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  1. He wants to play football at Everton, but if he is not going to be given the chance to be first choice then hr will be happy to play abroad if necessary. I think he will be first choice next season, Sidebe will go back and Coleman will be back up.
  2. He has always had the quality and the skills, what he lacked was proper first team coaching to bring it out and time in the first team.
  3. Neither are prolific strikers, but DCL has hit a run of form and shown that he can score, Cenk, for all his running and enthusiasm has shown he cannot, at least not at this level. Also DCL has time on his side to learn and improve. I'm glad you think DCL should start, the more games he gets, the better he will become.
  4. I have chopped and changed on Silva to match the rollercoaster of emotions I have suffered following Everton. I now think that he has been hamstrung by the following: 1) Having his first choice midfield and centerback partnerships taken away from him by selling Gana and not being able to sign Zooma. 2) Us not signing a proven goal scorer. 3) Injuries. His refusal for so long to drop players out of form, and play systems to shoehorn players are so frustrating. I think he can turn it around, I think he will. Now he has broken the away win hoodo and we are going to be playing teams nobody expects us to get results against the pressure is less. With midfield options limited he can focus on coaching them. For the first time in since the end of last season where we were so good I feel positive.
  5. Just what we need, another striker who cant score!
  6. He misses to many good chances to be a starter, DCL is the better goal threat and brings players into games more so he should start. An option off the bench until we can get a better striker.
  7. Has to go now. Unable to turn it around.
  8. I would love to see us play a 433 with a midfield of Gomes, Davies, and Gambin with a top 3 of Richarlison, Bernard and Iwobi. Competition from Walcott, Kean, DCL, Siggy, Delph, Morgan. We could really hurt allot of teams with that formation, IF we play with the same intensity and attitude as we did against West Ham.
  9. Played really well, impressed with his ability to get forward and still look solid defensively, along with Davies and Bernard deserves to keep his place.
  10. I am a Davies fan and thought he played well, what I liked is his fast, accurate passing that always looked to get us going forward. He had one of the best records for both passes made and accuracy in the match. Much better than Morgan who takes an eternity to pass the ball, which usually involves a turn on the ball, a look around, then a pass back to a defender. His partnership with Gomes looks good with both taking turns getting forward while the other covered. Definitely deserves a run in the side.
  11. This. We have a squad good enough to have competition for places. Players must play on merit, keep this team, they have earn't it.
  12. We look so much better without Siggy and Morgan. So much more movement and dynamism. Davies playing very well in midfield. Iwobi looking great in Siggys role and Bernard loks so dangerius as does Richy. COYB
  13. Played the entire match and ran the midfield.
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