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  1. Siggy is a passenger at best in most games he plays in, Carlo knows this. Do you seriously think that a manager of his ability and experience would want Siggy playing in his team every week if he had a choice? We can all see Siggy is a fish out of water, and is not viable in a squad pushing for Europe, which is our stated aim. Carlo is a World Class manager so of course he knows this. Lack of options is one of the reasons he is playing, yes I know we let moaning Morgan go, but I imagine we had no choice but to let him go once he made it clear he wanted to go. Another reason is to preserve any semblance of fee we might get for him when he goes in the summer. A new midfield player is a must, but once we get Gambin fit we will have Gomes, Davies, Gambin and another player. Both Davies and Gomes work best in a midfield 3 with a ball winner so maybe have 2 midfielders arrive in the window.
  2. Can we just end the season now so we don't have to watch anymore? On a serious note we are not going to get Europe, we are not going to get relegated, so lets play the youngsters, and fringe players see what they can do. Benji needs games and would be an improvement on Siggy.
  3. There are worse things, and we all make mistakes. I bet you wont forget again!
  4. Dont know, roads policing are not my thing. It would probably invalidate your insurance to drive without a mot, and a car with no insurance is an offence to drive. Think there was a mot holiday due to covid but not sure. Anyway your getting it checked now.
  5. Davies is not a ball wining midfielder like JWP, we do miss a Gana type player who can use their energy to get the ball back. I think we are suited to a 3 man midfield with an attacking 3 upfront. None of our current midfield are used to playing in a 442 and it shows.
  6. Replay shown after the match, and he was one of the best in the second half along with Kean and Dinge so went for him.
  7. Missed the first half as looking after my son so will go on second half performances. It is Kean or Dinge or Ritchie. Went for Richarlison for the goal.
  8. Too many players out of form, we lack midfield, and wide players. Work to do Mr Barnds, and Carlo, work to do.
  9. Bernard is so out of form, nearly cost us a goal then.
  10. Siggy cant play in midfield (or anywhere for that matter), totally ineffective, much rather see Benji on instead.
  11. Lively stuff from Kean, good quick pass from Davies to start it off after winning the free kick.
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