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  1. You can, under certain circumstances, ask for an exemption of state aid. The EU commission will assess this and make a binding ruling. In corona-times, each member state that has asked to save a certain part of their economy has gotten the exemption beause we are in unprecedented times. Asking for a exemption on state-aid because you chose to leave the Single Market would not have gotten the green light from the Commission 😃.
  2. I'm sorry John but that's not how any of this works. If there is no deal between the EU and the UK that put tarriffs at 0% on cars , there won't be a 0% tarriff on cars. They only way to "avoid" these tarriffs is if the UK government promises to pay the 10% tarriff instead of Nissan. Reportedly they got this promise from Theresa May in 2016 and I assume Nissan is still counting on that. (https://www.irishtimes.com/business/manufacturing/uk-letter-vowed-to-protect-nissan-from-brexit-fallout-1.3781568) Coincidentally such 'State Aid' would be illegal as an EU member state. So of course EU to UK, Nissan would still have to pay those tarriffs. I don't know if this influenced the decision.
  3. Why it would piss off the EU (Commission? Member States?) if two Renault models are made in the UK?
  4. 70% of Nissan cars made in Sunderland are exported to the EU. The UK market is way too small to sustain the plant. My guess, Nissan is crossing their fingers for no tarriffs on cars between EU and UK on cars; doesnt look likely though.
  5. That's why excess deaths gives the clearest picture because in that case it doesn't matter if covid is on the death certificate. Yesterday the FT published an article (free to read) based on official numbers of excess deaths. https://www.ft.com/content/6b4c784e-c259-4ca4-9a82-648ffde71bf0 Hardest hit per capita in Europe : 1. Spain 2. UK 3. Italy 4. Belgium 5. The Netherlands
  6. Perhaps because they weren't able to verify it. On the internet you can go down a lot of rabbit holes and come out on the other side outraged that the mainstream media is not reporting it. 'Thanks to the internet I found out ..' 😉
  7. All the best to your brother in law. Not morbid to want to know how he experienced Corona but I get the impression the disease can hit you in many different forms, not all of which are experienced by everyone. Some people are stuck with it for up to 7 (!!) weeks. Some experience loss of taste and smell. Not all get fevers. etc etc Like you I wanted to find out all I can from people I know who got COVID19, hoping that it would lessen my stress levels knowing what to expect, but it had the contrary effect. All you can do is hope you go through it asymptomatically. (given the number of colleagues who fell seriously ill, I'm kind of hoping I already had it).
  8. https://www.france24.com/en/20200505-uk-is-europe-s-worst-hit-country-by-covid-19-as-death-toll-surpasses-32-000 UK overtakes Italy. Thank God the NHS is not overrun like the Italian healthcare system was. Stay safe.
  9. This is great. The US is turning into the EU. https://twitter.com/PoliticusSarah/status/1253365449603104770?s=20
  10. Doesn't he make the point that even though the American audience polarized first, news media such as Fox News, but also the NYT on the left, tried to keep up by feeding into that and creating a 'feedback loop' for polarisation? So if he doesn't think Fox News started the didvide, they are certainly reinforcing it? Why is America more polarized than say Scandinavia, or the Netherlands, Belgium etc? If every society is, or could be, equally polarized, an important factor in keeping that under control is not having 'extreme' news organisations reinforcing the divide, by for example not having a strong (neutral) public broadcaster (as most EU countries do) but having Fox News as your main source of information. Interesting podcast. WIll listen to more episodes.
  11. <== about the TV show <== what I think Fox News has done; no longer about the TV show. And what (I assume) Matt tried to make clear in his response. <== what a Fox-like channel could do in any western democracy
  12. If you love Catch-22, I would also recommend 'A confederacy of dunces' by John Kennedy Toole. It's the only time I ever felt reading anything that came close to the brilliance of Catch-22.
  13. The show makes clear that the intention of Fox News was never to bring you the news. It was to push a narrative, made to look like news. Ailes didn't care whether or not something was true, it got aired as long as it hurt the democrats (liberals) or anyone he deemed un-American. Fox News was, and is, not exploiting a divide that is already there in the American public, I think Fox is (partly) responsible for creating it. Fox News triggers people who are scared and worried, and gives them an easy explanation and enemy. Trump couldn't have happened without 25 years of Fox News preceding him. Compare it to Germany. Right now the AfD is a small party which tops out at 10-15%. Now imagine they had their own propaganda channel, called it news, and made it the only source of information for a great number of Germans...
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