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  1. If you want to leave the EU with a deal as soon as possible : vote conservative If you want to leave the EU but stay in all the economic partnerships (without a say) : vote labour If you want to stop brexit : vote LibDem, Green, PC, SNP or CHUK If you think your country needs a very hard reset with years of (economic, political, ..) turmoil : vote brexit party If you are a white supremacist : vote UKIP (I am not saying 2014 UKIP was this extreme, but 2019 UKIP definitely is) That's how I see it at least.
  2. Some speculation he's off to become the new Night's King. After all he's already 'undead'
  3. I am sorry for spreading it; never expected it to be true. Though I'm glad I was prepared for that shit ending.
  4. Predictions for final episode? I'd go with Dani dead, Jon dead and King Gendry. Tyrion survives. (!!!! Spoiler !!! Apparently there's a thread on reddit where people who worked on the show say Jon kills Dani, gives himself up to the Unsullied, ends up at the wall again - Tyrion gets tried for treason but survives - Bran becomes King with Bronn, Davos, and Tyrion as hand - Drogon flies off with dead Dani never to be seen again - Samwell wants democratic elections but gets laughed at ) some of that seems really implausible to me.. the wall is breached, there is no night king, so why would there be a night's watch? .. why would the three eyed raven be interested in being king?
  5. This is a great account for some behind the scenes stuff and interesting insights. Run by actor who plays NK it seems. https://twitter.com/Vladimir_furdik Vladimir Furdikโ€ @Vladimir_furdik 3 mei Meer Episode 4: One hour and 18 minutes Episode 5: One hour and 20 minutes Episode 6: One hour and 20 minutes Added them up and you'll have 4 more hours of Game of Thrones! Still thinking that all thatโ€™s left is just fighting #Cersei for the throne? #foodforthought #GameOfThrones
  6. I just said I can see the sense in Macrons position. Now the UK gets another six months to decide whether to ratify the deal or revoke..
  7. "more" blatant? don't tell me you give any belief to this claim that the EU can somehow force a member state to vote one way or another on anything. The only vote the EU will force on the UK is to send members to the EU Parliament, which can hardly be described as a 'disregard of democracy', rather the opposite.
  8. The person who created that petition has had numerous death threats and had to close down her facebook account. unbelievable .. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Thanks, great job by the UK creating economic hardship for thousands of companies ๐Ÿ‘
  10. Well I've said before I disagree with your opinion he wants a no-deal; no need to get into it again. I indeed have a background in EU law (I work in insolvency now), I am not a politician though so I'm not 'switched on' with what remainers and EU politicians are cooking up. I certainly don't see any of that going on. Macron has said short extension without the deal is impossible. He also said a long extension requires UK to change its red lines. This is not really a controversial view among other EU leaders.
  11. not that I'm aware of. strange obsession with Macron you have. he's saying exactly the same as the other leaders, which in this case is the bleeding obvious. Theresa May keeps forcing parliament to vote on the same thing, a short extension only makes sense if she succeeds. otherwise its no deal or long extension.
  12. Pieter Cleppe is a Belgian eurosceptic. One of those guys you go to if you want a negative EU-quote from a non-English person. I think you are holding the EU very strange and oddly high standards. If a country chooses not to be an EU member, it is undemocratic of the EU to deny them the benefits of membership?
  13. Shouldn't you be marching? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Near Wetherby today.
  14. Yes they are. I'm getting ads for cycling gear. What have you been googling @Palfy ?๐Ÿ˜„
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