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  1. After some digging, it was corporate seats taken/owned by Chang.
  2. I think a row? But that isn't fact, that's me guessing based on the location of the walkway. There was a raised walking section there anyway, but the new "stand entrance" will make the place more inclusive.
  3. Before Christmas, he was shite. After Christmas, he was blistering.
  4. Somebody mentioned the building work going in the corner of the bullands/main stand, turns out we're preparing a better more accessible disabled "seating" area. Which is bloody fantastic. United had one put in years ago and it's fantastic. Glad we're following suit. Keep doing what you're doing Everton.
  5. It took me a fair few episodes. But I get it. It's soo much smarter than it lets on. Like Matt said, it's batshit crazy but weirdly, has some plausibility about it. Bonkers but brilliant.
  6. I think this bit is right, I think Koeman wants hard working players.
  7. Do you get the impression they don't have a clue what the Acronym stands for?
  8. Which is why IMO, this is more of Barkley's doing than any "mismanagement" from Koeman. Koeman wants him to stay and be a part of this team, so why would he be the one pushing Ross out?
  9. Loan. We love a loan and haven't gotten one in yet. Let's do it.
  10. I'm pretty sure most of you didn't(vote for him) because you all seem decent in mind (and I mean that sincerely).
  11. It comes from Suntan, so take with a fistful of salt....but I like what he says. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-reveal-thrilling-ideas-bramley-13389353
  12. This for me. If you're going to spend money, always buy better than you have.
  13. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/26/politics/trump-military-transgender/index.html Here he is, Adolf Trump. Unlucky transatlantic friends. How have you done this to yourselves? Literally, can only laugh.
  14. To be fair, that's probably the best outcome. All experienced, all been at Everton a few years now. Even though i'd have liked Rooney, I think for squad morale, that's the best option.
  15. And a striker. On top of still chasing Sig.
  16. In his presser, he's confirmed that he's looking for a new CB.
  17. I support this on the basis that IF they sell him, they won't sell Naby as well
  18. I do think he'll get an unbelievable reception. Just hope the other new lads do as well.
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