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  1. I knew before this link that Almeida wasn't prolific but to go for a player that can't start in his own team in the Bundesliga can't be that good!? Would he really benefit us in anyway? we might aswel use our youth than spend loan money on people ranked 4th in the peckin order?
  2. I used to live in a town called Horley, near Gatwick and i lived next to my best friend. So our gardens were seperated only by a wire fence, our houses were attached etc. Anyway, one comment that people used to make was about how the gardens on our road have hardly any wildlife visit the gardens, (i think we had squirrels on a handful occasions, but that was only usualy the single squirrel). A few years down the line, we heard one day that my best mates Grandad had died, sometime in the morning from a bad heart and then later on that same night his Grandma also died (probably of a broken heart). Some say nothing out of the ordinary but... since that day, no word of a lie, two squirrels started turning up in his garden. Sometimes they would just sit at the end of the garden on the wooden fence for hours, just watching, never disturbed by us or anyone else. They always waited for food in the mornings and would hang around till dark. And for a graden that never got wildlife, to then having two squirrels on a daily basis, just days after the grand parents passed away, is pretty weird. The squirrels still came, right up until the day they moved. The family are certain it was actually the grand parents in another life and to this day still talk about the freaky coincedence, if there was any!? The most interesting part of the whole thing, the grandma, weeks before she passed, sat me, my friend and his brother down in the front room to tell us a story about animals (can't remeber exactly, i'll ask him) and aftwards she asked us what our favourite animals in the story were, i said Hedghog, my mate said a bird (you get the idea)...but freakishly enough she said a Squirrel. because Squirrels were her favourite wild animal and how much she'd like to watch them in her own garden... Messed up eh...still freaks me out
  3. I realise this maybe slightly off topic but one of the stats that people are remembering from the game was the "Evertons starting eleven cost approx £26mil, only £2mil more than Fernando Torres alone"... so would anybody be able to assemble a table that shows how much each current starting eleven costs within the premier league? Surely we must be near the bottom!? The likes of Tottenham, Villa and Sunderland must be pretty high!? This is why, In Moyes We Trust! It was just a thought, if anyone has any time to kill I did try, damn google...
  4. I rated Jo (pre-city days) and i still hold him in high regard. i just think he's had a bit of a bummer, given the chance i think he would do alrite in the prem, so if this one does come off on loan, i'd be happy Like the Yak, he needs 'feedin', without it he cnt score...cities mid-fielders are too greedy, maybe thats y he hasn't hit form!?
  5. Nice video find Louis It's great to find out about clubs like Everton de Chile and how they were formed. Because like us, they have an interesting history and loyal fan base. Might consider it as a holiday destination this year after watchin that, would be a crackin place to go and to even get the opportunity to visit one of our 'seed' clubs would be pretty spesh! p.s dn't like their away kit its got red in it!!
  6. I think he should be knighted. or at the very least a 'Legend' by now!? The commitment and effort he gives to the blue cause is unreal, absolute legend! Been scouting for that stat, can't find it yet.
  7. The beard for me they werent the best examples of the night. My fave: On the Setanta Commentary last night, the word 'we' was used a couple of times right after 'The Crim' scored...neautral commentary my a##e!!
  8. Ok ta adz09 Bein ametuer i've gotta learn the ropes, so i will take your advice on board!
  9. "Rafael Benitez has made a number of raids on his native Spain since leaving Valencia for Anfield in the summer of 2004, with the likes of Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres and Albert Riera becoming key men. And The People report that the Spaniard is again lining up a move on La Liga this month, with his target said to be the relatively unknown Deportivo La Coruna winger Angel Lafita. The 24-year-old is able to play on either flank and although he is a big part of Depor’s side, the Riazor club are believed to be willing to let him move on if an offer of £3million is received. (fansfc.com)" Noticed this on Caughtoffside.com, maybe worth a punt? I realised the RS have been linked but with their spanish scouts and contacts, this one sounds quite good. I've heard some good things about him, and a right sided midfielder/winger is a position we need to explore. Granted big Vic did well last night but a top performer at Depor and in LaLiga, still young (24), tall (6'2) versatile (Both Flanks), uses both feet and relatively cheap (£3mil)...is he worth a cheeky bid? what do people reckon? p.s this is my 1st post so i apologise if it doesn't work out right!? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=H-wJlZ2pxdQ&...feature=related
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