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  1. Back up / competition for Gambin. Means Delphs days are numbered if true...
  2. Keep possession why the fuck were we playing no hope passes, just keep the fucking ball!!!
  3. Regroup, refocus, be more clinical with the final ball and put this game to bed.
  4. We are all over them and the crowd is well up for it. Lets score a second then have some fun!
  5. Me too............ But, Carlo does want to rotate and Davies has made allot of starts since December, and there is nobody else.
  6. The midfield is our week point, however to put a different view, while I accept that Delph is not a good midfielder and Davies is inconsistent there are some straws to cling to: 1) Delph is just back from injury (again and not up to speed, not that he has much). 2) Davies and Delph have not really played together so more time to train together should show more understanding. 3) Carlo has had more time to drill them and get the positive forward passing ideas across. 4) At home the players will have a more positive mindset and should take more chances. I am looking forward to the game and hope the crowd give the players a lift and some vocal support, and that the players step it up. I also think Kean will score a goal for us if he starts, which I hope he does.
  7. Carlo said we are not interested in him at the press conference today.
  8. The NHS is poorly funded compared to spending on health services in Western Europe. Many reasons for queues: 1) Lack of GP's - crisis in recruiting them. 2) Absolute failure to have a policy that deals with Social Care for elderly and critically ill, which leads to patients "bed blocking" (although I hate the term) 3) Lack of staff in general, there is a recruitment crises in many areas of the NHS with positions going unfilled for many months. The extra demand is in large part down to people not being able to go to their GP, no out of hours service in our area anymore for example.
  9. Would take him all day, as long as his injury problems are over.
  10. Perhaps that's how they do transfers, they release the Barcelona Elk of acquisition and it does its thing 🤣
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