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  1. Well, no. Alaphilippe is much younger than Thomas. He has been very good in the classics (especially the ones with steep climbs). He doesn't dominate the TdF (see yesterday's stage) in the same way Thomas did last year, even though competition seems to be weaker. I'm not stating as fact Thomas did anything wrong last year, I'm just saying it was very surprising and met with scepticism from a lot of journalists and cycling insiders. What Alaphilippe is doing this year is much more within the range of the possible.
  2. Mistakingly citing a UK rule as your crowning example of EU red-tape and then literally waving a dead fish in the air to rally braying supporters into a patriotic frenzy of outrage is a great early look into what a Boris Johnson premiership will look like. .. Were there no bendy bananas available?
  3. 1/ Leaders of government of all EU member states propose the new Commission president. Why would you call them unelected? 2/ The EU Parliament has to approve the entire Commission. This is not a given. I understand Matt not wanting to argue, because it is sometimes about point of view if you want to describe something as democratic or not. But to call leaders of government (including your own PM) 'unelected elite' is baffling.
  4. Swiss banking secrecy was lifted in 2018 under pressure from EU and the OECD. Current discussion is about something else (streamlining the EU - Switzerland relationship from some 120 agreements into one treaty).
  5. Survey of Tory members: The one-nation-tory is dead. It is now the destroy-the-union-for-a-unicorn party.
  6. He's not saying this to win a general election though. He's trying to convince the 124,000 conservative party members who will decide the future of the UK in choosing the next PM.
  7. Not something you can take to the European Court of Justice.
  8. Greece has compulsory voting. 58.7% shows the respect the Greeks have for the law 😉
  9. "LePen won in 2014 with 24.4%. She’s now on 23.3. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders - an absolutely key figure in the Euro alt-right - was annihilated, losing all 4 of his MEPs. In Greece, Golden Dawn have dropped from 9.4% to 4.9%. In Austria the FPO from 20% to 17%, in turmoil over financial scandal, and out of gov’t. In Germany the AfD barely moved the dial, adding 1 MEP, while the Greens came second. In Spain far-right VOX dropped more than 4% since the GE *only a month ago*. In Denmark the DPL has gone from winning in 2014 with 25%, down to 10%. We must be realistic, but also optimistic and positive. Despair is de-energising and, in this case, utterly misplaced. The truth is people are politically engaged and pro-European parties are rallying brilliantly, from a very desperate base."
  10. Thousands of votes.. 😲 Hopefully just incompetence and not intentional, but really bad either way.
  11. If you want to leave the EU with a deal as soon as possible : vote conservative If you want to leave the EU but stay in all the economic partnerships (without a say) : vote labour If you want to stop brexit : vote LibDem, Green, PC, SNP or CHUK If you think your country needs a very hard reset with years of (economic, political, ..) turmoil : vote brexit party If you are a white supremacist : vote UKIP (I am not saying 2014 UKIP was this extreme, but 2019 UKIP definitely is) That's how I see it at least.
  12. Some speculation he's off to become the new Night's King. After all he's already 'undead'
  13. I am sorry for spreading it; never expected it to be true. Though I'm glad I was prepared for that shit ending.
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