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  1. Brexit...

    IMO, a second referendum is a pretty great idea. If Leave wins again, Remain can no longer say the vote was illegitimate because of the NHS lie etc. as most of the bold Leave claims have been exposed. People still want it, fair enough. It will also strengthen the UK negotiating hand because the confirmed democratic mandate will have to be taken very seriously; the EU can drop all illusions of the UK remaining and start negotiating in earnest. Lastly, watching the UK go through all of it again would be quite funny to watch from abroad.
  2. Brexit...

    David Davis writes to Theresa May to complain that Brexit means Brexit.... accuses EU of preparing for No Deal...
  3. How far has your car gone?

    I like the Q3 but it looks very feminine to me. I'd go for the Q5.
  4. How far has your car gone?

    I'd say an Audi Q7 is more in line with an X5, no? If I had the money I'd own one.. awesome car.
  5. Brexit...

    I prefer this one by Richard Elwes to the one from John Redwood MP :
  6. Brexit...

    Merry Christmas everybody
  7. Brexit...

    To be honest I think it's quite ridiculous that some in the EU say the UK won't get a "bespoke agreement". Ofcourse it will as every FTA is by definition bespoke. Canada is not South Korea or Japan or the UK. They all negotiate individual deals based on what they offer and what they want. If, for example, it is in the interest of the EU to continue to have maximum access to the City, financial services will be included to a great extend in the future UK-EU FTA (unlike CETA or other FTA deals), etc etc etc.. The only reason, IMO, there might not be a deal is because of the Irish border. According to the Phase 1 agreement the fall back position is full regulatory alignment with the EU if no deal is reached, but surely no Brexiteer would accept this.
  8. Over here there's a "review commission" that can impose bans even if the referee only gave a yellow. Stuff like this would definitely be "reviewed".. I don't follow Tottenham at all, but even I have seen numerous tackles by Alli that are unacceptable. ETC...
  9. Kane and especially Ali should have been red carded. Given referee only gave a yellow, can the FA still ban them for x games?
  10. was there no mention of Froome? Pretty impressive for an asthma patient.
  11. Brexit...

    I agree with you because your right-wing press is still spinning like crazy. (sorry about the source). https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5156079/brits-post-brexit-overtime-boom-eu-limits/ (S*N: British Workers set for post-Brexit overtime boom as ministers plot to scrap EU limits). In reality, the Working Time Directive already allows for overtime , but more importantly, the correct headline would be "Government set to scrap workers' rights".
  12. Brexit...

    To answer my own question, latest polling shows Remain at 51%, Leave at 41%.. well outside margin of error. Seems few have changed their mind, but over 80% of the people who didn't ( or couldn't? 17 year olds) vote last time would vote Remain. :facepalm:
  13. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Pretend you do know why she's angry. They're angriest about the fact you don't understand why they're angry; so much so that they usually don't remember what they were angry about in the first place.
  14. Brexit...

    Do you think Remain would win in a second referendum?