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  1. @ everyone who wanted him as perm. Choose another sport lads
  2. Count your views on Stones covered in that tweet as well. Light joke mate. Otherwise I'd fucking cry right now.
  3. @hafnia This one's for you https://twitter.com/dazzler1878efc/status/933810779433861122
  4. I personally think it's a genuine possibility. The players we have are either not good enough or passed it. Doesn't help that the managers over look some players for weak reasons. Its more detrimental to the squad, get over your personal issues with players.
  5. Unsworth is almost as clueless as RK. Where in god's name is vlasic? he'd at least put their defenders on the back foot.
  6. Kev is a prick and we need shot. Hes fallen out with every manager, created the little snide "group" that retaliated against Martinez. Guy is a liability. Doesn't have the ability to even make up for his shit attitude.
  7. 25. Jesus.I'm http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41879684
  8. It could get worse. It doesn't just rain.... Our position in the public eye has always been positive/good, no matter how well we did on the pitch. This could be damaging (potentially). Panorama have a habit of throwing the cat among the pigeons.
  9. His sister confirmed on Twitter that he's not injured.
  10. It could be career sucide for some of these managers. They're "safe" in their current roles. Someone's got to be out of work to be "keen" to take the job. Very pessimistic
  11. Just some bullet point views. - Last year Lukaku and Barkley covered some real issues in the team, that a lot of our players aren't good enough (for where we want to be). - Recruitment this year was completely at. Needed a striker (or 2) without doubt. Needed a long term successor to Baines. Needed a quality right back. Needed pace/wingers. We got NONE. - Genuinely feel that Walsh has evaded most of the abuse he should have had. - Baines is passed it. - Jags is passed it. - Williams is woeful and should not be near a team wanting to do better than survive relegation. He was passed it the minute he arrived. - Our kids are being hung out to dry by their older peers. They're also (understandably) not yet ready to grab games by the scruff. - Our squad is filled with bang average and some cases, poor footballers. - Sig is and will never be worth £45m. - Sandro is a confidence (fair weather) player and if the team don't start winning, he'll be as useful as a chocolate teapot. - Klaassen I fear, we've bought an absolute dud, who can and will have a great career on the continent but it won't be in the Premier League. - Rooney has been a poisoned chalice. Affected the shape. Wonders too much. Can't seem to have the simplest things go right for him. Pretty sure his recent exploits has messed with his brain. - The sheer amount of "leaders" we have equates to fuck all when they're wet as a cum riddled tissue. - Rhino won't install the confidence many hope. - We are NOT set up to play the current meta of premier league football. - Players who were the bright sparks of our season last year (Gana and Morgan) have been replaced by the Nerdlucks from Space Jam, because their ability has just disintegrated. - I do fear our squad could be in a fight for survival. - No "decent" manager is going to touch us in our current state. - I'm expecting nothing to change until Feb. - I'm 99% there's some high profile sacking on the horizon at board level.
  12. The only thing we need in the window is a fucking miracle .
  13. Looks like SportPesa are trying to crawl out of their arseholes this morning after yesterday's embarrassing tweet. Should NEVER have sent it but they've at least admitted and apologised. Someone's in deep shit. Here's the deleted tweet for anyone who didn't see it.
  14. His sister is pretty funny on Twitter. https://twitter.com/blanka_vlasic/status/922456018138927104 I do like the way she's posted that after the boss has gone aha.
  15. Because form is temporary, class is permanent...
  16. He must be pretty worried right now!
  17. https://twitter.com/RichJolly/status/922446724429484032
  18. Here in lies our biggest problem now. Convincing a top manager of the project despite our position or take a risk and hope for the best.
  19. https://twitter.com/rogbennett/status/922442633850621955
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