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  1. Theo Walcott

    Weather Sam is confident or not the fact is he was given a short term contract because Moshiri wants a "Name" as manager. The football and recent results have been dire. I seriously cannot see him here past the summer. Especially as its world cup year so there will be the additional managers from World Cup teams who leave their posts added to the usual list of available managers.
  2. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    I don't hate him as a person, I find that hate does more harm to the person that feels it than it does to the target. I hate what he does to football playing teams.
  3. Theo Walcott

    Schneiderlin was very good last season, as was Gana, its just they cannot play in the same side. McCarthy should be sold.
  4. Theo Walcott

    Holgate and Williams look our most effective partnership till either Keane gets back to form, or we get a replacement for Jags and Williams in the Summer. In Centre midfield we have options, too many options and we need to reduce that by selling Besic, and McCarthy, and using one of Schneiderlin OR Gana in midfield as a holding player with someone like Davies who gets us moving forward. Have attacking wingers like Wolcott, Bolasie, Vlasic and a experienced forward so that we can stretch defenses and give our midfielders someone pass to.
  5. Theo Walcott

    Lets just hope a modicum of sanity prevails and we keep the potential future stars of this team.
  6. Tom Davies

    If he goes I hope it is on loan, but he should be playing for us.
  7. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Sam is anti-football, every football loving fan should hate what he does to teams.
  8. Theo Walcott

    Hopefully they leave on loan, can't see Bill, Walsh or even Moshiri sanctioning the sale of talented young players on permanent deals. The sooner Fat Twat Allardyce leaves the better.
  9. Steve Walsh (Director of football)

    She makes a bonny suit tho
  10. Steve Walsh (Director of football)

    And you had a go at my Cenk / Descartes pun
  11. Jermaine defoe

    She is referred to as "That woman" in my environment! Ideally I wouldn't want her within a hemisphere of Everton. She is a shite PM worse than Major, on a par with Ted Heath, but sadly there are very few political leaders I trust, choice between her and Corbyn is like choosing being hit in your left or right testicle.
  12. Needs for 2018/19

    A good manager to get the quality players we do have to play to their potential. Trim the squad of players like Besic, McCarthy, Coco, Williams, Mirallas, Lennon. Sign a decent left back, I would like Luke Shaw, and a back up. Have a settled side. Bring on our talented younger players.
  13. Luke Shaw

    Yes please.
  14. Jermaine defoe

    Fuck off with this season. Fuck off Allardyce. Fuck off shitty transfers. Fuck off Defoe. Can't it be May now.
  15. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    What I would like: Pickford Kenny Holgate Keane Another leftback - just not Coco please Schneiderlin Siggy Davies Bolasie Vlasic Cenk