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  1. Long day and spell check failure, so yes Poisoned was what I was after lol.
  2. Mourinho does not: 1) Give youth a chance. 2) Select teams that play attacking football. 3) Work well with a director of football. 4) Change his ways i.e; adapt. Mourinho does: 1) Throw his toys out of the pram when he cant get his own way. 2) Spend vast fortunes on players in their prime. 3) Believe that nothing is ever his fault. 4) Ultimately create a poisoned atmosphere in every club he works at.
  3. That should be his epitaph during his Everton career .
  4. Time to use the squad for what it was designed for, to give us options so those not playing well can be dropped. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Dinge Delph Davies Richy Bernard Iwobi Keane I assume that Gomes will not be playing due to rib injury. I want Richy, Bernard and Iwobi to rotate, got to start fast and keep aggressive and attacking.
  5. There is a player of real quality in there, Silva thinks so to which is why he has signed a contract extension with us. Plus as others have said he has heart and a willingness to do whatever it takes for the team. He is a natural leader a captain for us and is England u21 skipper. I would rather have him than Morgan any day.
  6. About 4 or 5 a year, combining trips to see the family.
  7. My first match at Goodison this season! Hope to see Kean and Iwobi start, with Bernard and Richarlison up front and Siggy on the bench. COYB!
  8. Repeat the poll at the end of the season.
  9. I want this front 3 with Bernard in the Siggy role where his quick feet and a ility means he will have more freedom to operate. I think he will be very productive for us there.
  10. In his position you need a quick brain and quick feet, he has both. He had a poor game against Palace, but hi was consistently one of our best players last season.
  11. Chelsea fans want him out, he will be with us in January, no doubt about it. Come home Kurt, we love you!!
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