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  1. Great video that, cant wait for Thursday. I'm most gladdened by the fact we are doing this the right way, not forgetting our heritage, and with a bit of style.
  2. Hope you and your boy have a great day.
  3. Unlike the goal where he looked one way and headed it another which was a total fluke, I actually think he meant this one, his foot movement is to the ball. Its unnatural if he was just falling over. Although to be fair the way he runs is like watching Taz on acid, arms and legs all over the place.
  4. Well he got off the pitch without tripping up.
  5. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.
  6. He left the best team in Europe for more playing time, so I assume that was part of the discussions we had with him.
  7. He would not of signed for us if he was not given certain assurances about his playing time. Given that we are going to start Gomes and Siggy that leaves 1 free spot in midfield which, by the looks of it will be Delph. That means Gana and Morgan are back up to start with. I cant imagine Gana settling for that, Morgan may as there have been no offers for him. We have no European games, so there is not going to be the level of rotation that would mean we would use more than 2 players per position, which is what Silva and Brands want for the squad. I cant but help think that Gana was told in December he could go, but only in the summer, when we got a replacement, and only for the right money.
  8. He messed up his hamstring recovery by reporting for Ireland duty, which led to his hamstring injury not recovering properly, which made them even more likely to be damaged, which is why he cant play more than about 4 games without taking a break to let them recover.
  9. Solid against poor opponents, average against good sides. Made his injury worse by choosing to play for Ireland when warned not to. He does not want to be here as he wants first team football, we cannot guarantee this, he is third/ fourth choice. His time here is done. On to better players.
  10. Not even Bruce and Ashley are that stupid, are they?
  11. What Bill says, except to add if we lose Schneiderlin or Gana and, Besic and McCarthy. Then it's a good buy.
  12. Both play a different role in midfield, but hey if it brings you comfort then carry on.
  13. Depends on wages, signing on fee and length of contract. The fee is great, if we shift Besic, McCarthy and one of Schneiderlin or Gana.
  14. In which case either Schneiderlin or Gana are leaving. With PSG rumoured to be back in for Gana I would say he is off and PeteO's keyboard can breathe a sigh of relief.
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