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  1. We played better football under Fat Sam 🤣🤣🤪
  2. Err, I think very special has arrived, checked into its hotel and is looking forward to Everton being 3rd on Match of the Day.......
  3. In a way it was easier against Spurs as the emphasis was on them to attack and we hit them on the counter and took control. Against West Brom they were better than Spurs and the emphasis was on us. Main thing is we got the 3 points.
  4. Virginia Kenny Mina Keane Niels Davies Bernard Siggy Iwobi Kean Gordon
  5. They were very good in some of the things they did, but the understanding was not there against a West Brom side that played very intelligent football. Our midfield looked disjointed, but that will go with time and experience.
  6. The midfield needs time, they have had only a couple of weeks training and 2 games so there is a lack of understanding on who pushes, who stays etc. All this will come with time. Very good performance against a West Brom team that played very very well in the first half, their passing and movement were superb. Though Siggy, Iwobi and Kean looked good when they came on. Shows we have real strength in depth. However we NEED a centre back, or two asap, although Keane and Mina were ok, we need cover and competition.
  7. To be fair he had "walk about" Theo infront of him so had to stay a bit further back!
  8. Forgot to say Bernard looked good in a central role, I was impressed with him as well.
  9. Me, thought he bossed the midfield, got the ball forward and was positive in what he did. Gordan, Nkounkou, Kean were all great too.
  10. We need Mina and Keane to play together as much as possible to build up their understanding and partnership.
  11. Just wondered if Jame's signing has given us a higher profile in the USA?
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