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  1. Spent £200m, got older and worse. Very Everton that.
  2. We should have a LB signed by now imo. A position we needed covering/replacing over 2 years ago.
  3. Robertson. Wanted him as Baines' replacement 😔 absolute steal at £11m. We'll spunk £30m on waste.
  4. He said we were too attacking last night. Unbelievable. We're dross. This started during Martinez ' time, buying absolute crop like Kone. The squad has been filled with crapand cost us alot of money. RKhas then spunked over 100m on 20m worth of players. Massively unbalanced squad and already spent a fortune on it. Needs completely stripping and rebuilding. Get rid; Williams, Martina, Klaassen, Sandro, Sig, Kevin, Baines, Lennon, McCarthy, Niasse, Stek. Buy a left back (x2), centre back, an exciting winger, hardworking winger, creative mid (who can score goals), another forward. Unfortunately we're light years off the pace of those clubs chasing CL (even Europa league) places.
  5. Not all down to Sam. He's working with dross. Last couple of windowa have crippled us. Bang average or shit players on mega money, who either don't play or can't. He puts out what he's got available. That's not alot.
  6. Besiktas fans laughing at the price we're reportedly paying, fills me with the same confidence i had when Niasse arrived.
  7. He went bat shit crazy when Rooney equalised. Never thought I'd say this... I like him. Alot.
  8. Had to start one. Never liked him, He's a troll. However... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/sammy-lee-pulls-out-liverpool-11623169.amp Fair play.
  9. The original rumours suggested Sam would only take the job if he could bring his whole crew. Maybe that's why we're no hearing of some of the positions being opened?
  10. Ferguson - good. Unsworth - surely should just go back into the academy??
  11. Listen, one of the very few straws I'm clutching for Sam's arrival is I think he'll turn Sig into an actual player again.
  12. Weren't wrong to sack him, stupid to have not had someone lined up to replace him.
  13. He's a massively overrated, vastly inconsistent, dressing room destroyer, who needs to be one of the first to get the boot. He s a dick. Plain and simple. And no, he is NOT one of our best players. Even at the levels we are now, there are plenty ahead of him.
  14. It has been for a while now. Just now people who called us out for being doom Sayers are also seeing it.
  15. It's the attitude of the players that's pissingme off. I'd have thought as an evertonian, Unsworth might have been able to get the players to play at least with some passion or respect for the club but they're all shitting on the shirt from a great height. So of those players should be embarrassed and ashamed of their work ethic and attitudes. Nearly that whole first team can go fuck itself.
  16. Should have told Benitez that before he joined newcastle. A team that was all but relegated when he joined. Decent manager. We're a bigger club. Not delirious.
  17. I know in some of your eyes this man can do no wrong but I'm firmly in the WTF does he do camp. He's meant to put the fire in the players bellies and I've not seen it since the Moyes days (unfortunately), way before Ferguson was brought in.
  18. This should have been sorted before RK was even on the ropes, the fact we're here still not having a clue who to replace him with is the club's biggest failing. For me after Silva? Should be looking at Blanc, Tuchel, Scolari (all available). But we're going to look incredibly desperate if we go for Dyche or Sam. They'll cost a bomb and will feel like 2nd choices. It's hard now because we're really shit.
  19. We've actually pissed over £100m on absolute shit. That's being kind. Pickford (just) is the only positive. RK deserved to lose him job for the Klaassen signing alone. Throw in Keane (shame) and Sigurdsson and the guy deserves to step away from the sport entirly . Always stated Sigurdsson was a mistake but didn't even think he was THAT bad.
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