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  1. holystove


    Disregard the title of this blogpost as it might be perceived as offensive. It is a great piece of analysis by former Cambridge Professor, shows UK academia is still top notch. http://chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2018/09/britain-is-humiliating-itself.html?spref=tw
  2. holystove

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Handbrakes are optional on your island? I've never seen a car without one here.
  3. holystove


    Great blogpost; every word true. https://mainlymacro.blogspot.com/2018/09/why-brexiters-look-defeated.html
  4. holystove


    You make it sound like I'm anti-UK-cycling which I'm most definitely not. 😉 I'm am merely pro-clean-cycling, so here's how I look at it: - Froome: caught using banned substance - Thomas: won TdF aged 32 after, in his previous 13 years as a pro-cyclist (including his prime years), never having finished better than 15th in any majour tour. Suspicious. - Yates: great job, well done, thoroughly deserved
  5. holystove


  6. holystove


    It is brexit that is the problem, not the UK party that is 'negotiating' it. Actually I'm quite sure if Corbyn was in charge, Brexit would be an even bigger mess than it is now.
  7. holystove

    The Odd News Thread

    Harvesting scallops using industrial-scale scraping off the Normandie coast, under the noses of French fishermen abiding by a conservation policy... I'm with the French on this one. I wonder how this is being reported in the UK as the article Mike posted shows how differently UK and Iceland media portrayed the Cod Wars and the effect it had on sustaining the conflict.
  8. holystove


    You are ofcourse right on 'murderer' being over the top and indeed he objected to immigrants of all races. Troubling you read his bigoted posts as mere snobbery though. He's the only person I ever complained about to a Mod. But Matt is right, this is not for this thread.
  9. holystove


    I remember he got angry when you called him a murderer for supporting Tory/austerity policy and demanded an apology. Murderer was a little sttong, but he was a racist and a bigot.
  10. holystove


    I'll be a member for 10 years on December 22. Funnily enough, my "mental image" of all the ones that have been here for all that time hasn't changed at all. I wonder what happened to Ian (IanC?), the Irish guy; he made a lot of good posts.
  11. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    He's already on edge because he's doing something illegal, adding 100+ decibels creates a sensory overload. Same reason a lot of alarms trigger lights to flash on and off inside a house. Thief gets confused and runs. At least, that's the theory.
  12. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    My alarm guy said the main purpose of an alarm is to scare away the thief rather than call attention from other people. I asked him because the siren I have inside my house produces twice as many decibels as the one on the outside.
  13. holystove

    New Ownership Incoming?

    Not sure I want this to happen. Another Russian billionaire who made his money in a shady way, and who in current climate could be forced to leave the West/UK (see Abramovich), taking bulk of his money with him. Moshiri money is good enough for me.
  14. holystove


    As you are a "remainer" this post is exactly why I (and many more on the continent) were backing brexit.
  15. holystove


    Well that is why the EU has agreed a transition period to sort most of that. The scenario we are talking about now is no-deal, which means no transition. In order to avoid no-deal only 3 things are necessary: 1/ financial settlement (UK accepts liabilities it signed up to as a member). 2/ agreement on rights of EU citizens in UK and UK migrants in EU27. 3/ Solution on the Irish border. All this future relationship stuff (customs union, single market, FTA in goods, ECJ, ...) is irrelevant to an orderly exit right now because it will only come into effect after the transition period. However as the UK doesnt want to accept the EU27 proposal for the Irish backstop and they think the financial settlement is their best card, they want to decide the future relationship now. If the UK would just sign the Withdrawal Treaty as it is written now, instead of in March 2019, there would be a lot less drama.