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  1. He should have saved the first 2 goals. First goal went underneath him. Second one he should have tipped it over the bar, it was a long range shot straight at him. He is / will be a top, top keeper, he was too hyped for the game.
  2. I'm moving house this weekend and brother is helping, we are stopping to watch the match!! I have already dubbed it the "Miracle of Goodison" so if we win its the spirit of the team, and a great step in our transition to challenge. If we draw then its a its the spirit of the team, and a good step in our transition to challenge. If we lose then , well it was always a long shot and we so nearly pulled it off, we are still a team in transition.
  3. With a brother, father and Mrs as Reds and my father in law, son (not that he knows too much about it yet being 8 months) and me are Blues, the if I hated the RS it would make for some very awkward weekends!! Plus the banter is good.
  4. There are very few people or things I hate, I mean really hate not just dislike. Its a destructive emotion for all parties. I want us to be the best, if we do that it does not matter what others do.
  5. I really don't care what happens to Liverpool, I only care about us putting in a good performance and getting 1 or hopefully 3 points. My Wife brother, and dad, all Pool fans, will give me abuse if they win and if they win the title, but to be honest if they win the league then they deserve it. I only care about us progressing and challenging them in a few years time.
  6. Great second half performance. Made up for DCL, what a goal!!
  7. Good team goal, now lets go on and win this and build some confidence.
  8. I'm thinking of filing the following missing report: Name: Quality Circumstances of loss: Has been missing from Everton's footballing display tonight, last seen some months ago, if found please return to players dressing room Goodison Park.
  9. My eyes are open Palfy, that's how I recognise your symptoms. Maybe time for you to readjust the silver foil hat you have started wearing...😂🤯
  10. Palfy you appear to of caught Haff disease, please seek the urgent medical and physiological help you clearly need. We need to prevent this from spreading so please do not infect other threads 🤣🤢
  11. Moshiri has made mistakes in manager appointments, but he has rectified this by appointing Brands giving him control over signings and making him his footballing brain, as well as a seat on the board. With regards to the running of the club Moshiri has replaced the board with what I can see experts and removed idiots like Elstone. He has progressed our move to a new stadium and funded improvements to Finch Farm. Moshiri is doing well in my opinion. Silva as has been discussed ad nauseam, I still believe he needs time, and will be a successful manager for us.
  12. Yes, let's be poor, have to sell our best players every year, and have no chance of a new stadium. That sounds much better to me...
  13. Cant judge him on one season, considering the mess he inherited. I want him to have a full preseason with players and a second summer transfer window where he and Brands can get a striker (or 2), get a right back to compete with Kenny and get rid of the dead wood. Once this has happened and the new players have had a chance to settle, and existing players a chance to get their confidence back, then I will be in a better position to judge him.
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