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  1. holystove


    I agree. Brexit has to go through. To stop Brexit now would put the EU's most obstructionist Member-state back in the centre of the EU, but this time with an even more divided public opinion on Europe. The best way to defeat populists is to put their idiotic ideas into effect and watch them fail. UK is very welcome to rejoin after March 29th 2019.
  2. I am amazed at how long Macron got away with calling Trump an idiot in public (at the UN, Rememberance day, ...). Seems Trump finally snapped; will be a huge boost for Macron in France.
  3. holystove


    Corbyn and his followers will vote against it, DUP will vote against it, Johnson and his followers will vote against it, Fox will resign because he doesn't have a job if UK is in Customs Union... only question that remains is if there will be a general election or a referendum on the deal?
  4. holystove

    Remembrance Day

    As soon as my kids are old enough to understand what happened, I will visit Flanders Fields with them. Incredibly important to keep remembering and honouring those that lost their lives, even though it is now 100 years ago. I read somewhere that it is 75 years now since an army last crossed the Rhine, blowing away second longest period which was 3 months.
  5. holystove


  6. holystove


    I don't see how it is fear-mongering though, if people right now are working on this problem, it is no longer hypothetical. Extra cost and administration will be very real though. Double certification, customs clearance, more warehousing, .. brexit = increase of red tape = increase of cost for business = higher price for consumers.
  7. holystove


    I disagree. Planning for food and medicine shortages is not preparing for the worst case scenario, but for the most plausible scenario. No-deal looks more likely than ever. I can't see no-deal lasting longer than a couple of months, but government has a duty to make sure in the interim, people keep access to their medication. This is not fear-mongering, this is what is happening right now. These are plans discussed by a Cabinet set on taking the UK out of the EU at all costs.
  8. holystove


    FT report today emergency ships will be chartered by UK government to bring in food and medicine... to mitigate the blockade you have put on yourself.. Tragic absurdity.
  9. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    Caricature of an English tourist ☺.. have fun.
  10. holystove


    This is good; should be read by everyone with a remote interest in Brexit https://share.trin.cam.ac.uk/sites/public/Comms/Rogers_brexit_as_revolution.pdf
  11. holystove

    Longest Thread!

    Ross Geller playing the keyboards comes to mind. 😉 Sounds like you had fun making it though.
  12. holystove


    I'm not his biggest fan but the man does have a sense of humour. His little dance was obviously spur of the moment. He wasn't mocking May, just the opening of her conference speech. She should be glad he watched it.
  13. holystove


    Pedantic me: Greenland left the ECC in 1982 🙂 ...ever since then they have remained very close to the EU (and there is now talk of (re)joining) It's an accepted fact the UK (and EU) will take an economic hit from the UK's decision to break trading relations. However there are indeed other aspects (political, cultural, etc) to take into account that are inmpossible to predict. Unrelated : this is ace 😉
  14. holystove

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    In light of the yesterday's Climate report, bunch of people saying they can't individually do anything about climate change as its too big an issue which can only be solved at global level. Such nonsense, there is a lot each individual can do which will make a difference. Everyone should take responsibility.