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  1. I think he is one good season in 4 player, and he just had his good season. It's a swerve for me.
  2. Whatever his footballing short comings, he is a top bloke, and I wish him well. Hopefully at another club.
  3. Well done Everton, just goes to show what this great club is about. Whatever your team, we are all football fans, to help out a club in trouble is part of who we are.
  4. Cahill, it too slow, has poor mobility, that's why he couldn't get a game for Chelsea, that's why he shouldn't join us. If we can't get Zouma or someone else of equal quality then we have Mina, and youth options who would be a better choice.
  5. He is a goal scoring midfielder who scores goals, he is not the most creative but he does create chances. He is a valuable player, an very good option to have.
  6. I was optimistic last season, but then that was following the circus act that was Walsh and co, so it was a low bar to beat lol.
  7. One of the best things about Brands and Silva's appointments is that we appear to have a management team that have a coherent strategy, which I know will include plan B and probably C and D as well. I am genuinely optimistic about this transfer window, with the caveat that we can shift the excess players to free up the wage budget.
  8. That's true, Barca are looking to shift allot of players (for them) in the transfer window and no doubt want to push up the prices they receive.
  9. But he did that at Barcelona and he didn't like it, for him its more about where he feels at home, loved. I'm not saying he will 100% stay, but we have a good chance, if we can agree a fee with Barcelona.
  10. We can agree a fee too, then its down to Gomes to decide, and hopefully its with us.
  11. Great job doing the double, first half was good, second half was scrappy. Deserved win for the lads, made up for them and Unsy. Couple of very talented lads there could well be first team squad members in a couple of seasons.
  12. Indeed top quality performance.
  13. Peoples vote march was in the hundreds of thousands, the Pro Brexit was in the tens of thousands, at most. Big difference in atmosphere tho, any side that has Stephen Yaxley taking to the stage is morally bankrupt.
  14. He should have saved the first 2 goals. First goal went underneath him. Second one he should have tipped it over the bar, it was a long range shot straight at him. He is / will be a top, top keeper, he was too hyped for the game.
  15. I'm moving house this weekend and brother is helping, we are stopping to watch the match!! I have already dubbed it the "Miracle of Goodison" so if we win its the spirit of the team, and a great step in our transition to challenge. If we draw then its a its the spirit of the team, and a good step in our transition to challenge. If we lose then , well it was always a long shot and we so nearly pulled it off, we are still a team in transition.
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