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  1. Southall Coleman Yobo Weir Digne Kanchelskis Arteta Gravison Pienaar Rooney Richarlison
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51889682
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51876162
  4. I agree they will probably postpone the Euros, but if the peak is in April / May I doubt games will be played before mid end of May. I dont want it to happen, be a nightmare in terms of relegation and European places. I just think that is the way it will go. It's going to get messy.
  5. Trouble is the virus peak is not for weeks, maybe months, if you have teams isolated now it is only going to get worse in terms of numbers of players, coaches infected etc. With the Euros and Olympics in the summer unless they cancel them I dont see how they can make up the games in time.
  6. I would not be surprised if the season were cancelled......
  7. Need a better right winger, he is not good enough in either role.
  8. Kenny should be given a chance be stupid not to.
  9. Good post, he needs a defined role and time with Carlo and his team to develop. Give him next season competing for a place in a settled and please God a successful team then we will know where he is at.
  10. We need to slow down the transfer merry-go-round, there are players like Siggy, Cenk, Sandro, Schneilderlein who need to go. Some players need to be given a chance to be coached by Carlo and his team. Others like Theo while not starters offer are useful options from the bench. We need a new central midfielder, a right winger and centre back then maybe something from left field (not literally) We have some more talented youngsters coming through. Ultimately Carlo is using the rest of this season as a pre-season for next time in terms of player assessment and tactics. It could give us a head start for next year. I'm happy with that and trust Carlo completely, he gets us and is becoming one of us.
  11. Great news, I hope DCL signs a new one next!! We have some great young players at the club testament to the work of Unsy and his team.
  12. So that's a no then. I won't even bother asking about third round runner ups whose mascots birthday aligns with a Mongolian Lima farmers pet wolfs star sign.
  13. What about semi finalists, I mean if they really really tried hard and wanted it, would they qualify?
  14. I like this, except for Siggy!! Carlo still checking on players and partnerships which makes sense. Wish I could be there or watch it but have re-arranged family lunch to go to
  15. Pickford Coleman Holgate Mina Dinge Walcott Gomes Davies Bernard DCL Richarlison I would like this , but think Carlo will start with Delph in midfield. Hey ho. Most important thing is the 3 points, although a good performance is a close second!!
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