of government is actually quite uncommon (and usually a sign of authoritarian regime 😉).
  12. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    They did a study a few years ago here whether it would be cheaper to get rid of our king and create a presidential system. Turns out it's pretty much a wash.
  13. holystove

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Maybe they have kids?
  14. holystove


    He even got owned by Alexa ... to me, still the funniest thing on YouTube.